Latest Sims 4 Game Update Introduces Likes and Dislikes

Making a return from The Sims 3, the latest Sims 4 patch has introduced a Likes and Dislikes system, so that your Sims can have their say on their favourite colour, music, and interests. This particular update has been released in readiness for the newest game pack, The Sims 4: Dream Home Decorator.

Latest Sims 4 Update Introduces Likes and Dislikes Cover

Ever since The Sims 4 was released back in 2014, features that previously appeared in past Sims games have been gradually introduced into the fourth generation of The Sims series, which has included pools, bunk beds, and toddlers. As of 27 May, the latest feature making a comeback thanks to a new update is Likes and Dislikes. This system was first introduced in The Sims 3 (which was called Favourites), where your Sims could have a favourite colour, music type, and food. In The Sims 4, this same system is known as Likes and Dislikes, and your Sims can now have favourite colours, music genres, and activities.

There’s a good reason why this feature is coming to the latest game. On June 1, the latest DLC will be released, The Sims 4: Dream Home Decorator Game Pack, which will allow your Sims to become interior decorators and help other Sims redesign their homes. The new Likes and Dislikes system will work in conjunction with the new career, as your Sims’ clients will make requests depending on what their Likes and Dislikes are. Additionally, if you have Dream Home Decorator, you’ll gain another Like/Dislike category: Décor.

The new Likes and Dislikes option in Create a Sim

The new Likes and Dislikes option in Create a Sim

Although this feature was part of The Sims 3, it will play a stronger role with your Sims in The Sims 4. What Likes and Dislikes your Sims have play an important part in how they behave and interact in their daily lives. Sims autonomously going about their business will tend to do things related to what they like, while they’ll avoid the things that they don’t like. For example, a Sim who likes video games will prefer to play video games, but if they don’t like to cook, they won’t cook any meals if they can avoid it.

Another upgrade is that instead of only being allowed one favourite thing per category, you can have up to 20 Likes and Dislikes for your Sim, so they can like more than one colour, music genre, and activity. Also, instead of being stuck with whichever Likes/Dislikes your Sims get, you can change your Sim’s current Likes and Dislikes anytime by entering Create a Sim. Sims can also gain new Likes and Dislikes through gameplay.

New content in the form of free updates continues to be released; the Likes and Dislikes feature will give your Sims some more diversity and character. Maybe in the future some more categories will be added, but for now, this is a great start to a previously-liked feature.

The Sims 4 Dream Home Decorator: Official Reveal Trailer

The Sims 4 patch containing the new Likes and Dislikes system is now available to download for the base game.

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