The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories: A Guide to Tartosa

This guide will help you get to know the world of Tartosa better in The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories. You'll learn about its homes and businesses, who lives there, any collectibles, and more.

The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories A Guide to Tartosa Cover

Since the launch of The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories, many players have fallen in love with one thing about this Game Pack: the new world, Tartosa. It’s not surprising, since it’s possibly one of the most gorgeous worlds created for The Sims 4. This beautiful coastal Mediterranean town is wonderfully appropriate for the new romance-themed Game Pack. This world alone is enough to persuade people to buy My Wedding Stories. In Tartosa, there are places to see, people to meet, and things to do. This guide will help you get to know Tartosa better and make sure you don’t miss anything.

The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories Game Pack is now available for PC, Mac, Xbox One/Xbox Series X/S, and PS4/PS5 for your regional pricing.

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World Description: “Romantic sites and scenery have long graced the seaside region of Tartosa, creating the perfect setting for love and matrimonial pursuits. It isn’t uncommon for vacationers and honeymooners alike to return year after year, seeking to re-experience the intimacy of visits past. They say there’s a love story in the making for everyone. Just ask Tartosa’s residents, and they’ll excitedly gossip about local Wedding Industry shenanigans or the area’s love-laced, historical past. But even if a Sim doesn’t find their soulmate here, one thing is for certain… they’re fated to fall in love with the land.”

This section covers the plots of land, or Lots, in Tartosa. The world is split into two neighborhoods: Porto Luminoso and Terra Amorosa. While part of the same world, each neighborhood contains different Lots, residents, and facilities. Lots can be homes for your Sims to live in, commercial buildings, and empty plots of land. If you wish, you can build on the Lots and replace the pre-made buildings with your own houses and buildings. Let’s take a detailed look at all the Lots in Tartosa.

The world map of Tartosa.

The world map of Tartosa.


Description: “Historians say Porto Luminoso’s name originated when pirates arrived at shore, attracted by the glowing tides, the promise of trade, and the invention of the fruit tart. Overtime, the village flourished, and while still famous for its fruit tarts, Porto Luminoso’s real claim to fame is its self-proclaimed-title as the wedding industry’s premiere destination for romance and matrimonial services.”

Porto Luminoso is one of two neighborhoods, situated on the southern side of Tartosa. This area serves as a coastal seaside town, complete with shops and beaches, as well as some Lots.

Porto Luminoso: visit the beach and the shops.

Porto Luminoso: visit the beach and the shops.


Description: “Tucked snugly along Tartosa’s sunset coastline, Baia dell’Amore offers the best of the area: soft and sandy beaches to share with a lover, plus nighttime bioluminescent shores that are perfect for lighting up a romantic dip… and only a short stroll from Porto Luminoso.”

Price: §3,000

Lot Type: Residential

Lot Size: 40×20

This plot of land is situated on a beach. It is initially empty and set as a residential lot, but it can be changed and used as a different lot type, such as a wedding venue. You could also place a home here, if you wanted. What you do with this land is up to you. This is a great piece of land because there’s plenty of space, plus it’s close by to the shops. Although this Lot is situated on a beach, it does not extend into the water, so you won’t be able to build any piers here, unfortunately.

Despite this property not including the water, it’s still got a lot of potential. You could keep it as a commercial beach and add something to it, rather than leaving it empty. Why not place some benches and grills for a picnic area, in case your Sims get peckish at the beach? You could also add some lounge chairs for your Sims to sunbathe on. Get creative with the space available!

Initially empty, you can build a home here, or a wedding venue.

Initially empty, you can build a home here, or a wedding venue.


Description: “The La Coppia Serena may be the local go-to for wedding ceremonies, but every Sim knows Celebrazioni d’Amore is the best place to host a true party. Afterwards, head into the gardens for a stroll or back behind the lounge for a romantic view of the sea.”

Price: §148,663

Lot Type: Lounge

Lot Size: 50×40

This lounge is quite big, with facilities indoors, outdoors, and even an upstairs veranda. This is a great place to host wedding-related events, such as bach parties and receptions. You’ve got everything you need here: bars, tables, restrooms, seating, music, and even hot tubs! There’s even a toasting set you can use. Downstairs near the bar, there’s a stage with a microphone and violin, if you want to entertain others. There’s also a piano outside. Upstairs, there’s a private room with seating and a stereo, if your Sims want a little private party. This will probably become your new go-to place for hosting parties.


Description: “This adorable home hides off Porto Luminoso’s shore on tiny Piccola Luce island. Its decor pulls from nature around it—the sea’s cerulean waters and the coast’s famous, apricot sunsets. There’s no better home for a Sim seeking solitude in a love-laced land.”

