Story Progression Is Officially Coming to The Sims 4

The largely-requested gameplay feature that fans missed from The Sims 3 is finally coming to The Sims 4. Officially titled Neighborhood Stories, non-active Sims that normally cannot be controlled can now have their lives influenced by the player, whether it's choosing a new career or having a baby.

Story Progression Is Officially Coming to The Sims 4 Cover

Story progression in The Sims 4 will arrive on November 30th in a free new update for the base game. It has been requested by fans for a long time, who were disappointed that it wasn’t carried over from The Sims 3. Story progression is a system in the game that controls what non-playable Sims do with their lives. This can include getting a job, getting married, and having children. When The Sims 4 was first released in 2014, many fans were disappointed that story progression was absent. Although NPC Sims could be seen going about their daily lives, their lives didn’t progress much. That, however, is about to change.

The new system, called Neighborhood Stories, will add more life to NPC Sims. They can make decisions about their lives themselves, or your Sims can influence them. If you’re worried a Sim will make a change you don’t want, you can stop them. NPC Sims will ring up the Sims you’re currently playing and ask their opinion on a certain change. You, the player, can accept their decision, reject it, or let them decide. Sims you don’t control can change careers, get engaged, and have a baby. You can even encourage a Sim to dump their partner or an unemployed Sim to find work. New socials to influence Sims can be found under the Friendly and Mean categories.

Your Sims' neighbors will now feel more alive with Neighborhood Stories.

Your Sims’ neighbors will now feel more alive with Neighborhood Stories.

If you’re worried that your Sims will be pestered all the time for advice, you needn’t fear. Your Sim will only be contacted by others if they have a good friendship. They won’t be contacted by anyone they haven’t met or don’t know very well.

To go with this new system, two new aspirations are being added to the game. Neighborhood Confidante Sims will want to help and influence their Neighbor Sims. On the other hand, Villainous Valentine Sims will go out of their way to break up other Sims, and even break up with someone themselves.

This is just the beginning for Neighborhood Stories. As time goes on, more elements to the new system will be added in future updates.

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