Rainbow Six Siege – only one life for a match?

Rainbow Six Siege - only one life for a match?

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Ubisoft's coming game Rainbow Six Siege will be different from other FPS shooters. Or you can say a little bit similar to Counter Strike. After being killed you will not be able to join the match again and wait for the end. But the matches should be really short and if you die at the beginning you will be able to play again in around 3 minutes

And why it is made this way?

"When designing the game, we found that above all else, the No Respawn rule touched the three main pillars of what we want in this game: teamwork, tactics, and tension," the developer said. "Not only are these three pillars at the heart of Tom Clancy's video game series, but they’re arguably absent from the FPS market today. Even when playing on a team, run and gun titles emphasize twitch reflexes while neglecting other skill sets, and you may feel disconnected from the action and all alone in your plight. With Siege, that's not the case."

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