Rainbow Six Siege’s Y7S4 Operation Solar Raid: A Full Package of Updates

Rainbow Six: Siege's last update of the year is finally here. Players can look forward to many things this season, including the new operator, Solis; As well as the new Ranked 2.0 and Crossplay & Cross-Progression system, which will improve everyone's experience. This article will provide information regarding the Y7S4 season of Rainbow Six Siege, Operation Solar Raid.

Rainbow Six Siege's Y7S4 Operation Solar Raid a Full Package of Updates

Ubisoft launched the final update of the year for Rainbow Six: Siege, the Y7S4 Operation Solar Raid, a few days ago. This update brings many changes, including the long-awaited Ranked 2.0, the Crossplay & Cross-Progression feature, and many more. This article will provide information from Ubisoft, as well as discuss the changes that will come to Rainbow Six Siege.

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Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Solar Raid CGI Trailer

Meet Solis, The New Y7S4 Operator

Rainbow Six Siege‘s Y7S4 presents one new operator for the Defenders’ side. Her codesign is Solis, and she hails from Colombia. She’s affiliated with the AFEAU, the army detachment of the elite special operations group within the Colombian Armed Forces.

Solis brings a new gadget, the SPEC-IO Electro-Sensor, with the ability to mark and ping opponents’ electronic devices, forcing the Attackers to rethink how to use their tools.

Solis is a 2-speed, 2-health operator, and according to Ubisoft, they made Solis to be a counter for Attackers’ droning abilities. Her weapons are the P90 and the ITA12L for the primaries, while her secondary weapon is the SMG-11.

The loadout for Solis, Rainbow Six Siege's Y7S4 Operator, consists of P90 and ITA12L for her primary weapons, SMG-11 as her secondary weapon, as well as Impact Grenades and Bulletproof Camera for her secondary gadget options.

Rainbow Six Siege Y7S4’s Solis Loadout.

Rainbow Six Siege Y7S4 Changes

Operation Solar Raid also introduces many quality-of-life and balancing changes into Rainbow Six Siege, and we will highlight some of the most significant changes that will come to the game.

Ranked 2.0

Operation Solar Raid brings a revamp to the Ranked system, stating: “We are splitting skill and rank into two different values. The skill, on one hand, will be hidden and only used for matchmaking. On the other hand, the rank will be visible and only used for progression.”

This means that players who want to play Ranked in Rainbow Six: Siege no longer need to play placement matches to get their first rank; instead, they can just play one match to get their rank from the beginning of the ladder.

Each rank now has five divisions, and each division requires 100 Rank Points to advance to the next. A new rank called Emerald has also been added between the Platinum and Diamond rank.

And lastly, Ranked is getting a revamped reward system: Players now gain 1 reward for every rank division achieved throughout the season.

Rainbow Six Siege's Y7S4 Operation Solar Raid A Full Package of Updates Ranked 2.0

Ranked 2.0.

Crossplay & Cross-Progression

Rainbow Six: Siege‘s Y7S4 will also implement the Crossplay and Cross-Progression system for the game. This means that the console players from Xbox and PlayStation will now matchmake together, join team chat together, and group up together. While players on PC and streaming platforms will remain in their crossplay pool, separate from console players.

With Cross-Progression, this system will unify players’ inventory of cosmetic items, in-game currency, and other items across all platforms. Ubisoft has provided an article regarding Cross-Progression for those who are curious about how this system works.

Rainbow Six Siege's Y7S4 Operation Solar Raid A Full Package of Updates Cross-Progression



There are still tons of balance changes, as well as numerous new contents that are awaiting the players in Operation Solar Raid, including the operators’ Speed and Armor values, the Battle Pass revamp, and the new map, Nighthaven Labs.

These changes will shake up how we play Rainbow Six: Siege since many fundamental things we know from previous versions are gone and the players must find new ways to play their matches.

Rainbow Six Siege‘s Y7S4 Operation Solar Raid has gone live on December 6th

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