Rainbow Six Siege Pulse Guide

Our Rainbow Six Siege guide on the operator Pulse will give you the most valuable tips and tricks to dominate your opponents! With powerful weapons and equipment, Pulse is one cheap defender that will better yourself, and your team's play. Although you may not win by yourself, you'll be an asset to any game mode with this operator's powerful gadget!

Rainbow Six Siege Pulse Guide

Rainbow Six Siege prides itself on collaborative play. In this gameplay come operators that help others achieve their objectives through intelligence. In addition, there are general buffs that can change the course of a battle for the better. Amongst those operators, Pulse proves time and time again that the defensive side has a solid fighting chance. With his powerful heartbeat sensor and an arsenal of aggressive firepower, Pulse can dominate a battlefield. With a level of aggression and surprise that few others can match, Pulse’s play style favors those who like risks!

On the defender’s side, Pulse’s ability and weaponry make him ideal for almost any circumstance; acting as a counter breacher, an intelligence gatherer, or even a roamer! For this versatility, Pulse can often be overlooked by other more expensive operators despite its clear advantages. With his heartbeat sensor, you can patrol the battlefield from multiple levels in a location; using the floors and ceilings as a surprise point where you can shoot through. No matter the play style you prefer, Pulse is a defender who can complement it well, and help you maximize effectiveness!

General Information

When it comes to running a defender; you are usually limited to either acting as a supporting role in fortifying the room or being a defender. For this reason, you can’t often have much in the way of switching things up in the heat of the moment. Luckily, Pulse is an operator whose loadout and ability favor this level of versatility. You can act as equal parts objective guard and roamer! You’ll have fast firepower and a gadget that works well for intelligence gathering, and stalking your enemy!

Rainbow Six Siege: Operator Onboarding – Introducing Pulse | Ubisoft [NA]


Pulse’s entire purpose while serving as a defender is to use their gadget to locate the enemy when they get close to the objective area. He also pings it for the team to see. Besides this, Pulse makes a wonderful support character due to their ability to provide backup fire from powerful weapons like their shotgun! For this reason, you can move around the battlefield and use your teammates to gain points. Pulse can gain these points by locating the enemy with their heartbeat sensor. It is possible to prevent surprise attacks, and better defend against breaches using your team’s guidance and your luck in finding the attackers.

Pulse’s firepower also allows him to roam around a bit, and act as a counter-hunter class. For this reason, you can assist the team’s primary roamers and defenders by making loops that are constantly treading over. At the beginning of a match, Pulse should focus on either roaming outside of the objective area or fortifying the area as much as possible. There’s no wrong way to play, but Pulse favors movement and checking a wide area rather than being localized in a few solid locations.

Pulse's Stats

A box with Pulse’s stats and background


Pulse is a character that favors surprise aggression, and intelligence gathering over much else. They make a powerful operator in the hands of someone willing to rush the enemy after tactical observation. It’s imperative to remember when using Pulse that you can manipulate soft surfaces as a hidden spot for firing. Using unfortified walls and floors to attack the enemy in positions they can’t easily attack back from. Mobility is your best friend when playing Pulse, meaning you must be willing to keep moving and stay as low as possible; staying still greatly reduces the ability of your gadgets and weapons!

As an intelligence gatherer and support character, Pulse is naturally great at supporting his team in ways that can alter the course of a conflict. His gadget, powerful weaponry, and keen mobility make him the ideal candidate for filling in gaps that a defensive team might run into. Along with this, Pulse offers awareness of the battlefield that can’t be matched except by a hand few other operators. If used properly, Pulse allows the defenders to know exactly where the attackers are and acts as the defensive version of IQ.


Where Pulse falls short is his firepower favors close and medium-range combat. He is great for surprise assaults, however, his lack of sufficient health and ranged weaponry make him vulnerable if he is snuck up on. For this reason, he can be seen as a catch twenty-two. Pulse requires his weapons to be put away to use his heartbeat sensor. However, he also requires close-range combat to succeed in any real feat of combat. 

Besides the fact that his abilities require you to be virtually defenseless; the biggest concern about Pulse is that he is an operator whose ability can either prove to be devastatingly useful, or vastly useless. For every game, you catch the entire team from the floor above. You will also have matches where all you’re doing is roaming around silently looking for people. For this reason, it’s imperative when using Pulse that you practice time management. You should not stray farther from the objective than you are sure you will be able to quickly return to it.

