Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Burnt Horizon Out Now

Operation Burnt Horizon is now live in Rainbow Six Siege. Burnt Horizon brings two new operators to Siege along with a new map and a host of additional fixes to the game. The new Operators, Mozzie and Gridlock, come with new unique abilities, weapons, and customization.

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Burnt Horizon Out Now
Operation Burnt Horizon, Rainbow Six Siege's newest update, is now live. Operation Burnt Horizon takes the Rainbow operators down to Australia with a new map called Outback. In addition to the new map, players will have access to two new operators, Mozzie and Gridlock. This update, like all other Rainbow Six Siege updates is freely available to all players, but you'll need plenty of in-game currency (Renown) to afford the two Aussies. Of course, you can buy a season pass with real money if you don't want to grind for the new operators.

As of writing this, the operators have been added to the game's operator list, but they are locked and marked, "coming soon." It's not entirely clear when Mozzie and Gridlock will be entirely playable, but it seems imminent.

Mozzie and Gridlock both come with new weapons, unique abilities, and customization. Gridlock will be able to use Trax Stingers, a unique ability, which will deploy hexagonal spikes that can spread out over time. This is a unique ability that Gridlock will utilize as an Attacker.

Mozzie's unique ability will be to use a Pest Launcher that shoots small bots that can latch on to drones and hack them in order to take away control from the user. Attackers will be alerted when they are near Mozzie's bots.

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Burnt Horizon Out Now
In addition to the new map and new operators, Operation Burnt Horizon brings along a host of small additions and fixes. Perhaps the most exciting addition is that new players, under level 50, will have access to their own playlist. So, if you're new to Rainbow Six Siege or considering picking up a copy, now is the perfect time to jump in. The "Newcomer" playlist is 5v5 and only utilizes one game mode and three maps. This is a perfect mode to be a part of if you want to learn the ropes of the game.

There is also a bunch of balancing changes being brought to the old operators. Ash will no longer have access to an ACOG scope for her R4-C, Lesion's Gu Mines will do less damage, Maverick will be able to swap between the SURI Torch and his weapons at a faster rate, phone calls from Dokkaebi will automatically hang up after 18 seconds, Capitao's unique ability has had its damaged reduced, and Clash can no longer use the Muzzle Brake on the Machine Pistol.

In addition to balancing changes, Ubisoft is rolling out a host of general tweaks and improvements.

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