Rainbow Six Siege Flores Guide

Our guide for Rainbow Six Siege’s Flores operator will have you surprising the enemy with explosive drones in no time! No matter if you’re a new player or returning veteran, Flores offers players a chance to change the battle quickly. With Flores, a drone-based attacker, you’ll be able to strike the enemy from a distance!

Rainbow Six Siege Flores Guide

Rainbow Six Siege is a game that prides itself on multiple means of victory based on whichever operator you choose. As such, Flores offers the attackers a deadly means of altering the flow of battle through explosive force! Assisting your team through the role of an intelligence-gathering operator. Flores is armed with the potential of destroying gadgets and operators through his special gadget, the RCE Ratero Charge. Armed with devastating weaponry, and being an equal mix of speed and health, Flores is a well-balanced addition to any team for support-based combat!

If rapid action is the preferred tactic for playing Rainbow Six Siege, Flores provides this aspect in spades through their powerful assault rifle and destructive gadget. In places where slow precision is necessary, their marksman rifle and explosive drone equally prove useful. One of the more balanced operators, Flores is well fit for anyone in any skill level so long as you realize his ability’s timer. The most important piece of advice that can be given is DO NOT detonate your drones near your teammates, this is highly destructive to team cohesion! 

General Information

Flores is an operator who values team cohesion, as well as individual action! Being one of the few operators with the means to wipe defender squads through their gadgets. He can be a deadly addition to any team. While being accustomed to being used to destroy enemy equipment, and gather intelligence; his drones are also powerful enough to kill multiple defenders in one shot if well-timed! With the ability to inflict serious casualties from a distance, Flores makes an excellent marksman class. Flores is also a great mid-range support, operating in much the same way as Kali or Glaz can be seen!


On the battlefield, the traditional purpose of Flores is to destroy enemy equipment and find intelligence on the enemy defenders. When not using your drone to disrupt the enemy, or mix them up in position; you’ll be using your superior firepower to defend your allies. It’s important when playing Flores to stay at a distance, and to try and never rush your way through a situation unless you’re ready for aggressive confrontation. An easy mistake that can be made is to use Flores as a tank character due to his moderate speed and health bonuses. Flores is better suited for support roles when not using his drone ability!

While Flore’s drones have an express time limit making them hard to use against targets, there are ways to make them into an offensive tool as well! You can use your teammate’s pings to surprise the enemy with small robots of explosive death! Flores is a great character for mixing up the enemy and keeping them in a state of panic as you’re outfitted with mobile explosives that are hard to track!

Flores Art

Flores Art from Ubisoft


Flores has the unique ability to be one of the few operators that do not have to enter a situation from the offensive side. If you are looking to seek and destroy the enemy side, Flores can provide you with the ability to chase them down with his explosive drones! While the defensive operators might find themselves in a position where they are locked down; you can use the RCE drones to force them out of their camping position. Additionally, these drones make a perfect breaching tool on doorways, soft walls, and hatches though require some timing precision. 

As a marksman, Flores makes up for his drone’s limited time with patience and deadly force! His accurate rifles and use of claymores make him the perfect candidate for a sniper without all the heft of the rifle! Flores is an amazing support character because he has very controlled fire groupings; essential for not accidentally hitting your allies! In this regard, he has the speed and health to back up nearly any strategy with the bonus of explosive drones as a fast-paced breach and entry!


Flores has a few downsides due to the fact he is utilizing a drone-based gadget. The biggest issue will be his inability to be aware of his surroundings once he has activated one of his RCE drones. This can be particularly tricky because if you drop out of it close to yourself, the drone will detonate before you have fully left your screen. For this reason, it’s best to find safe coverage areas to hide and use a drone similar to if you prefer Brava or Twitch. 

Another essential flaw with these drones is their very short run times. These drones alert defenders of your presence via an explosion but also mark the distance if they’re smart. These drones pack an immense punch, but the short run time mixed with the short travel distance makes them incredibly hard to navigate unless you have prior knowledge of an opponent’s location. Unfortunately like all drones, these are susceptible to both Mozzie and Mute traps, making them limited in their overall ability if either is on the field. 

