Huge Rainbow Six Siege Updates Announced!

Ubisoft have announced and teased some huge updates coming to Rainbow Six Siege including victory poses, operator redesigns, elite outfits and more! They have also shown gameplay of the new Red Crow operators, finally revealing the gameplay effect of their abilities with surprising results! Are you excited for the huge changes in the works?

Huge Rainbow Six Siege Updates Announced!
Today has been a huge day for Rainbow Six Siege. With the finals of the ESL Pro League finishing, Ubisoft has shown a live gameplay demo of the new Skyscraper map along with gameplay of Hibana and Echo, two operators announced last week in by the developers of the extremely popular tactical shooter. With this live demo and gameplay, we have seen a lot of new reveals, along with some major announcements from Ubisoft the seem to spell out a promising future for the game.

Year 2

The most important announcement is one that has been requested by the community for a long time. Ubisoft and the team behind Rainbow Six Siege have done a great job at supporting the game in the year since its launch. They have listened to the community and as a result, have announced a full second year of support for the game, much to the glee of adoring fans.

Skins and Customization

Weapon skins and more recently headgear have been a popular thing within Rainbow Six Siege, offering a small way to customize your favourite operators with snazzy weapon designs, tactical headpieces and more. With the announcement of a second year of support comes with much more customization to the operators within the game, including elite skins, redesigns of certain operators, weapon skins, headgear, and victory poses.

GIGN Operator Twitch has received a character re-design
Operators Twitch and Fuze seems to have received visual redesigns, most likely to better personalize and differentiate them from other operators, as their uniforms before left them relatively nondescript. Twitch now has a much more feminine face with piercing eyes and arched eyebrows, whereas Fuze looks way more intimidating than before in his pose.

Operators will now also have access to Elite outfits. It is not clear how these are attained, but from what has been shown, they look good. It seems they are based on their respective factions, accentuating their existing uniform into a design that looks something more of a ceremonial outfit adapted to combat. This uniforms appear to abandon the usual black uniform in favour for lighter colours with highlights, for example, Sledge is now wearing a red SAS flat cap as opposed to just his usual gas mask.

Sledge and Thermite donning their Elite outfits
Along with these outfit changes, more weapon skins have been added. These include new flat weapon skins, which offer just a single colour applied to the gun, as opposed to more complex camos that focus on themed ideas. These new colours include Black, a weapon camo that has been highly requested by the community because, lets be honest, things look much cooler in black. It also seems that you will be able to purchase more weapon charms, small items that dangle from your gun.

Some of the new weapon skins available, including the much requested flat black
It also appears that shields can now also equip weapon skins which is also a highly requested feature, meaning you can now tote a golden shield on your tactical adventures.

red crow operators hibana and echo

Since the recent announcement of Hibana and Echo from Ubisoft, people have been itching to see exactly what the new operator's abilities do. The videos released recently only show a tease of what these abilities do, but now we know for certain how these abilities behave and we have an idea of how they will affect the game.

Hibana's ability is something of a ranged Thermite charge. Her ability weapon, the X-KAIROS, allows deployment of six small charges in two rows of three which will blow holes into reinforced walls. In the footage we have seen, we know that she can fire multiple charges and detonate them when she wants, thus allowing for multi-way breaches, a much more diverse choice than Thermite. However, the trade-off will be high, as if she is killed before breaching, that is three potential breach charges that cannot be deployed, thus limiting your team greatly.

Echo's ability is also a little bit different than the community expected. We already know that Echo's drone can be used as a camera and move around the map whilst flying, but it appears from the video footage we've seen that it can also detonate a concussive blast, throwing off the aim of the target and visually impairing them. It is likely that is ability is something of a sound blast that concusses the enemy, fitting with Echo's sound-based name.

Rumoured Changes

There are many rumoured changes going around the reddit. Most are minor ones inferred from gameplay and one that are hard to confirm, but the most important one I have personally seen is that the SMG 11, available to Smoke and Sledge, can no longer equip an ACOG sight. This weapon has been a huge point of contention, allowing defenders to spawnkill with a sidearm that has an extremely high rate of fire. Again, this cannot be confirmed right now, but it is indeed rumoured. It is also rumoured that the Bartlett University map from the Situations game mode is coming to multiplayer, but this also cannot be confirmed as of this moment.

Bartlett University, a Situations map rumoured to be coming to Multiplayer
In conclusion, huge changes are definitely coming to Rainbow Six Siege over the next coming year, including ones that have been requested heavily by the community. For all of us that play the critically acclaimed shooter, its looking to be a great year ahead of us.

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