Red Crow: New Rainbow Six Siege DLC Revealed

After teasing the final stage of DLC earlier in the week the official Rainbow Six Siege twitter has finally revealed the name of their next expansion: Red Crow. Will you be returning back to the battle?

Red Crow: New Rainbow Six Siege DLC Revealed
Rainbow Six Siege is a game that has been critically acclaimed and well loved by fans, and after teasing the final DLC earlier in the week, the game's official Twitter has revealed the name of the final expansion: Red Crow.

The previous 3 DLC's for the game, Black Ice, Dust Line, and Skull rain, have all added interesting dynamics to the game, and the devs behind Rainbow Six Siege are well known for offering interesting and diverse content.

The game's official Youtube channel also released the video below to promote the new DLC along with Season 3's Pro League Finals. We can expect to see major announcements and a live demo on the 12th and 13th of November. There is some speculation at to what the aforementioned major announcements are, with a fair few people bargaining that one of the announcements will be the reveal of Year 2 for the game. So far, all of the currently released DLC and the newly revealed Red Crow DLC have taken place in Year 1 of the game, which composed of four seasons of DLC, with a pro league focused on each season.

Rainbow Six Siege - Season 3 Pro League Finals Trailer

If you're an avid Rainbow Six Siege player, be sure to tune into the game's official Twitch on November 12th and 13th for the Pro League finals, and more details about Year 1's final DLC.

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