Pulse's Legendary Skin

Pulse’s legendary skin represents his time in SWAT


Pulse is an individual who found his way into the FBI through his advanced love of forensics science. He also has a background with parents in the airforce. From a young age, he was obsessed with technology and science. This made him an intelligent member of society who at best held some strange hobbies in the face of others. Being a light-hearted yet extremely sound-minded individual; Pulse prides himself on the ability to get the job done while staying cool under some of the most stressful conditions. He offers a lively pulse of energy into any operation while also holding himself to the professional standard required to get the job done!

For Pulse, life is a big adventure, whether it be through deep sea diving or exploring crime scenes. He sees himself as a hero in circumstances where others are afraid. When it comes to his service on the Rainbow Six team, he was a welcomed addition, having time in the hostage rescue units of the FBI, and showcasing extreme control over both himself and his emotions!


Pulse’s loadout is better designed for aggressive conflict and intelligence gathering than anything else. With two strong primary weapons, a set of reliable pistols; and a choice between a fortification and an explosive, Pulse has a lot of open versatility which could assist a team in a multifaceted capacity. Along with their fast-paced equipment, Pulse has one of the most useful defensive abilities in the game, including gadgets. Although they are a support-based operator, you could easily use Pulse in an aggressive format due to his shotgun, and nitro charge. Alternatively, his UMP45 and pistols make for a wonderful support fire class; with heavy damage output!


Pulse’s primary loadout includes the powerful M1014 shotgun and the impressive UMP45 submachine gun. These weapons are especially potent in the hands of close-range operators like Pulse, given their high damage output! The UMP45 serves as an excellent close to medium-range primary weapon because it has superior burst firing and impeccable single-fire options. The m1014 shotgun allows for heavy breaching potential, as well as semi-automatic simulation firing, with an articulate pump action that favors rapid fire. Both weapons have a high killing power and can kill one to two operators in one solid burst.

For secondary firearms, Pulse has been outfitted with the high-capacity 5.7 USG and the devastating M45 MEUSOC. The five-seven allows for high-capacity accurate shooting that can lead to incredible kills from chest to head level. The M45 MEUSOC allows Pulse to pack a more powerful handgun variant at the cost of more recoil. Both are incredibly accurate and are wonderful backup weapons to the primary options available to this defensive operator!

Pulse's Weaponry

Pulse’s weaponry makes him great for close-quarters combat!


Pulse’s equipment puts him in the choice between explosive firepower and general fortification for the objective. For this reason, you can use multiple strategies when making your choice. For more passive gameplay, you will be better off using the barbed wire available to Pulse. This will allow your team to detect incoming individuals. Otherwise, Pulse’s best use of barbed wire is to hide. Since it obscures the vision of items inside of it, you can lay the barbed wire down, and go prone inside of it. This allows you to use your heartbeat monitor in a last-resort situation.

In the case of active playstyles, the Nitro Cell is a very powerful and intimidating way to wipe out multiple opponents at once. With quick reflexes, these explosives can be used as frag grenades or as a trap for Pulse. Either way, this often proves to be the superior choice of equipment for Pulse players who want to play aggressively. Using these explosive devices in tandem with your heartbeat sensor allows Pulse to get near guaranteed kills without giving up his exact position.

Pulse's Equipment and Gadget

Pulse’s equipment and gadget make him perfect as a defender!

Unique Ability

Pulse’s unique ability is the Heartbeat Sensor. A powerful intelligence-gathering device that allows Pulse to track the heartbeats of individuals close by! This gadget is especially potent when used from a roaming position as you can take the enemy by surprise, and completely decimate them through aggressive ambushes. Besides this, the heartbeat sensor helps locate if an enemy is above or below you. This makes it one of the most effective intelligence devices in Rainbow Six Siege. 

While this ability is especially potent at tracking the enemy, it leaves you vulnerable to gunfire. For this reason, it’s almost exclusively recommended to travel with other operators and use the ability to ambush people with multiple combatants. If you are roaming; try to wait for the enemy to break up, as if they’re all together you have less of a chance of taking them all out versus catching them individually. Pulse’s heartbeat sensor can be an incredibly powerful tool, however, you have to care when using it! Never stray far from your team if you’re uncomfortable with it, and always ping where you spot someone!


