Sims 4 2022 Roadmap Reveals Upcoming Game and Kit Packs

We're only a few days into 2022 and a new roadmap for The Sims 4 has been revealed. Expected soon will be two new Kit Packs, plus a new Game Pack, along with free content, community events, and even some surprises.

Sims 4 2022 Roadmap Reveals Upcoming Game and Kit Packs Cover

The celebrations of New Year’s Day has been and gone, but some are still celebrating the start of a new year. The first roadmap of 2022 for The Sims 4 has just dropped, giving us a glimpse into what to expect in the near future.

A quick glance reveals that two Kit Packs are on the way, along with a Game Pack. Also announced was community collaborations, free content, plus some surprises. Sadly, there was nothing about a new Expansion Pack (the last was back in July 2021, with Cottage Living) or any new Stuff Packs, which haven’t been released for a while. This isn’t to mean that we won’t get either a new Expansion or Stuff Pack, just not at the moment.

Looking at what we do have to look forward to, let’s study the roadmap, starting with the Game Pack. This pack is stated to “throw a party for love”. It’s uncertain what exactly this might be. Perhaps something for Valentine’s Day, or maybe a wedding-themed DLC, similar to The Sims 2: Celebration! Stuff? If this is the case, and since Game Packs bring a lot of new content, maybe weddings will get an overhaul in The Sims 4? Perhaps we’ll see the return of Bachelor parties like in The Sims 3: Generations?

Next, there’s the announcement of not one, but two Kit Packs. Kit Packs feature content on a much smaller scale than other types of DLC in The Sims 4. They usually focus on a few new objects (such as Country Kitchen), one new type of gameplay (seen in Bust the Dust), or some new clothes (like Modern Menswear). The brief description in the roadmap reveals that these “vibrant” packs will focus on “fierce design”. It’s unknown if this is talking about clothes, objects, or both. We should hear more information soon.

Is the new Game Pack about weddings?

Is the new Game Pack about weddings?

The announcement of some new packs is something to look forward to, but there’s more. The roadmap also stated a community collaboration, both in and out of the game. Collaborations aren’t new to The Sims 4, with free content being created by members of the community, including in-game artwork and objects. It’s interesting to see what The Sims 4 has in store this time.

That’s not all. Another reveal was new global food coming in a free update. This food will bring Sims together, although it’s not known yet how or what exactly the food is. It might be some new international dishes, or food created for special celebrations, or maybe something to do with the new Game Pack.

Will the free food update be similar to that of the Hispanic Heritage Month?

Will the free food update be similar to that of the Hispanic Heritage Month?

On a final note, the roadmap added that some surprises are on the way. It didn’t go into detail, but more should be revealed later in the year. Hopefully these will be surprises welcomed by players of The Sims 4.

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