Price: §20,817

Lot Type: Residential

Lot Size: 20×20

Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms: 1

This house is situated on an island west off Porto Luminoso. It’s very quiet and secluded, perfect for Sims who want a little privacy. This home is ideal for starter Sims, particularly single Sims or couples. If your couple decides to have a baby or has a child, there’s a room for them too.

Outside, there’s a small yard where your Sims can sit out and soak in the sun. Downstairs you’ll find the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and second bedroom. These are quite small and can feel cramped at times, but you can always expand the house. Upstairs is the master bedroom and balcony, complete with lounge chairs to relax on. The furniture may seem a little basic, but you can always replace these if you have any spare cash. If you want your Sims to have a TV, you’ll have to purchase one as this Lot doesn’t initially come with one. There is a desk where you can place a computer though. This is a good compact-yet-comfy home for starter Sims.

The one thing you may have to keep in mind is that because it’s so secluded, it’s quite a distance from the shops and beaches. This might mean that travelling to any of the shops or beaches or other areas in Porto Luminoso could take a while. Unless you’re happy to wait for your Sims to run between places and speed up time, you can travel to the beach Lot or the lounge to get closer to the shops and beaches quicker.


Description: “Thebe Estate is one of Porto Luminoso’s historical buildings—its origins are draped in rumor and are often gossiped about by curious locals. The Thebe family, now the Laurents, have lived here for generations as noted by their fine collection of family heirlooms.”

Price: §329,315

Lot Type: Residential

Lot Size: 50×50

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 5

This is probably the biggest, grandest home in the whole of Tartosa, occupied by the Laurent family (see the Tartosa Residents section below for more info). This place is huge, with three floors and big beautiful formal gardens. If you ever want to make this place bigger and build more on it, there’s lots of room. There’s plenty of room already though, with four bedrooms and five bathrooms. This place is also very close to the shops and beaches in Porto Luminoso.

This luxurious home has practically everything you could wish for in a home in The Sims 4. Downstairs, there’s a large kitchen, a big bar, a piano, chess table, tea set, a bathroom with a combined shower/bathtub, and a study with a computer. Outside, you’ll find some plant boxes if you want to do some gardening, and there’s a monkey bars set for the youngest Laurent resident Jace.

Moving onto the next floor above, you’ve got the first two bedrooms, plus two bathrooms. One of the rooms belongs to young Jace, as you can probably tell by the toys. The other bedroom is very plush, with a fireplace, comfy seating and a wall-mounted TV! This floor also has some balconies for your Sims to look out from.

On the very top floor, there are two more bedrooms. One of these is kitted out with its own TV, a computer, dresser, and mirror. The second room has an easel for artistic Sims who want to dabble with paint, as well as its own closet with a dresser.

There’s no doubt that this home is a very fine place to live, probably the best in Tartosa. Only one of the five bathrooms has a shower, so if you want, you can always add some shower stalls to the other bathrooms.

If you want to move another family into this place, you can boot the Laurent’s out. To do this, go to Manage Worlds, select this Lot, and then select from the options Evict. The Laurent’s will then go into the Manage Households section and you’re free to move someone else in.


Description: “Visit Tartosa’s Villa Vigna and enjoy Porto Luminoso’s breathtaking cliffside views. Stay in and enjoy all the amenities this rental has to offer or take a walk down through the vineyards and visit the village for a small shopping trip. Just don’t forget to try the local cuisine!”

Price Per Day: §964

Lot Type: Vacation Home

Lot Size: 30×20

Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms: 3

This is a beautiful vacation home that Sims can rent out and stay in. It’s big and very plush. It’s a little costly, at nearly a thousand Simoleons per day, but it’s worth it. Your Sims will definitely be comfortable staying here! Your Sims will get some wonderful views of the sea from here, with the house situated on a hill overlooking the coast. It’s also not too far a walk from the beach and shops.

This rental Lot gives your Sims whatever they need for their stay, and that little extra more, to make sure they’re relaxed and content. There’s a kitchen to cook in, with a tea set included, if your Sims fancy some tea. There’s also a toilet downstairs (no shower or bath though), as well as a chess table, if your Sims want a game. Best of all, there’s a hot tub outside where your Sims can have a luxury hot soak. There’s some lounge chairs to lie on as well. There’s even some plant pots if you’re staying long enough and want to grow something.

