Rainbox Six Siege Free-To Play This Weekend

With Operation White Noise closing in on release, Ubisoft have announced a free weekend - and an extended sale - for Rainbow Six Siege.
Rainbox Six Siege Free-To Play This Weekend & Sale Price Extended

Ubisoft's Rainbow Six Siege is set to get another free weekend, with the shooter also set to get an extra day at a sale price. The extended sale comes ahead of its newest expansion, Operation White Noise. The free-play weekend will begin 9 am PT/12 pm ET on November 16 and run until 12 pm PT/3 pm ET on November 19, while the sale price will actually hold for an extra day, until 9 am PT/12 pm ET on November 20.

Pre-loading for the free weekend is already live, so players won't have to waste any time. According to a number of reports, any progress made during the free weekend will carry over if players purchase Rainbow Six Siege at any point afterwards.

Operation White Noise is set to be released the day after the free weekend (November 20), and is set to bring a host of new content to the game. When details were leaked early – due to a blog post being published earlier than scheduled – players were able to find out some of the characters being introduced, among them being Dokkaebi. Speaking about Dokkaebi, Lead Writer Lucien Soulban said:

“We wanted an operator who went against type. Put an assault rifle in her hand and she’s deadly, but use her special ability and the enemy team is in her crosshairs.” 

Free Weekend trailer:

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