Ubisoft teases next Rainbow Six Siege DLC

With the last Rainbow Six Siege DLC, Skull Rain, dropping in August, the time is coming for the final DLC to be announced. Today, the official Rainbow Six Siege twitter posted a cryptic image of a blood red Crow, with Japanese text. We've known for a while that DLC 4 will be focused on Japan, so is this a sign of things to come?

Ubisoft teases next Rainbow Six Siege DLC
Rainbow Six Siege is a game that has become critically acclaimed by setting itself apart from other shooters in the FPS Genre. With tense round-based battles and a solid ground in real-life special operations, it is no surprise that gamers have looked to this title for their fill of tactical, team-based gameplay.

Throughout the 11 months since its release, the game has seen three installments of country-based DLC. With the additions of Canadian, American, and Brazilian operators, the final stop for Siege's DLC cycle is Japan. With the Skull Rain DLC dropping in August, it is soon that we should be seeing some information for DLC 4 and, low and behold, we have finally seen some.

Today, the official Rainbow Six Siege twitter posted a cryptic image of a Crow, against a deep red background. This tweet was accompanied by a Japanese phrase, which translates to "Time Has Come".

With the colour Red being quite obviously symbolic of Japan, there is no doubt this is referencing the coming Japan Special Forces DLC. Crows are also prevalent in Japan, they grow to double the size of crows commonly seen in the USA and are plentiful in numbers, whilst also being referenced many times in Japanese Mythology.

Skull Rain was the last DLC we saw for Siege in August 2016 
When it comes to the question of which Special Forces organization we may see in DLC 4, a likely contender is the Special Assault Team, Japan's own Counter-Terrorism police force. Another contender is the Japanese Ground Self-Defence Force, another Counter Terrorism unit established by the former Japanese Defence Agency. As for abilities and weapons we may see, there are many, many choices that Ubisoft could make when it comes to implementation, so there is no saying for certain until we see some more information.

The most likely date for the release of DLC 4 is around the middle of November, after the end of the current Pro League.

You can pick up Rainbow Six Siege right now on Steam, Xbox, or PS4 for between £24.16 and £29.99 ($29.46 – $36.56)

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