This house has two bedrooms, one of them decked out with kids in mind, with two single beds. There’s even a plush toy to play with. There’s two bathrooms, one that is an en-suite for the master bedroom. Both bathrooms have showers and baths, if your Sim wants a quick wash or a nice relaxing soak. There’s even a study upstairs, complete with a desk and bookcase. (If you wish, you can turn the study into a third bedroom, if you want room to sleep an extra Sim or two.)

If you’re thinking of treating your Sims to a vacation or they’re planning a honeymoon destination, Villa Vigna is definitely a place you might want to consider.


Description: “A short trip up the coastline from Porto Luminoso is the loving land, known as Terra Amorosa to the locals. Whether fishing off the boardwalk, swimming at the bottom of the secluded Hideaway Falls, or hiking up the hillside to visit the area’s famous Lover’s Tree, any Sim is bound to fall madly in love with the various charming sights and historic landmarks this lover’s paradise has to offer.”

Terra Amorosa is one of two neighborhoods, on the northern side of Tartosa. This area is situated more in the countryside and is very tranquil, with a canal, waterfalls, and a lagoon. You’ll even see hot air balloons floating about in the distance. It is a lot quieter than Porto Luminoso, but this is a very serene place for your Sims to visit or even live in. 

Terra Amorosa: swim in the lagoon and walk along the canal.

Terra Amorosa: swim in the lagoon and walk along the canal.


Description: “The golden crown of Tartosa’s wedding industry. Sims travel from all around the world to partake of the area’s many romance-oriented accommodations, and it all comes together here on the day of each Sim’s wedding. Indoor or outdoor, this venue has hosted a multitude of dream weddings and will continue to do so for generations to come.”

Price: §218,340

Lot Type: Wedding Venue

Lot Size: 50×40

This place is somewhere you should consider marrying your Sims. Wedding venues are a brand-new type of Lot that came in a patch released before My Wedding Stories was launched. These places are specifically designed for Sims getting married, and this place is a fine example of that. You’ve got not just one, but two wedding arches to marry your Sims at. There’s one indoors, and one outside, giving you a choice. (If you’re hosting a wedding, just make sure that your guests assemble around the right altar.)

This location doesn’t just facilitate for wedding ceremonies. It’s also an ideal place for having wedding-related events. If you’d like to have the reception here after the wedding, it’s a good place, with the tables and seating, as well as the dance floor. There’s a place where you can set down your Sims’ wedding cake, as well as a toasting set. There’s a bar outside as well. At this venue, there’s plenty of places where your Sims can sit and chat with their guests.

Your Sims can also retreat upstairs if they wish to have a little privacy, or if there’s a lot of guests at your party. There’s also a dresser if you want to change anyone’s outfit, useful if you’re having a wedding and need to change into the appropriate attire.

La Coppia Serena is a great place for weddings, but remember that you can go into Build Mode and change it to your preference. You can add your own decorations and furnishings, if you have a theme in mind for your wedding and other celebrations. One consideration is that this place doesn’t have any cooking facilities, if you wanted to do some on-site catering. Since there’s lots of room, you can add a kitchen area so your Sims can do some cooking.


Description: “The woods surrounding this home create a natural barrier of privacy and peace, the perfect place for a Sim seeking to benefit from the area’s attractions yet retain sweet solitude. Years back, this building was the local nectary, but the establishment has since been refurbished into a home for the Markovic family.”

Price: §107,478

Lot Type: Residential

Lot Size: 40×30

Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms: 2

This quaint home is occupied by the Markovic family (see the Tartosa Residents section below to learn more about them). It’s not as big as the Thebe Estate (home of the Laurent’s), but it’s still spacious and quite plush. It’s got two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

One of the bedrooms is downstairs, belonging to young Tomi Markovic. It’s a great kid’s room, with a bunk bed, dresser, desk, bookcase, and a toy. There’s an easel in here as well, but since children can’t use easels, it’s a bit lost on Tomi, at least until she ages up into a teenager. It doesn’t stop other Sims from going in and using the easel though, unless you want to move it elsewhere in the house.

This home has practically two living rooms, one indoors and one outside in the back. The indoor living room has a TV and computer, and the outdoor one has a guitar for Sims to strum on. If you wanted to, you could convert the indoor living room into a third bedroom, if you’re happy just having the one living space. Also downstairs is a swish kitchen to cook in, although you’ll have to buy extra appliances such as a microwave and coffee machine. There’s a big dining table to eat at, as well as kitchen islands to sit at. Just outside is a chess table, if your Sims want a game or want to work on their Logic skill.

If you go upstairs, you’ll find the master bedroom, as well as the other bathroom. This bathroom has a tub but no shower, but you can add a shower if you want or swap the tub for a shower/tub combo.

