New Rainbow Six Siege Operator revealed!

Velvet Shell's first new operator has been revealed in a brand new teaser trailer from Ubisoft, showcasing the ability of the new character. The preview of his ability has already drawn a fair amount of controversy from the Rainbow Six community, but is it deserved?

New Rainbow Six Siege Operator revealed!
After the reveal of Rainbow Six Siege's first Year 2 DLC Velvet Shell earlier in the week, Ubisoft have just now released another teaser trailer, this time revealing the name, appearance, and ability of one of the new operators, Jackal.

The new operator, part of the Spanish special forces, seems to be an attacker. The trailer details his process of entering the building and beginning to search for his enemies, using a new ability we have seen before: A footstep tracker.

This tracker allows Jackal to see the footprints of his enemies and track them for a distance, thus revealing players that may be attempting to ambush the attacking forces. This counters the problem of defenders that roam around the map to catch the enemy off-guard, and will particularly effect operators such as Caviera, whose abilities are built completely around the process of ambush. Whilst activating this ability, Jackal is still able to use his sidearm, but his helmet illuminates with a bright blue light, making him quite the attractive headshot target for a vigilant defender.

This ability has already drawn the scorn of many Rainbow Six Siege players, with many claiming that this is simply a step in the wrong direction and feels cheap. The player base for this game are intently focused on not only realism, but also balance within the game, so it makes sense why this addition is already drawing so much flak from the community.

However, we will have to wait and see what Velvet Shell brings, and how Jackal and his as of now unrevealed defence counterpart will affect the meta. A live panel and demo of the Velvet Shell DLC will be happening from February 3rd to February 5th, so be sure to stay tuned to the Rainbow Six Siege Twitter for updates on when these events go live.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - Velvet Shell : Jackal operator [UK]

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