Sims 4: Hidden Locations Guide

Enhanced your gameplay experience with our comprehensive guide to The Sims 4, which includes all the captivating hidden locations. Our guide will help you explore all of The Sims 4's locations throughout its many worlds, making your gameplay more exciting.

The Sims 4 is an immersive game with a variety of packs released every year and with that many Game/Expansion packs. There come new hidden locations to unlock. The Sims 4 is full of intriguing hidden places and worlds you can discover through gameplay that add to your sim’s life, like that of the Jungle Adventure Pack. Despite the size and immersive nature of the worlds, even the most adventurous simmer may not notice every tiny detail.

In The Sims franchise, hidden places have existed since the game’s first installment and have counted to every up one game to the newer installment in The Sims 4. The base game comes with its secrets to find without needing any game pack to have fun with your gameplay. And the packs come with their adventures to have fun it. Look at these five hidden locations in The Sims 4 and see what you can find through our guide.

Forgotten Grotto

Hidden Locations in Base Game 

Two base game worlds are hidden. One is In Oasis Springs (Base Game), a beautiful cave that can be found inside an abandoned mine entrance. Your sim can access the mine entrance if they are level 10 in handiness. It is located behind Desert Bloom Park and Affluista Mansion. The rabbit hole adventure begins once you open the door; However, you have the three suitable options required to reach your destination, which are “Take the Wide Path,” “Climb the Ladder,” and “Step onto the Ledge” Once you get there, you can fish, frog hunt, and view plants. 

Entering the Grotto

Sylvan Glade

For the second base hidden world, you may have noticed a large, beautiful tree that looks out of place, Crick Cabana in Willow Creek (Base game). There is a remote outdoor area accessible through this tree; However, access to this door requires several viewings and waterings of the tree. Also, you need to talk to it and complement its leaves. A rabbit hole adventure awaits after you explore the tree. After selecting “Follow the Sound,” “Travel Downstream,” “Enter the Mist,” and “Travel to Glade,” you will be transported to another location. Once your Sim gets Sylvan Glade, they can fish in the waters and sightsee. 

Deep Woods

This gorgeous hidden location can be found in Granite Falls in the Outdoor Retreats game pack. You may need to search for a while in the forest areas and locate the cave you must choose to explore. When you get your Sim there, you’ll get a variety of popups like “Choose Your Own Adventure.” to meet the inhabitant of the Deep Woods known as The Hermit and the area surrounding their cabin, your sim will need to “Step Forward,” “Go Through the Web,” “Ignore the Object” and “Approach the Sim.” Sims who aspire to create the perfect garden should meet the Hermit, as they will teach them a vital fertilizer recipe once they become friends, and you’ll find a variety of rare plants, namely blackberries.

Entering the Open Woods


Aliens have been an essential part of the Sims franchise. They ere brought to the Sims 4 through The Get Together expansion pack in the Sims 4. With this pack, you and your sims can visit their world called Sixam and travel to a faraway planet run by aliens if you’ve ever dreamed of doing so. To get to Sixam, your Sim needs to be a scientist and reach the maximum level 10 in either branch that the scientist field offers. If your Sim is a rocket scientist, they can build a rocket and travel to another dimension; However, if you’re a scientist, the route is more complicated. You’ll have to build and upgrade your Wormhole Generator with two elements of your choice and two each of uncommon crystals and metals.

Cave Of Sulani

Sulani is the island where we find a new area to explore in The Sims 4 Island Living. Unfortunately, there’s no separate secret area here, but it is a fun little adventure. While exploring the cave, you will notice a mural next to it that will determine your Sim’s progress. Watching it while your Sim is inside would be best because it will influence your progress. The mural will gradually finish itself with each visit to the cave, allowing for more interactions with it. You can collect shells in the cave by interacting with it. These shells are part of Island Living’s new shell collection. The most amazing part is that Mermaid Kelp could be there. With all the hidden locations in Sims 4, there are many secrets and cheats for The Sims 4 Packs that you can also explore. 

The Sims 4™ Island Living: Official Reveal Trailer

Mt Komorebi Peak

Komorebi’s Peak is a unique location, covered in snow and clouds. Using the Sutefani Onsen Bathhouse as a base, you must take a hiking trip to reach Mt. Komorebi’s Peak. To start a hiking trip, plan an event, select the “Mountain Climb Excursion,” and bring friends along. You’ll need to do a few things before you climb Mt. Komorebi. Also, the excursion’s final wall will require a Rock Climbing level of 6 or higher. Higher levels will significantly increase your chances of success. It is best to bring climbing gear to reduce the sims’ risk of injury.

The Magic Realm

To access the hidden Magic Realm, you need the Sims 4 Realm of Magic pack, and you will find two methods you can follow. The first method is to travel to Glimmerbrook and access the magical portal in Glimmerbrook. To find the portal, you explore the only neighborhood containing five lots to find. An easy way is to find it on the Gimmarbrook map on the left. The second way to go to the Magic Realm is a way only Spellcasters can, with their Glimmerstone in their inventories, which is exclusive to them. Sims who become spellcasters automatically receive this item, making it easy to travel without going through the portal. With the many activities available in the Magic Realm. Players experience an otherworldly and magical experience when they travel to the Magic Realm. The fun can go on forever with all these hidden locations in The Sims 4

Realm of Magic

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