If you head outside, you’ll find something really special. The backyard is decked out in wedding furniture, including an altar, seating, marquees, wedding cake stand, toasting set, dance floor, and stereo. Basically, everything you need to host a simple wedding is in this backyard. Mateo and Lucia Markovic are engaged, and you can marry them if you wish, but that’s your choice. If you’re new to My Wedding Stories and want to experience your first wedding with this pack, Mateo and Lucia are a good place to start. On the other hand, if you’re not interested, you can simply delete the wedding stuff to clear out a space for the backyard.

If you choose to play the pre-made Markovic family, you’ve got a lovely home to play in. Otherwise, if you want to boot them out and move another family in, you may do so through Manage Worlds.


Description: “At first glance, it’s obvious this starter is a steal. Scenic views overlook Hideaway Falls, the entirety of the Terra Amorosa estuary area, and the Lover’s Tree. However, it’s the hidden-history that makes this spot so particularly notable to the locals. Shhh. It’s a secret, though! A bit of sleuthing and you’re bound to discover what makes this lot one of the best that Tartosa has to offer.”

Price: §19,504

Lot Type: Residential

Lot Size: 30×20

Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms: 1

Like Piccola Luce in Porto Luminoso, this is a great starter home, small but cosy. It’s a little cheaper and is only one floor. While this place is barely much bigger than Piccola Luce, it does have benefits location-wise. It is situated very close to the lagoon and waterfalls, only a short walk away. There’s also a pathway behind the property that leads to some rock paintings.

This place might be small and a little basic, but it doesn’t make it a bad home. It’s nothing to scoff at, and you should seriously consider it if you have little funds. It’s also ideal for a family with younger Sims, particularly toddlers and children. This is because the second bedroom is decked out in furnishings aimed at young ones, including a single bunk bed and a toy. The bathroom also has a potty chair for toddlers.

As for the rest of the house, while the furnishings are a bit basic, you do have the bare essentials. You’ve got a shower/tub combo in the bathroom, you’ve got a kitchen with a fridge and stove, a two-seater dining table, a two-seater sofa with a little TV, a small bookcase, a desk, and a dresser in the master bedroom. Out on the porch, there’s even a chair your Sims can sit on to look out at the stunning views.


Description: “Situated just off the Terra Amorosa estuary, close to Hideaway Falls, and overlooked by the Lover’s Tree, Via Romanza is a prime piece of real estate. Its location in the heart of Tartosa’s love industry begs the question: what will this plot of land become? The wedding industry’s next big venue? A rental for the many coupled lovebirds who return on honeymoon? Or simply a home for those who find themselves moved by the land’s romantic ambiance?”

Price: §2,570

Lot Type: Residential

Lot Size: 30×30

This place is situated east of Terra Amorosa. This is an empty plot of land which you can build a home on or place a wedding venue. There are two trees on this land, but you can delete them or move them.

Whatever you choose to put here, it’s a great plot because there’s plenty of room. If you have other packs installed, you could place something that Tartosa doesn’t already have. This land has a lot of potential. You could place a restaurant, for example, if you’ve got The Sims 4 Dine Out. You could also place a gym or pool for your more active Sims seeking a workout. If you’ve got The Sims 4 Spa Day, you could even place a spa, which would be perfect in a tranquil world such as Tartosa. The possibilities are endless, but it’s up to you what you want to do with this space. 

This location is also a good spot for three reasons. Firstly, there’s two fishing spots right next to it at the canal. Secondly, there’s a picnic area next to it as well, complete with a grill to cook food on. Thirdly, the famous Lover’s Tree is a short walk away from this Lot (see Other Notable Features in Tartosa below for more on the Lover’s Tree).

Via Romanza, an empty plot of land waiting to be built on.

Via Romanza, an empty plot of land waiting to be built on.


Tartosa doesn’t just have homes and community lots. There’s shops here, too, all situated in the town square. In Porto Luminoso, there’s a row of buildings. Some of these are just for aesthetic, but some have functional purposes for your Sims. At these places, you can buy food to eat, or you can purchase stuff for weddings. Here’s all the businesses in Tartosa and what they offer.


This business serves two functions: giving your Sims a place to grab a bite to eat, plus it’s one of the places where you can purchase a wedding cake. Whether your Sim is having a wedding or not, this is a great place for their sweet tooth.

Your Sim can make their own wedding cake, but to do that, they need at least level 1 Gourmet Cooking skill, and for that, you need at least level 5 Cooking skill. If your Sim doesn’t meet those requirements and can’t make their own cake, this place is an option.

