Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shadow Legacy Offers Major Changes

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shadow Legacy will drop huge changes to the core gameplay. A rework of Chalet is coming, Sam Fisher is a playable operator, and core systems like pings will make for a different experience. Rainbow Six Siege is about to be a very different game.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shadow Legacy Offers Major Changes

Ubisoft always delivers a hefty update when a new season arrives in Rainbow Six Siege. The next season, Operation Shadow Legacy will bring huge changes to Rainbow Six that will shake things up. The company prepared fans for craziness, especially compared to how wild year four was, but we didn’t expect things to go this nuts, even with the recent announcement of Sam Fisher as the new operator.

Expect new attachments, reworks, and more. It might feel daunting, but we will break it all down for you in the most digestible way possible.

Chalet Rework

Chalet was one of the original maps that players got to experience when Siege launched in 2015. Now it is getting a makeover, as other maps have like Club House, House, and Kanal. Originally, Shadow Legacy would see a rework of Skyscraper, but we will be waiting on that a little longer than expected.

The overall map is bigger than before, especially on the second floor. The solarium is a new area that is a part of the master bedroom balcony. The staircase next to the master bedroom and bathroom is now a new piano room, which connects to the bathroom.

The old Chalet

The old Chalet

Go downstairs, and things are going to be different too. From the outside, one entrance will get you into the games room. Meanwhile, the entry into the bar moved to the other side of the fireplace.

The wine cellar is connected to blue, making it one big room. Also, a runout spot placed above the snowmobile is a good spot for defenders and a dangerous one for attackers.

Hard Breaching Changes

Nøkk, Amaru, Capitão, Ying, and Montagne are joining the hard breaching club with a new gadget. The new charge blows a medium-sized hole in reinforced walls. It is big enough to vault over, but not like Thermite, who opens up the entire wall.

New Scopes

Snipe people with the 3X scope

Snipe people with the 3X scope

One of the biggest surprises is seeing four new scopes. Often new weapons or gadgets get introduced, but now more options will be available when it comes to scopes in a meaningful way. 1.5X, 2X, and 3X are the new selections for various playstyles and tactics. 

Many weapons, mainly certain assault rifles, only have a 2X scope available, rather than the traditional ACOG, which is now the 2.5X scope. The same goes for defenders with ACOGs, except for Doc’s MP5, which has a  1.5X scope. That magnification is available for all defenders too.

The longe range 3X scope will be on Twitch, Dokkaebi, Buck, Lion, and Blackbeard’s DMRs.

Thatcher nerf is here

Thatcher is nerfed

Thatcher is nerfed

We knew this day would come, and after a year, Thatcher has a heavy nerf. His EMP grenades will not temporarily disable gadgets, rather than destroying them entirely. 

Kaid or Bandit tricking is different due to this update to the attacker’s gadget. The timing must change to do it right to prevent the wall from being unelectrified and becoming vulnerable to hard breaches.

Map bans

You Ranked and Unranked players, myself included, are getting something different when it comes to maps with map bans. You load up a match, both teams will have three selections, and each will vote on what to ban. The last map standing will be the one you will play on for your game.

New pings

Ping 2.0 offers a significant change to the system. Contextual pinging will allow you to ping a gadget, and an icon will signify what you marked for your teammates. The evolution may continue in later updates, but for now, we will take what we can get.

Reinforcement Pool

Some defenders have a tough time reinforcing due to their job in the team requires a lot of time, like Kapkan setting up his traps (I am in this situation all the time). Now the team shares a pool of reinforcements, consisting of 10 total. Now that busy bee can set traps or get to a location while the other members of the squad prepare hatches and walls.

Sam Fisher arrives

Sam Fisher is here

Sam Fisher is here

The first crossover, nonoriginal operator, is hitting Siege with Splinter Cell‘s Sam Fisher, also known as Zero. The medium-speed/armor attacker will deliver plenty of intel for his squad when sussing out who is behind every corner. He will hold his iconic SC-3000K assault rifle as a primary, or the MP7 if you want. His sidearm is the 5.7 USG that has a built-in suppressor.

His gadget, a pistol-like tool called the ARGUS launcher, shoots out cameras, but this isn’t an attacker version of Valkyrie. You shoot it at a wall (soft or reinforced) or a part of the floor, then you can see through into the next room. It is the perfect way to get eyes safely from above, below, and next to the enemy. Once a room is clear, or you need to watch your back, rotate the camera to where it was shot and see right into the room. See, it doesn’t have to be a fancy x-ray styled camera.

It does have limitations. Indestructible surfaces will let you see in the room you are currently in, but now let you go through the wall to look at what’s on the other side. Mute jammers or electrified surfaces will stop the camera if you shoot it there, so be careful.

If you are not thinking about it getting nerfed, you might now since it has another capability, which is shooting down other gadgets. You can take down Bandit batteries and other problematic obstacles in your way. It does count as a projectile, so an ADS or other devices can stop you from shooting.

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As of writing, we don’t have a release date for the new season.

That is everything we know for Operation Shadow Legacy in Rainbow Six Siege. What do you think of the changes? Let us know in the comments.

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