7 Features That Will Make The Sims 5 Better Than The Sims 4

These 7 key features we'd love to see in The Sims 5 will provide a much better experience than The Sims 4! You may have expected the fourth game to be the most immersive Sims game yet. Surprisingly, that wasn't the case. From launching without cars and toddlers, to random expansion packs like Strangerville, hopefully these mistakes won't be made in the next game.

teenager sims getting in trouble

There have been tons of disappointment within the Sims community throughout the latest installment’s life cycle. Following The Sims 3, we all had an idea of how The Sims 4 would be. Generally, the expectation was that it would be a better version of the previous games in the series. We expected enhanced mechanics and immersive gameplay. Unfortunately, that’s not really what we got. Don’t get me wrong; The Sims 4 has some awesome new features. However, it’s almost as if they would’ve fit better with some of the older games, which sucks to say. It would be awesome to see the next installment incorporate some game-changing characteristics to bring the community out of this rut. 

The Sims 4’s “downfall” mostly originated from a significant amount of missing staples; plenty of things we’d already had in the game(s) for over a decade. It doesn’t make much sense as to why key features that we’d grown to know and love would be chopped out of the newest game. With every new expansion pack that’s released, the community seems to be ignored even more. Here are 7 features we would love to see in The Sims 5 that The Sims 4 missed the mark on.

1. Launch With Sims Staples

Sims in a hot tub

Sims in a hot tub

The Sims 4 had an extremely bizarre launch. Tons of key features that have always been a staple in the series were completely missing in the base game. The game launched without pools, cars, hot tubs, and even toddlers. We’ve had cars, pools, and hot tubs since the first installment, and these are gameplay items we expect in every Sims game. Toddlers were first seen in The Sims 2. So it makes no sense as to why such key aspects were nonexistent at launch. I mean, an entire life stage removed? Why? What could’ve possibly been the train of thought behind that?

Pools came in a free update later on, and initially, you couldn’t get a hot tub unless you paid for The Sims 4 Perfect Patio Stuff pack. That has since changed with a free update, but it took years. Practically three years went by before toddlers were added to the game, and cars still are nowhere to be found. We don’t even have a carpool system or buses for our sims to go to school or travel. It’s strange seeing them walk to the edge of the screen and disappear. 

2. Alive Babies

Toddler sim playing with paint

Toddler sim playing with paint

The babies in the fourth game are annoying objects. Honestly, they’re not much different than the babies in the very first game. Why are we going backwards? Even the babies in The Sims 2 felt more alive. At least we could walk around with them. In The Sims 4, you’re confined to their crib anytime you want to interact with them. When you do interact with them, all you’re able to do is change their diaper, snuggle them, and feed them.

Imagine being able to walk around with your baby and actually take them places. Having children in the latest game is boring up until they become a toddler. What if babies had more personality that made them seem different from one another? It shouldn’t feel as far fetched as it seems in The Sims 4. So hopefully, The Sims 5 brings its A-game, so our little bundles of joy don’t feel so dead?

3. Less Loading Screens/Open-World

Sim walking through a garden

Sim walking through a garden

Loading screens are so 2004. 2004 is actually when The Sims 2 released. The Sims 3 released in 2009 and the majority of loading screens were a thing of the past, considering this installment was the first open-world game in the series. So how come The Sims 4 reverted back to loading screens? Apparently, it’s so that the game would run better on lower-end computers. That’s understandable, but we’re regressing here. 

Even if it’s not a completely open-world, the next game could still have less loading screens than The Sims 4The Sims 4 is divided into separate worlds, and within those worlds are smaller separate neighborhoods. I’ve always been confused as to why these neighborhoods, at the very least, have these screens. If someone lives next door to you, you have to wait for a loading screen just to go to their house. I find that to be overkill. The fifth game should either be a fully open-world, like The Sims 3, or you should be able to travel throughout each area in a world without loading screens. It only makes sense. 

4. Community Picked DLC

Sims at university

Sims at university

One good thing we’ve seen come out of the fourth game are packs that the community voted on. We witnessed this with the Laundry Day Stuff Pack and the Nifty Knitting Stuff Pack. Nevertheless, this voting system wasn’t incorporated as much as it could’ve been. I believe a lot of the backlash the game has received could’ve been avoided if the community was listened to more often. We’ve had plenty of packs that most people didn’t want nor asked for over the past few years.


For The Sims 5, simmers should be given the option to vote for most, if not all, of the DLC. Especially if there’s going to be as many packs as The Sims 4 has had thus far (34). Players have been let down with packs like The Sims 4 Strangerville. This was a story-focused pack that felt incredibly out of place in a game like The Sims. I believe most of the packs we’ve gotten aren’t DLC the community would’ve voted on. The Sims 5 can have a voting system that happens whenever a new pack is in the works, and we can vote on what we’d like to have. Personally, I would vote for a university to be the first pack we get every time because that’s my personal favorite. 

