The Sims 4: The Ultimate Guide to Building Stunning Lots

Your search is over and you can now be assured that this will be the ultimate Build Mode guide for The Sims 4. Are you new to The Sims and wondering if there are any shortcuts to building homes? Here lies a beginner-friendly guide, to use at your leisure, as a reference for building stunning lots in The Sims 4!

The Sims 4 The Ultimate Guide to Building Stunning Lots

Ah, the renowned Build Mode! Whether you’re a greenhorn or a seasoned Simmer, this is a Sims 4 guide for building stunning lots. It is your compass to crafting homes that truly shine within the Build Mode of The Sims 4. It’s not just a tutorial; it’s your trusty companion in the throes of live gameplay.

When you first start playing any of The Sims games, you are usually filled with excitement. You may have stumbled upon one of your friends playing the game and from that day on you had to get your hands on it and now you’re a “Simmer”. It’s a nickname or a title used to address the players of The Sims universe. Yes, that means your friend is also a “Simmer”, and after this guide, you may be able to teach your friend a few tips and tricks.

The Very Basics

First and foremost, let’s delve into the essential steps for creating your Sims 4 world. To access Build Mode in The Sims 4, you’ll need to follow a few simple steps. Let’s begin by selecting a Sim or a family to play with. Once you’ve completed this step, your next task is to choose a home for your selected Sim or family. Now, let’s assume you’ve already created your Sim, and it’s time to pick a world or neighborhood for them to call home. Selecting the perfect world sets the tone for your gameplay experience.

Each world within the game has its unique universe, offering various vibes and endless possibilities for your gameplay. If you own The Sims 4 without any expansion packs, you can automatically access three fantastic worlds: Willow Creek, Oasis Springs, and Newcrest. Typically, these worlds come with pre-made houses, community lots, and Sims families. Here’s the catch: if you opt to play in Newcrest, you’ll need to build most of the lots yourself since it’s a sandbox world. This means you become the master architect, free to construct whatever your heart desires.

Fun Tip: The coolest aspect about The Sims is the ability to travel between different worlds, allowing your created Sims to meet each other, either directly or indirectly.

Let us talk more about the different worlds in the base game of The Sims 4

The Sims 4 Quick Guide to Base Game Worlds

When starting out with the base game game of The Sims 4, you are provided with three worlds. Those worlds are Willow Creek, Oasis Springs and Newcrest. Once you add more expansion packs to your game, you’ll have access to worlds that are attached to that expansion pack. The best part about expansion packs is, they do exactly what their name says. They expand the base game. 

Willow Creek

Willow Creek is a base game world and is home to The Sims franchise family, The Goths. It features 21 stunning lots in different sizes and is one of the biggest worlds in the game. It is quite beginner-friendly, with many pre-built homes as well as community lots. If you want to send your Sims on an outing, check out Willow Creeks’ library, park, museum and nightclub. Willow Creek also has a gym for those who have more athletic Sims. 

Oasis Springs 

Ahh, sunny Oasis springs, imagine a desert playland for your Sims. The world of Oasis Springs comes with 5 neighbourhoods and 21 lots. More than enough room for your creativity. Nine of the lots in Oasis Springs are occupied and 4 lots are unoccupied. But remember you can always play pre-made households or use the trick mentioned earlier, where you move yourself into a premade household and move the rest of the family out. Or, if you’re feeling brave, you can keep the Sims in the household and see how you all get along. It is not hard to make friends in the Sims… But hopefully, you don’t run into a hot-headed Sim.

The Sims 4 Guide Oasis Springs

The Sims 4 World Oasis Springs


The world of Newcrest is great for those who want to build a world from scratch. It is a sandbox world, so every lot is empty. The best way to create a world in Newcrest is to have an idea of the type of neighborhood you want. Do you want to have nightclubs, museums, coffee shops, etc.? Or maybe you want to build an entire town of mansions. You could even take inspiration from your favourite country. The possibilities are limitless in Newcrest.

The Sims 4 World Newcrest

The Sims 4 World Newcrest

If you lack experience, you could also use the brilliant gallery that allows players to browse and download free content created by other Simmers. You can really find cost-effective lots in the gallery. Households are even available for you to download. Using pre-made households will speed up the process of your gameplay. Sometimes they even come with their skills maxed.

The Sims 4 Gallery

Since this is a Sims 4 Guide to building the most stunning homes, the gallery is a huge part of The Sims universe and is one of the best aspects of The Sims 4. This is where a bulk of Simmer’s work will appear. Be sure to set your preferences on the left side menu, by choosing if you are looking for lots, Sims or items. Since the PC game doesn’t have multiplayer capabilities, the gallery allows you to connect with other Simmers by downloading their creations. Simmers can pretty much upload anything into the gallery. Use the gallery as a marketplace to find all sorts of creations, like households, single rooms, and decorations.