Flores Stat Card

Flores’s stat card showcasing his speed and health


The man from Flores is one of the most notorious burglars and Robinhood figures of his time. In the events of Rainbow Six Siege, he joined the team due to his expansive ability to analyze situations. While he has an unease towards others, he likes humor in cracking jokes,  and making the best of whatever comes his way. While he has special relations with the United States due to them granting him asylum, he is seen as a wild card; someone who came into the fold without much military background.

Perhaps because of his unique background, Flores feels like an asset of extreme specialty to the Rainbow Six team. Using explosive drones makes him one of the few operators who are capable of traversing a battlefield in more than one way! As an attacker, he uses his motivations to help others and dismantle the corruption that forced him into his past. Through a cool and collected demeanor and a strategic mind; Flores offers a destructive warpath to any operation he’s placed on through the use of his deadly RCE explosive devices!


Flores has a select set of weaponry and equipment that makes him extremely specialized for long-range combat. His use of an assault rifle and a marksman rifle makes him especially potent from a distance, as he can make accurate type groupings of shots! Unfortunately, Flores is limited to a single pistol and a choice between two pieces of equipment. These pieces of equipment include a means to stun the enemy and a means of defending oneself during drone release, or for trapping defenders! Finally, Flores is granted their powerful gadget, an explosive drone capable of detonating at the end of a short fuse timer! 

Flores Weaponry

Flores’s Weaponry includes one pistol, an assault rifle, and a marksman rifle!


Primary weapons granted to Flores include the potent AR33 assault rifle and the SR-25 marksman rifle! Both of these weapons are incredibly powerful at medium to long range and have the ability to be quite effective on single-fire selection! The AR33 makes a wonderful choice for aggressive combat as it has a decent magazine load; and a highly mobile movement time. The SR-25 on the other hand allows the user to take very accurate single-fire shots at a distance. Its mobile frame and lightweight scopes make it perfect for sniping enemies from rappel-propelled positions, or from running!

In reloading situations, Flores’ GSH-18 pistol is a terrific backup weapon. When pressed for time, the GSH-18 can quickly rack up headshots by firing rapid bursts of rounds to the chest and head! Flores has only one sidearm, but he has access to a powerful gadget that makes him relatively overpowered! So no matter the situation you come across, rest assured Flores will be a valued asset in a firefight!


Equipment offered to Flores ranges in two different ways. The first, and most important item you’ll come across is that of the Claymore. Claymores allow Flores to have a level of protection when he’s deploying his gadgets; making it easier for you to not get killed by rushing defenders. These pieces of equipment allow you to get the drop on roamers, and mixed with your explosive drone can add a sense of endless death throughout the match! 

The second piece of equipment offered to Flores is the stun grenade. These wonderful pieces of equipment allow you to disorient the enemies during a breach, and can make using your marksman rifle or tight burst assault rifle especially easy! Unfortunately, these stun grenades can impact your teammates, and thus should be used in circumstances where you are not going to ruin your ally’s accuracy! 

Flores's Equipment and Gadget

Flores’s equipment and gadget make him ideal for intel and destroying other gadgets!

Unique Ability

The RCE-Ratero Charge is by far one of the most effective explosive gadgets in Rainbow Six Siege. Flores gadget allows him to essentially scout nearby locations, and destroy equipment or targets through what is essentially a remote-controlled grenade! These charges have a limited amount of time but are extremely effective against the enemy team if mixed with your own team’s intelligence gathering. RCE charges when detonated will climb onto the nearest surface and armor itself; becoming an unbreakable explosive charge that’s best to run from rather than to try and destroy.

These devices are quite potent however have quite a few drawbacks for the user as a whole. RCE units have a limited window of use and move especially fast making it difficult to navigate at times. Another major issue is it is unable to jump, and thus must be rushed forward rather than used in tactical locations. To Flores’ credit, you can throw these devices when activated, meaning you could use one while rappelling. Drones at close ranges prove risky as enemies will be swarmed to breakages in fortifications, and the incoming drone will alert them you are nearby.


Flores’ general tactics, and what works best for him, are determined by the playstyle you are trying to accomplish. In either case, you’ll have to learn accurate gunplay over spray-and-pray shooting to use a close-range ability with long-range weaponry. For this reason, it’s especially pertinent to Flores that you have an idea of if you want to be a supporting character or play him as an independent operator. Both have their merits, however, he fits better in the role you are most comfortable playing! 