There’s a lot of wedding cakes to choose from, varying in size, color, shape, and design. The range of cakes available changes each day, so you might find that when you return another day, there’s different cakes available. It’s useful if you couldn’t find a cake you liked one day and wanted to come back another day to see their new selection. Wedding cakes vary in prices depending on the type, but they’re generally between §150 and §225.

Want to sample some cake? You've come to the right place!

Want to sample some cake? You’ve come to the right place!

If you like, you can sample wedding cakes by purchasing individual slices from this shop. It’s a good idea if your Sim is looking into wedding cakes but can’t decide. It also gives you a chance to taste the cake and see the layers. The rainbow-colored-layered cakes are especially fun! You don’t have to be planning a wedding to eat these cake slices. Anyone can have them, so by all means, help yourself! Wedding cake slices cost §12 each.

It’s not just wedding cakes the cake shop does. This place also offers 5 different savories for you to eat, costing either §8 or §10.

Name Price
Eclair §8
Fruit Scone §8
World-Famous Tartosian Fruit Tart §8
Almond Macarons §10
Berry Macarons §10
Pink Ombre Three-Tiered Hexagonal Cake §12
White with Colored Spots Three-Tiered Square Cake §12
Brown with Gold Floral Patterning Two-Tiered Pillow Cake §12
White with Green Square Design Four-Tiered Round Cake §12
Rosy Two-Tiered Heart Cake §12
Off-White with Golden Roses Naked Two-Tiered Round Fruitcake §12
Yellow Ombre Four-Tiered Round Cake §12
Sand and Blue Ombre Beachy Four-Tiered Round Cake §12
White and Rainbow Cupcake Cake §12
You should try out the Tartosian fruit tart while you're in town.

You should try out the Tartosian fruit tart while you’re in town.


Tartosa may be Italian-Mediterranean-inspired, but it caters to many cultures, as demonstrated with this shop, along with the Indian variant. Here, you can buy and eat Chinese dishes. The more expensive the dish, the more belly-filling it is.

Name Price
Sweet Buns §8
Vegetable Dumplings §8
Egg Rolls §10
Mud Carp §12
Mapo Tofu with Pork §13
Roast Duck §15
Sweet and Sour Eggplant §15
Sweet and Sour Pork §15
There's a place if you fancy some Chinese food.

There’s a place if you fancy some Chinese food.


There’s a unique building in Porto Luminoso that serves a special purpose: marrying Sims. While planning an extravaganza can be fun, sometimes you just want to marry your Sims quickly. You can simply use the Elope Immediately interaction, which is perfectly fine, or you can head to this place to get married. To marry two Sims at the city hall, simply select the building and choose Get Married to…. This option will be grayed out if you haven’t got a Sim to marry. Your Sims must be engaged to access this interaction. It works just like the Elope Immediately interaction, only it’s done behind closed doors. Alternatively, you can use the bathroom at city hall, if you Sim needs it. 

To find the city hall, look behind the row of buildings. It’s got gray stone walls, white-framed windows, and flags above the door and both sides of the building.

Want a quick marriage? The city hall is the place you need.

Want a quick marriage? The city hall is the place you need.


One of the best places to get a bouquet for your wedding is from the flower stall, located near the fountain in the town square. If you have The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion installed, you can put together your own wedding bouquet, but the flower stall is the better option for a few reasons. You get a lot more choice, 15 to be exact, compared to the 5 bouquets you can make at the bench. You’ll find it hard not to find something suitable for your wedding. Plus, you don’t have to buy a bouquet for a wedding. You can purchase one to display in your Sim’s home, or you could give it to another Sim as a gift. Wedding bouquets cost either §85 or §130, with the delicate variation being more expensive.

Name Price
Black Rose Delicate Bouquet §130
Blue Rose Delicate Bouquet §130
Blush Rose Bouquet §85
Blush Rose Delicate Bouquet §130
Colorful Daisy Bouquet §85
Colorful Daisy Delicate Bouquet §130
Pale Blue Rose Bouquet §85
Pastel Garden Flower Bouquet §85
Pink Rose Delicate Bouquet §130
Pink and Orange Rose Delicate Bouquet §130
Rainbow Rose Bouquet §85
Red Rose Bouquet §85
Red Rose Delicate Bouquet §130
White Rose Bouquet §85
White Rose Delicate Bouquet §130
The flower stall is the best place to pick up a wedding bouquet.

The flower stall is the best place to pick up a wedding bouquet.

It’s not just wedding bouquets you can buy from the flower stall. You can also buy flowers, either individually or in bulk. What flowers you can get depends on what packs you have installed. Some of these flowers comes with the Seasons Expansion. Flowers have lots of purposes. You can take them home and grow them, or if you have Seasons, you can use flowers at the flower arranging bench. You can also gift flowers to other Sims.

