Rick and Morty Skins Coming to Rainbow Six Siege

Tomorrow, the world of Rick and Morty will merge with that of Rainbow Six Siege. Two R6S bundles will be available, one which includes a Pickle Rick skin and the other which is based on the Gromflomite insect soldiers. Both bundles will include weapon skins, attachments, and charms, all based on the popular cartoon.

Rick and Morty Skins Coming to Rainbow Six Siege cover

Ubisoft has announced two Rick and Morty skins will be entering Rainbow Six Siege on April 15th. The first skin introduced in the promotional video, Smoke Pickle Rick, is based on Rick’s stint as an ammunitions-toting pickle/rat hybrid. The second, Sledge Gromflomite, is based on the bug-like creatures who serve as Galactic Federation security guards and soldiers. Smoke Pickle Rick most clearly features rat headgear and gloves, plus exposed ribs, while Sledge Gromflomite features an insect-like visor and breathing apparatus.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six - Rick & Morty Bundles Trailer

The bundles also include cosmetic charms, one of which depicts the original Pickle Rick sans rat bionics. The other shows Rick’s face looking pretty Rambo-like. The Pickle Rick weapon skin also features a portal gun attachment, and it appears that the Gromflomite weapon skin includes a sticker that says, “FAKE GUN SHOOT ME IN STANDOFF,” an allusion to season 3, episode 1. The bundles will cost 2,160 credits each.

This isn’t the first crossover we’ve seen in R6S, but it is the first of Rick and Morty. According to the Rainbow Six Siege Twitter, we may see more such collaborations in the future.

For those unfamiliar with the game, Sledge is an Attacker Operator, while Smoke is a Defender. Their gadgets include the sledgehammer and remote gas grenade, respectively. According to PC Gamer, Sledge is the easier of the two to use, while Smoke requires a certain amount of finesse and precision.

If you’re interested in obtaining one of the Rick and Morty skins within Rainbow Six Siege, you might take into account the cost of the bundles themselves, as well as the Operators they apply to. Or, like me, you may just want to be Pickle Rick, no matter the circumstances! 

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