See the lots that oshinsims is using from The Sims 4 Gallery:

Fun Tip: Yes, the Gallery is jam-packed with tons of fun creations from Simmers all over the world, and if you’re a newbie, this might be very exciting. Fear not, this guide is here to teach a bit of everything connected to building lots. But you must know a few things. Using only the base game of The Sims 4, you are not able to use everything inside of the gallery without certain expansion packs and stuff packs. If you decide to download a household that has pets, but you only have The Sims 4 base game, most likely you will only receive The Sims in the household.

The pets are not able to be added to the household since you do not have The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs. This also goes for items if you choose a lot that has a stuff pack that you do not own. You might experience some glitches in that lot. There are even some instances where Sims downloaded from the gallery will be bald because you may have downloaded a Sim that has Mods attached to it. 

Time to Build Your New Lot

 So, now that you have picked your world, you are ready for a jammed-pack Sims 4 experience. In the world of The Sims 4, you have the incredible ability to craft lots with an added touch of detail and personality that takes your creativity to a whole new level. However, If you are just starting, you most likely do not have many funds. When it comes to building breathtaking lots in The Sims 4, you are going to need to know a few tips. This section of the guide is the cherry on top of the cake and will provide you with the tips, tricks and keyboard shortcuts to make your creations stand out.


If you have only one Sim, you will likely start with 20,000 to 24,000 Simoleons. Your Simoleon count is usually determined by the number of Sims and pets in your household. This information is crucial because Lots are not free to build in The Sims. To construct a lot, you will need to invest most of your initial funds. This means you’ll need a job or a source of income right away.

However, if you’re like most experienced Simmers, you can use a quick cheat code to provide your family with some starter funds to cover the lot and building costs. Nevertheless, you can take this to the next level by adding your Sim to an existing household, moving the pre-existing Sims out of the home, and then selling the lot, all while you are the sole occupant reaping all the funds. But hold on to that trick; it’s a guide for another day.

Now that you’ve gathered a bit of information on how to get funds, let’s now pick a lot and talk about lot size. 

The Sims 4 Guide to Lots Sizes

 Let’s break down lots into 5 different sizes.

The Sims 4 Guide Recommended Lot Size

The Sims 4 Gallery Showing Different 30X20 Lots

Small: Small lots are usually 20×15. They are perfect for a cosy starter home or a tiny house for a single Sim or a couple.

Medium: Medium lots are usually 30×20. These lots have a bit more space and flexibility. If your Sim has a family, you can build a home with a decent-sized backyard. The gallery offers many 30×20 lots and they are very affordable. 

Large: Large lots are about 40×30. This is perfect for a community lot. If you are thinking of owning a business, this may be the perfect sized lot for you. 

Extra Large: Extra large are usually 50×50 and are some of the biggest lots. These lots can be used to make extravagant estates or huge museums. 

Special Lot Sizes: Some worlds in The Sims 4 have special lots. The lots are usually unique and fit the theme of the world. If you are interested in a unique gameplay experience, try moving your Sim into one of these specialized lots.

How to View a Lot’s Size: After selecting your world you will be brought to a screen that shows all of the households and lots in that world. Empty lots are shaped like rectangles and have a bright white line around them. Hover over the lot to view the lot size.

Recommended Lot Size

Let’s say you want to start from scratch and you’re deciding to move your Sim into a empty lot. Its important to note that selecting the right lot in The Sims 4 is essential. Choose the lot where you want to build your home. You can either select an empty lot or bulldoze an existing one to start from scratch. Here is everything you need to know about lot sizes, including recommended sizes, how to determine the size of the lot and if you are getting a lot from the gallery, how to place the lot, etc. 

Building Basics

Once inside your lot, use the next two steps to get you started. 

Step 1: To start building your dream home, you need to enter Build/Buy Mode. You can do this by clicking on the “Build” icon or pressing the “F2” key while in Live Mode. Decide if you want to build your home on a foundation or directly on the ground. Foundations can give your home a unique look and raise it above the terrain. You’ll find it’s way easier to decide where to put everything.