A flower with an “*” next to it is one that comes with a pack.

Name Cost
Begonia* §114
Bird of Paradise §255
Bluebell §9
Chamomile* §38
Christmas Rose* §70
Chrysanthemum §51
Crocus* §45
Dahlia* §84
Daisy §12
Holly* §15
Lily §180
Orchid §1,125
Rose §144
Snapdragon §78
Snow Drop* §24
Tulip §72
You can buy flowers to grow from here as well.

You can buy flowers to grow from here as well.


This and the Chinese food shop offers a little ethnic flare to the Mediterranean world of Tartosa. Here, you can grab an Indian meal. How filling it is for your Sim and how much it satisfies their Hunger need depends on how expensive the dish is.

Name Price
Gulab Jamun §10
Palak Paneer §10
Samosa §10
Dal Makhani §13
Bhel Puri §13
Curry §14
Mutton Biryani §15
Butter Chicken §15
You can grab some Indian food in Tartosa, too.

You can grab some Indian food in Tartosa, too.


Planning a wedding? If you want to make it more magical, then put going to the wedding boutique on your list. This place is a special type of building where your Sim can go and change their formal outfit for their wedding. Here, you can also change your Sim’s outfit, or you can just window shop.

Plan the perfect outfit at the wedding boutique.

Plan the perfect outfit at the wedding boutique.


There are two families living in Tartosa you can play with: the Laurent’s and the Markovic’s. There’s also Dominique and Camille Soto, two female Sims who you may have seen in the official announcement trailer for My Wedding Stories. They do not live in any of the Lots around Tartosa, but you can interact with them. You can also move them into the neighborhood by selecting Manage Households from the Manage Worlds screen.


Funds: §20,000

Description: “Faiz is a poetic, hopeless romantic living in an area that specializes in the wedding industry—a constant reminder of his single status. He spends his days in the village square, selling flowers, and daydreaming of his missing soulmate. Perhaps one day, his dreams will come true. But until then… he has a flower for everyone.”

This household consists of a single Sim: Faiz Jaleel. He runs the flower shop in the village square in Porto Luminoso. While he doesn’t initially live in a Lot in Tartosa, you can move him into the world by finding him in Manage Households.

Faiz Jaleel.

Faiz Jaleel.

Faiz Jaleel
Gender Male
Age Young Adult
Career Vendor
Traits Active, Loves Outdoors, Romantic, Alluring
Aspiration Soulmate
Likes Gardening, Video Gaming, the color Pink, Pop music
Dislikes Mixology, Programming
Skills Charisma = 5
Flower Arranging = 6
Photography = 5
Singing = 5


Funds: §20,640

Description: “”Laurent” may be a newer name in the area, but the family certainly isn’t. For generations, they’ve owned the local wedding venue, the cornerstone of the wedding industry in the area. And Hilary’s family opened the first food stall in the village square back when they moved to the area. Now she’s a chef in her parent’s restaurant, and the local food market has flourished. Together, this family forms a wedding-industry powerhouse.”

Arnessa Thebe.

Arnessa Thebe.

Arnessa Thebe
Gender Female
Age Elder
Career Unemployed
Traits Bookworm, Loner, Music Lover, Domestic
Aspiration Successful Lineage
Likes Mischief, Painting, Singing, the color Green
Dislikes Fitness
Skills Cooking = 1
Painting = 5
Piano = 8
Hector Laurent.

Hector Laurent.

Hector Laurent
Gender Male
Age Adult
Career Unemployed
Traits Cheerful, Family-Oriented, Outgoing, Essence of Flavor
Aspiration Master Mixologist
Likes Dancing, the color Purple
Dislikes Handiness, Mixology, Electronica and Spooky music
Skills DJ Mixing = 5
Dancing = 3
Mixology = 3
Parenting = 6
Hilary Laurent.

Hilary Laurent.

Hilary Laurent
Gender Female
Age Adult
Career Caterer
Traits Active, Foodie, Romantic, Essence of Flavor
Aspiration Master Chef
Likes Baking, Cooking, Fitness, Classical music
Dislikes Mischief, Retro music
Skills Baking = 5
Comedy = 2
Cooking = 5
Fitness = 1
Gourmet Cooking = 7
Greta Laurent.

Greta Laurent.

Greta Laurent
Gender Female
Age Teen
Career High School Student
Traits Gloomy, Loves Outdoors, Collector
Aspiration Freelance Botanist
Likes Gardening, Mischief, Mixology, Alternative music, the color Green
Dislikes Comedy, Kids music
Skills Handiness = 5
Painting = 10
Video Gaming = 2
Jace Laurent.

