Rainbow Six Siege’s Glaz receiving a massive buff

Glaz, Rainbow Six Siege's resident Russian sniper, is receiving a massive buff soon. Teased last night by Ubisoft on their Twitter, the Spetsnaz marksman will soon gain a thermal sight on his signature rifle, greatly enhancing his already fearsome ability to pick off the enemy.

Rainbow Six Siege's Glaz receiving a massive buff
The people have asked, and Ubisoft seemed to have listened. Rainbow Six Siege's Glaz appears to be next in line for a buff, and quite the buff it is.

Last night, March 10th, Ubisoft teased the buff to everyone's favourite Spetsnaz Sniper with a video that appeared to show Glaz using a thermal scope. This ability is something that has been highly suggested by the community since the beginning days of Rainbow Six Siege, and even though Glaz got a buff to his weapon's fire rate not too long ago, he still doesn't seem like a worthwhile pick most times. This buff is aiming to make Glaz a worthy pick on more maps, as well as improve his actual purpose: Locking down an area and picking off the enemy from afar.

Rainbow Six Siege tease Glaz's next buff on Twitter
In my time of playing Rainbow Six Siege, I have found that Glaz is most often played on Plane, easily the strongest map for him. Seeing as he is the only person able to shoot out the glass on the windows of the plane, as well as penetrate the Castle Barricades that so often litter the map, his choice on this map is often a strong one. Move over to Bank, House, Kafe Dostoyevsky or pretty much any other map, and his usefulness is highly diminished, often being left behind for other operators that better fit the team composition.

Whilst this buff won't make Glaz a must-have, it will undoubtedly increase his usefulness in a variety of situations, making him even more effective at his job than he was before. When this buff drops, remember: keep your head down.

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