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Ubisoft Sues Apple and Google Over "Rip Off" Rainbow Six: Siege

Ubisoft Sues Apple and Google Over “Rip-Off” Rainbow Six: Siege

With how popular Rainbow Six: Siege has become, it was inevitable that "rip-offs" would soon be hitting mobile store fronts. With a sledgehammer approach, Ubisoft are now attempting to sue both Apple ...

Year 4 Content And A Battle Pass Are Announced for Rainbow Six Seige

Year 4 Content and Battle Pass Announced for Rainbow Six Seige

A big announcement has been made for the new season of Year 4 for Rainbow Six Siege. There will be new characters with confirmed weapons and a map rework. What's more, there will be a battle pass fea...

Rainbow Six Has a Toxicity Problem

Rainbow Six Siege has been nominated for a BAFTA under the best evolving game category. While it cannot be denied that Rainbow Six Siege has greatly improved since its launch, the game still has a sev...

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Burnt Horizon Out Now

Operation Burnt Horizon is now live in Rainbow Six Siege. Burnt Horizon brings two new operators to Siege along with a new map and a host of additional fixes to the game. The new Operators, Mozzie and...

Caveira has a bug that can give you game-breaking advantage

We all know Caveira is the master of stealth but this is something next level even for her. Even a recent nerf couldn't stop her from hiding a bug, as noticed by a Rainbow Six Siege YouTuber. Known fo...

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Rainbow Six Siege’s Outbreak Mode Can Be Played Right Now

Get two of your friends ready to fight through hordes of monsters on three new maps in an attempt to stop a deadly alien infection. The TTS will also give you a chance to try out the new operator, and...

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Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak Event Announced

A new Rainbow Six Siege DLC has been officially announced, and it looks to be unique edition to the game. The new DLC titled, Outbreak, will involve a team of three players who will team up to fight a...

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Rainbox Six Siege Free-To Play This Weekend

With Operation White Noise closing in on release, Ubisoft have announced a free weekend - and an extended sale - for Rainbow Six Siege. Ubisoft's Rainbow Six Siege is set to get another free weeke...

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Rainbow Six Siege Enrolling “Operation Health” Improvements

Even though Rainbow Six Siege came out in late 2015, Ubisoft plans to continue to improve the game experience for its surprisingly large player base. Their newest improvements, called "Operation Healt...

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