New “Scary Pack” for The Sims 4 might be coming soon!

When the world of Sims Lovers is waiting for the new City Life expansion, Halloween lovers have something to look forward to! The new Scary Pack for the Sims 4 is coming soon!

New "Scary Pack" for The Sims 4 coming soon!
The new expansion pack for The Sims 4, City Life is just announced, when rumor has it that a new DLC for the game will come out, as the developers do every year around Halloween. Speculations say that it will include a “Scary” pack, which is going to be similar to the “Supernatural” DLC released for the previous installment. Apparently, this pack will be released soon. Besides, it seems that there were some files showing a Day of the Dead event that were revealed.

According to Sims VIP, Ilan Eshkeri, the composer of the soundtrack for The Sims 4, shared a clip of the team listening to some spooky tunes. He captioned the post by writing “Spooky music for some scary new #sims4 packs. Coming soon!”. The best part is that most likely the company will release it until this Halloween, so there isn’t long until we get it.

Fans of the game are overly excited about this news! The revelation seems to have not been planned, as EA Games was also surprised and asked Eshkeri to take the clip down. Even other channels that have reposted the clip had to take it down and some even got a Copyright strike.

The Sims Community also reported that they found some files indicating a Day of the Dead event. Among the information they revealed we could see an end date on November 4, though there is no start date, a collection of Candy Skulls and new interactions between the Sims that Complain about Spirits and Discuss Afterlife.

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