Jace Laurent.

Jace Laurent
Gender Male
Age Child
Career Grade School Student
Traits Cheerful
Aspiration Social Butterfly
Likes The color Blue, Kids music
Dislikes N/A
Skills Mental = 5
Motor = 2
Social = 3


Funds: §20,014

Description: “The Markovic family are locally-renowned for their contribution to the musical-side of the wedding industry, despite having put off their own wedding time and time again. This is in no small part due to relations between them and the Laurent family being rather strained. Mateo believes the Laurents have a stranglehold on local wedding business and works hard to retain relevance. While Lucia’s animosity is directed at Hector, a former lover, all the drama and work has kept them busy and unwed?”

Mateo Markovic.

Mateo Markovic.

Mateo Markovic
Gender Male
Age Young Adult
Career Professional Pianist
Traits Goofball, Loves Outdoors, Romantic, Domestic
Aspiration Big Happy Family
Likes N/A
Dislikes N/A
Skills Fishing = 5
Piano = 7
Singing = 5
Lucia Markovic.

Lucia Markovic.

Lucia Markovic
Gender Female
Age Young Adult
Career Professional Pianist
Traits Ambitious, Music Lover, Outgoing, Muser
Aspiration Musical Genius
Likes N/A
Dislikes N/A
Skills Baking = 5
Guitar = 5
Singing = 6
Tomi Markovic.

Tomi Markovic.

Tomi Markovic
Gender Female
Age Child
Career Grade School Student
Traits Creative
Aspiration Artistic Prodigy
Likes N/A
Dislikes N/A
Skills Creativity = 5
Mental = 3
Motor = 5
Social = 1


Funds: §20,000

Description: “Years ago, Dominique and Camille were married in Tartosa. Each year they returned on vacation in hopes of re-experiencing the love – and rich local culture – only Tartosa offers. Once both women retired, they decided to make their yearly trip more permanent.

Dominique is an artist who now spends her days painting landscapes and portraits in the village square and Camille is a writer who has taken an interest in the area’s storied history. Many consider her to be the Porto Luminoso historian and she can often be found enjoying the outdoors alongside Dominique while chatting about local history with anyone willing to listen.”

Dominique and Camille (or Dom and Cam) are the two Sims seen in the official trailer, as well as the game’s cover. You could almost say they are the face of My Wedding Stories. They unfortunately do not live in a residence you can play in, but you can see them around and interact with them. If you really want to move them into the world, you can by finding them in the Manage Households menu in Manage Worlds.

Camille Soto.

Camille Soto.

Camille Soto
Gender Female
Age Elder
Career Unemployed
Traits Creative, Genius, Romantic, Muser
Aspiration Bestselling Author
Likes Comedy, Cooking, Writing
Dislikes The color Red, Lullabies music
Skills Charisma = 5
Cross-stitch = 2
Gardening = 3
Writing = 6
Dominique Soto.

Dominique Soto.

Dominique Soto
Gender Female
Age Elder
Career Unemployed
Traits Bookworm, Creative, Neat, Muser
Aspiration Painter Extraordinaire
Likes Comedy, Painting, Photography
Dislikes Fishing, Mischief
Skills Cooking = 6
Dancing = 3
Handiness = 2
Painting = 8


There aren’t a lot of collectibles to find in Tartosa. There’s a new type of collectible: message in a bottles, but there are also a few plants growing around the neighborhood.


Tartosa has its own unique collectible: Message in a Bottles. You can find these washed up on the beaches of Tartosa in Porto Luminoso. Look out for little mounds in the sand. You can find clusters of these along the shore, in groups of about 8. It’s very easy to collect these up; you simply click on a mound and select Dig, and it’ll appear in your Sim’s inventory. You can open up a bottle and read its message by selecting it in the inventory and selecting Read. The bottle’s note will appear in a pop-up message in the notification drop-down list. The messages are usually backstories of Tartosa or its residents and make an interesting read.

There’s 20 different message-in-a-bottles to find in total. They’re all marked as an uncommon rarity to find. It’s important to be aware though that if you’re planning on collecting these bottles solely to sell them for money, you’re wasting your time. These bottles are worth nothing. You can technically sell them, but you won’t get a single Simoleon. You should collect bottles either as a decorative or because you like reading the messages.

While not profitable, these bottles provide some interesting stories.

While not profitable, these bottles provide some interesting stories.