5. Story Progression

Sims at a cookout

Sims at a cookout

Story progression: a simple feature, but such a crucial game-changer. Story progression was a feature introduced in the third game that kept everything in the town balanced and thriving. It made the sims outside of your household live their lives. It would make them get jobs, have kids, move, get married, get fired, gain weight, etc. So every time you ran into someone again, something new would have happened in their life. It also prevented your town from dying out.

Fast-forward to The Sims 4; there’s no story progression. So if you’re not adding new sims to your game or having kids, everyone will eventually die in your game. When you run into Bella Goth at the park, nothing has changed with her. She still has the same old rinky-dink job she had when you saw her 38 years ago. She’s the same weight, living in the same house, and still married to Mortimer. How boring! Story progression is a required feature for any Sims town to feel like it’s alive for an extended period of time. Mods shouldn’t have to be used for a necessary feature like this. 

6. Sims With Personality 

Sims at a party

Sims at a party

I think we can all agree that the fourth game’s sims are bland compared to sims in the older games. The next installment can turn the series around by giving us more personality to work with. Before, our sims could have zodiac signs, turn-ons and turn-offs, 5 traits (instead of 3), and more! Now, our characters can start to blend together very fast unless you’re good with using your imagination. 

The Sims 5 should have an extensive personality creation system in create-a-sim. Our sims should have the ability to be drastically different from everyone else in town. A huge start would be giving us the opportunity to choose five traits for our characters instead of three. When sims only have three traits, you start to see a lot more of the same person around town, and that’s no fun. We should be able to choose their favorite colors, types of music, and foods too. We were able to do that before, as well. Once again, so many awesome features were simply removed for no good reason. The community deserves to create sims that feel unique.

7. Better/More Gameplay

Sims working on a science project

Sims working on a science project

If you go on YouTube and watch let’s plays of older Sims games compared to the latest one, you will see a drastic difference. The gameplay in The Sims 4 feels horrifically repetitive if you rely on the game itself without mods. When a new pack is released, they never add enough new gameplay. The Sims 4 seems heavily geared towards the young adult life stage. It can get really boring playing the game as a toddler, child, teenager, or elder. There simply isn’t enough to do. 

New packs that are released for The Sims 4 gives us the impression that there will be more to do, but that isn’t always the case. The Sims 5 can improve on this issue by focusing on all of the life stages equally. Elders in the game should be able to go play bingo, knit, sew, play golf, etc. Children and teenagers should be able to go to school (can we please get schools that aren’t rabbit holes for once), sneak out, and get into more trouble and make real memories. We should be able to do more with toddlers too. Preferably, without having to buy a million packs to have that fun as well. 

Honorable mentions

  • Autosave
  • Different heights
  • More lot types
Are there any features you’d love to see in The Sims 5 that The Sims 4 missed the mark on? Be sure to comment on them below and let us know what your wish list is.
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you forgot to mention faster load times.

Colin Soper

dear sims will sims5 be in vr


How bout we need to be sad on a different thing like no windows 11


Great points made, i totally agree. I hope the sims 5 really focuses on the foundation: better emotion system, better memory system, a chemistry system, etc. It feels empty because of the core issues. No amount of dlc can fix the sims 4 in my opinion.

Sherri Small

I agree with you. Sims 4 is a broken game without dimension.


I agree with all of your points Deja’. Sims 4 is definitely lacking the charm and pure fun of sims 2. I also hope they have more of an open world like sims 3. Might just play sims two for some nostalgia! I think the one thing I would look forward to is more expansion of personality and quirk among sims.


I’ve only played the Sims 2 Pets when I was a kid and yea that game was way better than this one, I bought the Sims 4 on sale like 2 years ago and it just felt empty to me. I only played it for like 3 hours and never again. The dlc turned me off even more, the amount was atrocious. Either ill play it when I build a pc so I can use mods and make my experience better or just wait for 5. Whenever that will be. Good article tho 💯


Wish that I could get paid to write bullpoop articles not founded in reality!

Michelle Sacchere

Really good article! I’m still new to sims so the fourth game was the first one I ever played and I loved it. When I did go back and look at older ones they were very different though. I think I need to play more to figure out what I like and don’t like just to prepare for a new one coming out.


The good news is that this article is completely and utterly made up! Literally none of this is remotely true! The bad news is that you’re a *** who fell for this.

Michelle Sacchere

Wow….Okay LOL


Stfu Roxanne. Learn to understand the article.

Sherri Small

No, it’s all true. I’m a BIG Fan of previous Sims games, but Sims 4 totally Sucks in comparison.

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