Rainbow Six Siege Enrolling “Operation Health” Improvements

Even though Rainbow Six Siege came out in late 2015, Ubisoft plans to continue to improve the game experience for its surprisingly large player base. Their newest improvements, called "Operation Health," will be enrolled over the next three months.

Rainbow Six Siege Enrolling "Operation Health" Improvements
Ubisoft is aware of how popular Rainbow Six Siege, their 2015 tactical multiplayer shooter, has become. With all the support the game has gotten from its fans, Ubisoft has planned to match that enthusiasm by rolling out updates that improve, enhance, and stabilize the game. This set of changes is called "Operation Health" and will be implemented over the next few months.

In Operation Health, there are three big phases (as seen in the image above). The first focuses on technological improvements, the second is a "new deployment process," and the third addresses bugs and glitches.

In the "Technological Improvements" phase, matchmaking will be simplified and faster to use. Servers will also be improved, adding dedicated voice and party systems, as well as faster servers for "higher tick rate and improved registration." In the "Bug Fix Sprints," community-reported bugs and glitches will be fixed in "smaller batches to keep an eye on efficiency."

The "New Deployment Process" is all about how these changes are implemented in the game. First, the updates will head to the Techincal Test Server to see how they play out for a sample of the community. Then the updates will go on PC before lastly heading to consoles (PS4 and Xbox One). Ubisoft is also adding a new "On/Off Switch" so that if a set of updates goes terribly wrong, there is an emergency switch to set players back to the previous update while the new one is tweaked.

Ubisoft has also released a Year Two Roadmap, which can be seen below.

Rainbow Six Siege Enrolling "Operation Health" Improvements - Year Two Roadmap
You can purchase Rainbow Six Siege for PC on the KeenGamer eShop for $17.00. It is also available for PS4 and Xbox One.

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