Rainbow Six Siege Next DLC Teased!

It is Year 2 in Rainbow Six Siege's lifecycle, and Ubisoft are starting the year off strong with a new DLC, Operation Velvet Shell. The DLC has been teased with a new trailer released on Youtube showing off the new map, Coastline.

Rainbow Six Siege Next DLC Teased!
Rainbow Six Siege was wildly successful. So successful infact, developers Ubisoft decided upon a second year of free support, adding new headgear, uniforms, operators, and maps. The first DLC of Year 2, Operation Velvet Shell, has been unveiled today with teaser trailer for the new map, Coastline.

Not much is known about the map, nor the operation itself currently. The map takes places in Ibiza, Spain, and features a lush and exotic bar & lounge on the shoreline, making for quite the visually impressive place to blow up.

We can also infer that, seeing as the map takes place in Spain, the special forces we may see are the Grupos de Operaciones Especiales, also known as the GOE. This is a special operations force from the Spanish Army, which we may likely see in this DLC. There are a few other counter-terrorist/special forces organizations from Spain though, so there is a chance we may see a different CTU instead of the GOE.

We haven't had any information about the operators though, but we could expect to see more soon. There is a live panel and demo of the map February 3rd – February 5th 2017, so we will most likely receive more information and even gameplay of the DLC then.

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