Season 3 Semi Finals live now!

Rainbow Six Siege has become hugely popular since its release, adored by fans from both the casual and competitive scene. The Season 3 Semi-Finals for the Pro League are live right now, be sure to tune in over on Twitch or Youtube!

Season 3 Semi Finals live now!
Since its inception, Rainbow Six Siege has had quite the competitive following, with a Pro League of games closing out each in-game season. These events draw in both amateur competitive and casual players to watch the best of the best players duke it out for a chance at glory.

Hosted in Poland and featuring teams from all around the world, the semi-finals of the ESL Pro League is due to start right now over on Twitch or Youtube, seeing the teams of Excellence and Team Vitality fight it out for their place in the finals of the ESL Pro League.

Also, be sure to keep an eye on the Twitch and/or Youtube channels tomorrow for a live demo of the Season 4 Japan operators, and major announcements!

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