You Can Get The Sims 4 on PC for Free Right Now

Ready to live a virtual life? Electronic Arts is giving away the base version of The Sims 4 on Origin completely free. You've got until May 28th to claim your copy, but note that no DLC or expansions are currently included.


You Can Get The SIms 4 for Free Right Now

You Can Get The Sims 4 for Free Right Now

If you like free stuff then I have some good news for you. Electronic Arts is giving away The Sims 4 through Origin completely free until May 28th. Free to keep by the way, not just a free trial, the whole thing. Well, not the whole thing. The Sims 4 additional content such as stuff and expansion packs aren’t on sale or anything currently. Hey, free stuff is always nice though?

The Sims 4 was originally released in September 2014 and since release, EA has supported it with additional content. Six expansion packs, seven “game packs” and fourteen “stuff packs.” It’s a bit crazy but Sims has always been a franchise built on tons of post-launch DLC. None of them seem to be going for free or discounted right now though which seems like a missed opportunity but hey, free is free. Just boot up the Origin Client and you can grab The Sims 4, for free to keep on PC, until May 28th. 

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