Apart from the bottles, in terms of collectibles, there’s not much to find in Tartosa. Unlike places such as Willow Creek and Oasis Springs, there aren’t a plethora of metals and fossils to find. There are a few plants growing around the two areas, namely lilies and tomatoes, but that’s it. That’s not to say there’s nothing to do in Tartosa though. There are also fishing points for your fishing-loving Sims. There’s a spot along the walkway on the west side of Porto Luminoso. In Terra Amorosa, there are two fishing signs along the canal. You can catch plenty of fish here.

Tartosa is a good place for fishing.

Tartosa is a good place for fishing.


Tartosa is an beautiful place with lots of little details beyond the residents, Lots, and businesses. These include Easter eggs, points of interest, and other observations in Tartosa.


Yes, Tartosa does have everyone’s favorite thing: beaches! This means sand you can play in and seas you can swim in. There are two beaches in Porto Luminoso, and they’re a short walk away from the shops.


In the village square in Porto Luminoso, there’s a fountain situated near the flower stall. This is a great place to sit and take in the scene.


In Porto Luminoso, if you look closely at the water in the shallower parts near the lighthouse, you might notice an oddly-shaped rock. If you look closely, you’ll see that it’s in fact in the shape of a head. 


If you stick around Terra Amorosa long enough, you might notice some hot air balloons in the distance. If you can’t see them, you might have to go into the game options and change the camera settings to The Sims 3, so you can tilt the camera. If you look towards the horizon at the hills, you should see some balloons. There’s 3 different balloon designs, and you can see the burners as well, which is a nice touch. When you first arrive in Terra Amorosa, you might not see them straight away. Just give it some time and they’ll rise up into the sky from behind the trees. Using the normal in-game camera, you can’t get too close to the balloons, nor can you zoom in on them too much. 

Sadly, you cannot fly in the hot air balloons. Neither do they fly across the neighborhood. They just rise above their designated spawn point behind the trees in the background and bob up and down for a bit before drifting back down and disappearing from view. When one goes down, another goes up. If you look very carefully at their spawn places, when they appear, they rise up as if they’re being filled up with air and then float into the sky. Also, when they land, they slowly shrink, as if being deflated, before shrinking into oblivion. It’s very cool! You’ll see hot air balloons throughout the day until around nightfall, when they disappear.


In Porto Luminoso, you might notice the lighthouse that divides the two beaches. You can walk up to this place, but unlike the lighthouse in Brindleton Bay (the world that comes with the Cats & Dogs Expansion), you cannot enter it or interact with it in any way.


In Porto Luminoso, to the right of the parade of shops and buildings, you’ll find a maze. This could be a good place for your Sims to share a romantic moment, such as their first kiss or even a proposal. There’s a children’s playground next to it as well.


If there’s one thing you don’t want while your Sim’s out, it’s them desperately needing the bathroom. Fortunately, there are facilities in both neighborhoods for your Sims to use, saving them a trip to the lounge, wedding venue, or another Sim’s home. There’s a restroom stall near the heart sculpture in Porto Luminoso, and one at the lagoon in Terra Amorosa.


In Terra Amorosa, if you look near the wedding venue (La Coppia Serena), you’ll see a large grey-and-white mosaic of two rings entwined. This is another great spot for romantic rendezvous.


If you look north-east of Terra Amorosa on the right side of the waterfalls, you might notice something on one of the rocks. On the wall, you’ll see a series of drawings which look like animals. You can’t interact with this in any way, but it’s something interesting to look at.


In Porto Luminoso, you may see some modern sculptures around the area. These aren’t interactable, but they make for great photo subjects, as well as great backdrops for first kisses and proposals. In particular, look out for the heart-shaped sculpture.


Just a small point-of-interest, but in Terra Amorosa, there’s a seaplane parked up near the shore. Sadly, you cannot fly it.


In Terra Amorosa, there’s a special tree that stands out compared to all the other trees in Tartosa. You cannot do anything with it, but it’s a romantic spot for couples in love.


Known as Hideaway Falls, the lagoon and waterfalls are a great place to visit while you’re in Terra Amorosa. You can relax on the beach, walk along the boardwalk, watch the majestic waterfalls, and swim in the water.

That rounds up everything you need to know about Tartosa. Was there something not mentioned in this guide that you’ve noticed about Tartosa? Have you discovered any secrets or interesting facts? What do you like about Tartosa? Let us know in the comments!


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    What is the hedge maze supposed to be? My son says they Millennium Falcon.

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      Lol, I just found your comment while searching to see if it was Pusheen Cat. Millenium Falcon makes more sense though. Can totally see that too.

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      The maze looks like a typical labyrinth garden. I don’t think it is meant to be look like anything specific.


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