Rainbow Six Siege patch goes horribly wrong

Rainbow Six Siege patch 2.1.1 has dropped, fixing many bugs but introducing so many more. Reddit has reacted predictably,criticising developers Ubisoft for the lack of quality control on their updates.

Rainbow Six Siege patch goes horribly wrong
Oh Rainbow Six Siege, you've done it again. I love the game as much as the next person, but it seems developers Ubisoft have managed to mess up Patch 2.1.1 in epic fashion.

The patch dropped Tuesday, 21st of February 2017, with the aim of fixing and adjusting many glitchy or otherwise improperly working elements within the game. Whilst the glitches stated in the patch notes seem to have been fixed, with many of them being a result of the most recent DLC, it seems this patch has re-enabled many previously hated glitches that plagued the game, along with adding even more new ones.

The Rainbow Six Siege Reddit is in uproar over the changes
Reddit has exploded with many posts showcasing a multitude of glitches, with some being potentially game breaking. According to users, the Invisible Kapkan Device glitch has returned, turning Spetsnaz operator Kapkan's lazer tripmine device invisible and near undetectable through certain means. Furthermore, the recently added explosive resistance for shield-wielding operators such as Montagne and Blitz has been either removed, or is glitched, meaning that shields will now die instantly to explosives again, reducing their effectiveness significantly and taking away a major reason to play that type of operator.

New glitches include Pulse's Heartbeat Sensor showing strange nonsensical patterns, Barbed Wire curling up on itself and making it near unusable, wall clipping, increased disconnects, Smoke's toxic gas grenade being invisible through glass, wall clipping and much more. This patch seems to unfortunately follow a common trend with Ubisoft's recent update to the extremely popular FPS, with most patches introducing new glitches in place of fixed ones. Reddit user jmgcgvxgb put it best: "When you cut off one head, two grow back. When you remove one glitch, two grow back."

With this trend being common with almost every update, the call for a Public Test Server for Rainbow Six Siege has been made by the community, following the trend set by Overwatch and Battlefield with their own test servers. Whether this suggestion will actually come to fruition is another matter.

As an avid player of Rainbow Six Siege, I personally hope these issues are fixed soon. Even after a year of support, this trend should not be continuing, and myself and the community can only hope these issues are fixed quickly and efficiently.