New Red Crow Operator Hibana’s Ability Revealed

After a leak of the Red Crow operators last week, Ubisoft has finally decided to show off the ability for one of the new operators Hibana, and her ability seems quite similar to something already in the game. With some praising the new ability, and some simply calling it a copy-paste, what do you think?

New Red Crow Operator Hibana's Ability Revealed
After the leak of the identity of the Red Crow operators last week, Ubisoft have uploaded a Youtube video showcasing the abilities of the brand new Rainbow Six Siege attack operator, Hibana.

In the video, Hibana references existing FBI Operator Thermite, implying they have a pre-existing friendship. She then proceeds to shoot a number of burning projectiles at a wall, which begin to slowly kick up in intensity, similar to how Thermite's breaching charge ability does. However, the video ends before we actually get to see the effect of these projectiles.

The video has been generally well received so far, but there seems to be a portion of the community that believes this ability is something of a copy-paste of the FBI Operator Thermite's ability, mixed with the ranged breaching charge ability of the other attacking FBI operator, Ash.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - Hibana Operator

Ubisoft has made a blog post on their official Rainbow Six Siege website, detailing some of the creation process behind Hibana. The developers talk about the weapons available to Hibana, but don't give too many hints as to what her ability will actually do, beyond what we already know.

Don't forge to tune into Rainbow 6 Siege's official Twitch channel on November 12th and 13th to catch the end of the PC and Xbox One Pro League Finals, and get more information on the new operators, including a full live demo on the 13th.

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