Quick Tip: You may want to build a wall for the bathroom. You will learn that Sims have their quirks. Most Sims won’t use the toilet if they know someone is watching them. Place doors to provide access to different rooms and windows to bring in natural light. Experiment with different door and window styles to match your home’s aesthetic.

lilsimsie has quick tips on the building basics in The Sims 4:

Step 2: Wall placement is very important in The Sims. Begin by creating the basic layout of your home. Drag walls to define the rooms, and adjust their size according to your vision. If you are new to the game, your screen is most likely zoomed all the way out or zoomed all the way in. From now on, just use the “Z” key on your keyboard to zoom in and “X” to zoom out. Trust me, it is way easier using the keyboard for certain things in the game.

Customize the walls with paint or wallpaper to suit your style. You can also add different types of flooring in each room, such as hardwood, carpet, or tile. 

Understanding Rooms

As mentioned in the previous section, if you are a beginner, the best way for you to maximize your gameplay experience is to start small. So, you could build one big square lot and separate each room with a wall. This can be done in so many ways. If you are feeling a little adventurous, you also have the option to separate rooms with half walls.

In Build Mode, you have the option to select half walls. These half walls can add a touch of dynamism and interest to the interior of your lot. Suddenly, your kitchen nook gains its own distinctive corner, separate from the living room area. Whether you prefer traditional full walls or opt for the charm of half walls, your Sims world is like an empty canvas, eagerly awaiting your personal touch.

Use the “Room Tool” to create rooms inside your house. You can change the room’s shape by dragging walls. To delete a room, select it and press the “Delete” key. Hold down the “Alt” key while placing walls to create diagonal walls for unique room shapes.

The Sims 4 Guide Tiny Lot Ideas

The Sims 4 Tiny Lot Idea

Quick Guide to Landscaping and Interior Design

Interior Design: Use the “B” key to create rooms. Experiment with various room shapes and sizes to create a captivating room layout. Furnish your home with essential items like beds, sofas, tables, and appliances. Make sure to create functional rooms like bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and living spaces. Enhance the aesthetics of your home by adding decorations, artwork, rugs, and lighting fixtures. These details can make your home feel cozy and inviting.

Furniture Placement: Furniture placement can help to create the beautiful aesthetic of your home. Sometimes furniture is blocked from being placed in certain places. Use the cheat code “bb.moveobjects on” in order to place Sims and items anywhere you want them to go. Be careful not to block any entrances, toilets bathtubs, showers, or stoves. Don’t learn this lesson the hard way through a visit from the Grim Reaper…

Interior Design

Color and Texture: Use the “Paint” tool to change wall colors or add wallpaper. This tool gives you the option to change the design and color of everything in your house or lot. Some items are not able to be changed. Use the Eyedropper tool or the “E” key to be creative and match colors and textures around the house. 

Terrain Tools: Don’t forget about the exterior of your home. Add outdoor elements like fences, pathways, gardens, and outdoor seating areas to complete the look. If you would like to create hills, ponds, or underground areas to make your lot more interesting, use the Terrain tool. 

Walls and Flooring: Select flooring and wall coverings for your rooms. Use the “Paint” tool to change wall colors or add wallpaper. To apply flooring, use the “Flooring” tool. 

Gardens: Don’t forget to work on the exterior of your home. Use landscaping tools to add trees, plants, pathways, fences, and outdoor furniture. Use the “9” and “0” keys to adjust the height of outdoor objects like trees and lights. Build a beautiful garden by incorporating flowers, plants and trees to add charm to your lot.

Lighting: Add lighting fixtures to illuminate your home. Experiment with different light colors and intensities. Use the “]”, “[” and “Shift” + “]” keys to change the lighting intensity.

Windows: Windows are probably the most important elements of the house. Add doors and windows using the appropriate icons in the Build Mode menu. It will help your Sims to feel more at peace within their homes. 

Here’s a step-by-step gameplay guide by intothesimulation for building houses in The Sims 4!

Uploading Lots to the Gallery

Well, you have now been armed with this comprehensive guide. That means that you are well on your way to crafting some of the most remarkable lots in The Sims 4 universe! With this guide, your creativity will know no bounds. Therefore, it’s time my fellow Simmers to share your masterpiece with The Sims community.

Follow these simple steps to quickly upload your creation to the Gallery:

1. In Build or Buy Mode, select the lot or item you want to share.
2. Click on the “Gallery” icon, resembling a camera and an arrow, in the top-right corner of the screen.
3. Fill in the necessary information, including lot details and a catchy description.
4. Upload the lot to the “Community” or “My Library.”
5. Click the “Upload” button, and voila! Your creation will be available for others to enjoy and be inspired by.

Now, sit back and watch as your unique Sims 4 lot brings joy and inspiration to players from all corners of The Sims universe. Happy Simming!

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