The Sims 4 New ‘Take Me Home’ Season Bringing 4 New Kits and Hot Update

A new season for The Sims 4 begins titled 'Take Me Home', after the release of the Growing Together Expansion last month. A short roadmap teaser reveals that players can expect 4 new Kits plus a big update between April and June.

The Sims 4 New 'Take Me Home' Season Bringing 4 New Kits and Hot Update

The Sims 4 Growing Together Expansion appears to have marked the end of the ‘It’s All Relative’ season in The Sims 4, as a new roadmap has just been unveiled. The new season for The Sims 4 is titled ‘Take Me Home’ and will be themed around home life and home surroundings. The teaser revealed that 4 new Kits have been lined up for this season, along with an update, possibly a big one. The Sims 4 ‘Take Me Home’ season’s timeline will span across April and June.

Although the 13-second teaser gives us the type of content we will be getting – 4 Kits and an update – we don’t know exactly what they’ll be until nearer their release dates, although as April is already well underway, we can expect to hear something soon. Kits have been released in pairs previously, so there will probably be two Kits released on one date and then the other two later, plus the update at some point.

We don’t yet know what content we will be getting in these four Kits, but we can speculate based on the roadmap’s theme, the teaser and the official blog. A recurring tagline throughout is “Reclaim your space”.

In the short teaser, a bunch of cardboard boxes are seen, which could be moving or storage boxes. As the clip plays on, four objects appear on the boxes, potentially signifying the four Kits. These objects are a pile of books, a potted plant, a black hoodie, and a trowel. This is only a guess at this point, but these could hint towards a study theme, an indoor plant theme, a Kit with new clothes, and a gardening theme.

The official blog for the new season talks about home being a place of sanctuary, inspiration, comfort, and memories. There’s also talk about secondhand discoveries, messes and imperfections, which could point towards another clutter Kit. 

As for the update, it’s also not very clear what this could be, but it is said to be “hot”. This could mean that it’s another big update like the recent Infants update, bringing new gameplay, or it could just be some free stuff like new clothes or objects. All we can do for now is wait and see what is revealed as the ‘Take Me Home’ season in The Sims 4 progresses.

SOURCE: The Sims 4 Official Take Me Home Blog, The Sims Twitter Post

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