Offensive Tactics

Fighting aggressively as Flores can be a treat due to the fact his weaponry favors very accurate gunplay. If you’re a capable shooter, Flores will reward you through his weaponry being especially potent at a distance, as well as medium range. In single-fire configurations; Flores’s weapons are surprisingly accurate and hold a low amount of recoil. His weapon’s lightweight and large frames make follow-up shots possible! Importantly, Flores’s weapons favor a user who is willing to be methodical with their aggressive nature. Remember you have a backup pistol with a larger ammunition capacity. This accurate firepower means you’re able to let down a large volume of bullets as Flores!

RCE Drones will prove to be one of the most effective offensive strategies that come to mind. Finding the enemy through the team or standard drones. This intelligence will allow Flores to have a better idea of where to launch these weapons of destruction! Using them to breach a room, for aggressive conflict. Or to stealthily send them in from an alternate direction from your own team’s entry makes a great mix-up. The operator kills you can acquire from these powerful drones are only subverted by the fact they are susceptible to typical anti-gadget traps.

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Crimson Heist Reveal Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]


Defensive Tactics

Flores’ extensive use of long-range firearms makes him particularly potent defensively. Flores can constantly change firing positions and confuse the enemy by using his speed and ranged weapons. By using drones, you can make the enemy think twice before chasing you. RCE drones are effective but also leave you vulnerable to being routed from behind. Stay one step ahead of aggressors using claymores or stun grenades in this stealthy warfare! 

With your accurate firepower, you can also go the route of suppressing the enemy. If suppression alone isn’t good, Flores is great at keeping them locked inside the objective room. Roamers; or breakout attempts can make short work of the attacker side. However, Flores’s high-powered rifles are quick and accurate, perfect to counter these counter-siege methods! During these times, Flores needs to be aware of his surroundings. So it’s best to leave your drone usage to times when there isn’t an active firefight. You’ll be inclined to go out with one and try to even the battlefield; however, it leaves you open to retaliation from the enemy!

Support Tactics

Flores is an excellent support operator because of his speed, health, and ability to fire long distances. As an overwatch operator and direct combatant, he is one of the few operators who can do both very well. Using their quick accurate weaponry, Flores can suppress the enemy or take direct headshots without wiping out your team. You can flank easily during team-based engagements, striking them from multiple directions. Flores grants your gameplay with speed and agility, so you become an unstoppable force of reckoning. Flores’s specialty is the ability to make your enemy split up!

Otherwise, your drones make an impressive tool for destroying enemy equipment, as well as for gathering quick intelligence. These traits alone make Flores a versatile operator capable of covering most situations, save for hard breaching. For this reason, you’re better off using Flores however you think will best suit your team best. If your team is a close-range attacker; be a medium-range assault. Handling traps as Flores is quick, as his RCE drones handle it quickly!

Rainbow Six Siege: Crimson Heist Story Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]


Team Tactics

Having Flores on the team is essential since he is a quick deterrent to enemy forces. Aside from being able to defeat strong operators with a single gadget use, he has other assorted roles. Flores is extremely effective in all aspects of gameplay. Flores’s amazing if you’re using him to supplement the team’s weaknesses during team fighting. Besides hard breaching, they can cover a lot, making them perfect for supplanting any support role!

If close-range combat is not your ordeal, you’ll have plenty of other options. Overwatch provides the team with vital intelligence and fire coverage which most operators struggle to accomplish. Due to this effective mix of distance and mid-range assaulting. Flores can make sure the team has a constant-paced combatant that never falls short of versatility. Staying near shield bearers or other operators who can defend you is key when using your gadget in a team. You’ll have a better time using them if you’re with someone else, making group cohesion essential!

Explosive Expert

A drone-based ability makes Flores one of the most powerful attackers in the game. With the ability to take people out without being in the room; he has one of the scariest gadgets available. Flores’s ability is powerful, however, it requires patience and timing to master! No matter how you like to play, this operator will be there to help you achieve the best possible victory! Flores can change a game, but he can also hinder one. So when playing Flores, take care when using his drone, and have fun playing Rainbow Six Siege!

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