Rainbow Six Siege’s Outbreak Mode Can Be Played Right Now

Get two of your friends ready to fight through hordes of monsters on three new maps in an attempt to stop a deadly alien infection. The TTS will also give you a chance to try out the new operator, and get a head start on where the meta is going.

Rainbow Six Siege's Outbreak Mode Can Be Played Right Now
At the Rainbow Six Siege Invitational, the developers announced the release date and event window for their new game mode: Outbreak. In this mode, you and two of your friend will face off against hordes of people infected by an alien virus and must stop it before it spreads. You will be facing five different variants of infected on three new maps. The event will start on March 6th and will end on April 3rd. However, you can get your hands on Outbreak on the Technical Test Server right now.

Along with the new game mode, the new operators is being released along with it. Operation Chimera will feature two new operators: Lion and Finka, and has the same release date as Outbreak. You will also play them on the test Test Server until March 2nd.