When it comes to Pulse’s tactical advantages, you can choose between fast and aggressive, or slow and methodical. For this reason, you can have a fair amount of open-ended gameplay; and go between the two depending on your loadout. It’s wise to always use your ability to its utmost advantage. However, it’s wise to also stay near your teammates, as you never want to be caught off guard by an ambush! Pulse is primarily a support character, but in the right hands; he can be as aggressive as any of the other better operators!

How To Play Pulse - Rainbow Six Siege

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Offensive Tactics

When playing aggressively with Pulse, you’ll want to keep yourself stealthy. It’s never wise to run and gun your opponents in Rainbow Six Siege. Staying methodical is always a wise choice, but with the heartbeat sensor at your side, Pulse can become a deadly force of nature. The most powerful aspect of using an aggressive Pulse is his shotgun, as its quick-firing shot ratio makes it impeccable for quickly surprising and dropping an enemy. With its ability to deliver hard breaching shots; you can fire through soft walls and floors, making it suitable for engaging the enemy before they even notice you!

When fighting with a shotgun is not preferred, employing the UMP and any choice of the pistol allows for a fast-firing combination that can storm the enemy from various locations. When using this particular playstyle, it’s wise to use the heartbeat sensor to track an enemy. Then, use your speed and aggressive firepower to attack them, and run to the next cover. In this way, Pulse can provide an excellent challenge for the enemy to chase as he favors speedy assaults that end as quickly as they started!

Defensive Tactics

Pulse is great for using his ability during defensive combat situations. As a defender, of course, he will excel in these situations; however, his ability allows him to track the enemy and prepare for a strike. There’s little defensive warfare that Pulse is not capable of. This includes attacking the enemy from surprise locations with their heavy shotgun to catch them off-guard. Or you could go with a well-placed nitro cell. You’ll know when and where the enemy will breach into a room so long as you can track them with your sensor, making you extremely useful overall! 

Your team can achieve an advantage over the competition by pinging and using your knowledge of the enemy’s location. Due to his firepower and intelligence gathering, Pulse is extremely useful for defensive conflicts; however, even if he doesn’t stay in a room and roams, he will have an advantage early on. Pulse is adept at tracking enemies from above or below and is adept at shooting through hatches to defend the objective. The walkways and ceilings are death traps as anyone caught by pulse will be dealt with quickly!

Pulse Heartbeat Sensor

Pulse’s heartbeat sensor is a powerful tool for detecting enemies!

Support Tactics

The two valid strategies Pulse uses when filling a support role make him superior. Firstly, Pulse can take advantage of his heartbeat sensor to give the team awareness of the enemy’s position. This is an invaluable weapon as you can easily prepare for incoming attacks with explosives, or traps. In this strategy, you don’t even really need to fire your weapons much unless it becomes necessary since you will make your team aware of where the enemy is to a T. 

Pulse’s other major strategy is the use of his firepower to suppress and daze the enemy. In this role, you will follow your team around and try to suppress anyone who attacks them. Your UMP and shotgun make you an essential asset in these positions. Support can often be seen as a thankless task, and be undesirable to generally play. However, support can be vastly useful, and shouldn’t be overlooked when choosing the operator.

Pulse Artwork

Pulse is a powerful defender used for intelligence gathering and supporting your allies!

Team Tactics

When playing as a team, Pulse works best in his intended role of Intelligence gathering and supporting his teammates. He is a great addition to any team with his ability to track the enemy, and how cheap he is. Pulse can often be seen as a better alternative to operators like Valkyrie. With his overall versatility and firepower, he can be an excellent asset for all players! When playing as Pulse you’ll be able to help your teammates get points as well as yourself!

A Sensory Champion

Pulse is without a doubt one of the most effective defenders in a match. If you have a thousand credits to acquire him, he is wonderful for new players. Pulse can provide them with an unforgettable experience! From powerful shotguns and accurate pistols to aggressive explosives; there’s no end to Pulse’s usefulness. However you play Rainbow Six Siege, you’re sure to enjoy this operator. Pulse will allow you to enjoy the defenders’ side with a special ability that dominates the battlefield!

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