The Sims 4 High School Years Patch Is Out Now

The Sims 4 High School Years Expansion Pack will be out in just a few days, and a new patch has just been released for the base game preparing for it. The Sims 4 High School Years patch introduces new features into the base game, such as an updated phone, body hair, sexual orientation, and more.

The Sims 4 High School Years Patch Is Out Now

With a new Pack being released for The Sims 4, that means it’s time for another major update to the base game. This time, the patch will prepare the game for the release of The Sims 4 High School Years Expansion Pack, which will breathe new life into the teen life state, allowing teens to live the full high-school experience with an active high school lot where they’ll attend classes, extracurricular activities, and important events such as the prom and graduation. The new high school building will be based in a brand-new world, Copperdale. While the new world is coming only to High School Years, thanks to the patch, The Sims 4 base game players will be getting some cool new features coinciding with this fresh new expansion.

The Sims 4 High School Years: Official Reveal Trailer

Updated Phone

Your Sims’ phone has been a feature in The Sims 4 since it was first released. Now, it’s getting a major makeover. When you first use the phone after this patch has downloaded, you’ll notice that it looks very different to before. All the original functions are still there, and you can still customize your Sim’s phone. Check it out for yourself!

Body Hair

Before this patch, the only hair on your Sims was on their head and face. Now, your Sims can have hair all over their body, including their torso, arms, legs, and back. This is available for teens and up and can be found in the Body section of Create-A-Sim.

Sexual Orientation

What is sexual orientation? This is a brand-new feature that’s arrived in the base game of The Sims 4 that was previously announced. This allows you to control who your Sims are attracted to, whether they’re actively seeking romance, and who they can WooHoo with. This feature can be accessed in Create-A-Sim under the Gender Customization option, where you can make your own adjustments to the different settings. By default, everything will be set to the original game’s settings.

Have more control over your Sims' romantic interactions and feelings with the new Sexual Orientation feature.

Have more control over your Sims’ romantic interactions and feelings with the new Sexual Orientation feature.

Wants and Fears

Originally, whims represented what your Sims’ current wants and desires were, whether they wanted to buy a specific object or interact with another Sim or work on their skills. With this latest patch, whims are being upgraded to a new Wants and Fears system. This works similar to whims, but with Wants being what your Sims want to achieve and Fears being challenges to overcome.

Curved Walls

Fans of The Sims have been wanting this for years. In The Sims 4, we nearly got this with curved fences instead of curved walls. Now, thanks to this patch, curved walls have finally come to The Sims 4. This should make for some very interesting and creative building design. You should try out this new Build Mode feature for yourself.

Bug Fixes

Finally, as with all patches for The Sims 4, there’s the usual bug fixes. This covers fixes in various Packs as well as the base game. Has a bug you’ve encountered been covered in this patch? There’s a whole list of fixes, so check out the official patch notes to see exactly what’s been sorted.

That covers everything in this newest patch readying The Sims 4 for the High School Years Expansion. The Sims 4 High School Years Expansion Pack will be coming out on July 28th for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 & 5, and Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

SOURCE: The Sims 4: New Game Patch (July 26th, 2022) Patch Notes from EA’s Official Site

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