Author: Khadijah Jay

Khadijah is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, located in the northern part of the United States near Canada. She currently lives in London, United Kingdom after finishing her Masters degree in International Law. Growing up, Khadijah faced various challenges and difficulties but found comfort in writing short stories and poetry. Writing provided a means of escape and a healthy outlet for her emotions. Khadijah continues to use writing as a form of therapy and aspires to inspire others to do the same.

Brad Pitt From Hollywood A-Lister to Sega Superfan

Brad Pitt: From Hollywood A-Lister to Sega Superfan?

Brad Pitt shows us that age is just a number as he indulges in his love for gaming and dreams of retiring to spend every day playing classic Sega games. Proving that true passions never die! In a recent interview, Brad Pitt admitted that so...