Rainbow Six Siege Brava Guide

Our guide will help you dominate the battlefield, and devastate your enemies with Brava, the latest operator for Rainbow Six Siege's offensive side. It may be impossible for you to defeat the enemy on your own, but with her powerful weaponry and gadgets, you'll never be caught off guard by the enemy! 

Rainbow Six Siege Brava Guide

Rainbow Six Siege is an experience where you have to mix up tactics and strategies to win the game. As a tactical shooter and MOBA, teamwork is more critical than individual gameplay. The offensive operator’s tree has been updated with the newest addition. You can benefit your team and command the battlefield with Brava! With her drone-based gadget capable of capturing enemy equipment, you can mix up your enemies’ strategies. 

Armed with a powerful assault rifle, and a semi-automatic battle rifle, you’ll be able to switch from running and gunning to slow and methodical warfare. Her secondary choices between a compact pistol and a shotgun allow her to complement these playstyles accordingly, especially when mixed with her tactical equipment! No matter which playstyle you prefer, you can benefit from her tenacious nature, and powerful equipment to pair well with your advantageous strategies! 

General Information

Speaking with strategy in mind, Brava pairs well with teamwork. She can make it extremely easy for your allies to work outside of the trap designated by the defenders in-game. Since Rainbow Six Siege is usually a give-and-take experience, operators like Brava become especially potent. Her ability to take enemy traps and turn them against them makes her especially potent!


Brava’s specific purpose in a traditional game is to gather intelligence and sabotage the enemy team’s equipment. Her specialty gadget, the Kludge Drone allows her to take over enemy equipment with a specialized chemical formula. Brava’s ability to circumvent the enemy’s defenses and use them against them is powerful enough to change the tide of gameplay itself. It’s imperative to remember that because of her general abilities, she does not have to rush the game or act as a forward operator. In her role as a support, Brava stays outside or behind others and provides cover fire. 


Brava has the primary strength of being an incredibly quick and accurate operator. Her ability to drown out enemy equipment makes her unpredictable, and difficult to lock down. The main aspect of her character that makes her death is her battle rifle! The modified FAL, in a game known as the CAMRS is incredibly powerful, and grants her versatility; without the price of power.

Combining the shotgun, CAMRS, and smoke grenade offers Brava a sense of independence as she can do everything short of breaching a location. On the flip side, her use of the Para-308 and USP40 makes her deadly, especially if paired with a claymore. All of her weapons are best complemented as support setups. Excellent for defending allies during reloads or tight corner situations. A person with a modicum of accurate aim can swiftly drop combatants in controlled fire bursts making Brava suitable for veterans and novice players alike!

Brava's skill card including health, speed, equipment, and weapons!

Brava’s skill card including health, speed, equipment, and weapons!


Brava’s primary problem is her consistent lack of breaching techniques. She makes a fantastic support character, however, without any way to blind or confuse the enemy short of a smoke grenade she can be easily detected. Since she favors being outside, her ability requires her to be unaware of her surroundings and useless in firefights unless she is right there. There’s a certain level of caution when using characters that require you to use drones as a gadget. This is due to the fact that they are left defenseless during those times. 

As an offensive operator, her ability can easily be destroyed by combatants due to how blocky it is by nature. These drones are especially slow and the abilities are much closer than a traditional Twitch drone. It requires a little practice to master the range. However, what really makes drones unhospitable in combat is their short jump length. Hiding with this drone will be very difficult. If tracked back to the user it can lead to a very tricky situation to try and work yourself out of!

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In essence, Brava is a company hailing from Brazil. She became the commissioner of the DPF where she operated for years serving court warrants. After receiving specialized training she became a member of Viperstrike, where she served with a flawless record. She works as an intervention agent and specializes in highjacking sabotage, making her incredibly useful on the battlefield.

Her motivation for being a member of the rainbow six teams is the fact that she can turn impossible situations into positive outcomes with her abilities. Habana recommended her due to her stellar service record and many consider her a powerful asset to the team. She is an idealist who seeks to better the world through her work, and favors using her abilities to save lives rather than take them! 

A captured camera by Brava grants attackers access to a vital defender perk!

A captured camera by Brava grants attackers access to a vital defender perk!


As an attacker, Brava has access to powerful weapons and equipment that can help her take the objective quickly! There’s no limit to her versatility as she can do everything short of breaching the target outright. For this reason, she works well in most roles in standard operations or team death matches. Due to her drone abilities, she is ideal for early game detection and sabotage during breaching; however, once again, she cannot do so.


Brava’s main weapon choices are the Para-308, a powerful assault rifle capable of quick and accurate fire bursts, and the CAMRS. This marksman rifle works like a traditional battle rifle, designed for long-range fire that can easily put the enemy down. Their use of these weapons can vary in the sense that each can fill the role of the other. However, with the range on the CAMRS and Para-308 fire rate These weapons are fundamentally effective for supporting your team and defending you in and out of the control zone! 

For sidearms, Brava has access to the powerful USP40 and tactical Super Shorty shotgun. Both weapons pair well with individual playstyles. The USP 40 has enough mobility and bite to put down opponents quickly with rapid semi-automatic fire, great at chest-to-head height. The Super Shorty shotgun breaches thin walls, floors, and ceilings. This weapon is very versatile and devastating at close range, giving Brava unpredictability in its traversal.

Brava's loadout includes a great marksman rifle, assault rifle, pistol, and shotgun!

Brava’s loadout includes a great marksman rifle, assault rifle, pistol, and shotgun!


The major piece of equipment for Brava is her claymore. When the operator wants to use their equipment, it is necessary to cover themselves in some manner. The Claymore provides this advantage by being placed in a doorway or window. When operators try to climb out and attack you from a defensible position they will get blasted. This piece of equipment is also effective for distracting and sabotaging game players. Brava’s use of these claymores can make a game harder for the enemy. This is especially if you’ve altered their frost traps and Kapkan mines with your drone!

The other important piece of equipment offered to Brava is her smoke grenade. This piece of non-lethal throwable weaponry can provide a smoke screen over a doorway, or hall that makes it easier for your team to traverse through. Though you have access to this, it’s not particularly useful unless you have allies who can see through the smoke, or you know exactly where the enemy is. At a minimum, the smoke grenade is a situational item that can get you out of a tight situation. It may be useful in some circumstances, but it can’t change the game in the long run. 

Brava's equipment and gadget make her useful for surveillance and sabotage!

Brava’s equipment and gadget make her useful for surveillance and sabotage!

Unique Ability

Brava’s Kludge drone is one of the most useful drone-based operator gadgets. With its ability to take over enemy equipment and defenses. By turning enemy equipment and gadgets against them, you’ll rack up points. If taken over by anti-drone gadgets like Mute or Mozzie, these drones will self-destruct. While being useful for the team, it’s not as decisive as Flores, or Twitch in the fact that these drones don’t harm the enemy team. Aside from this, they are blocky and easy to detect, making them a nightmare for the user to navigate around.

The most effective use of a Kludge Drone is to take over as many cameras, fortifications, and devices as possible from the enemy team. Using them all up before entering the building is a waste of their potential. However, using them tactically from stealthy positions allows you to find your enemy easily. Your primary function with these Kludge Drones is to disrupt the enemy’s surveillance; and by doing that, you make it that much easier to win!

Brava's Drone is a special sabotage unit!

Brava’s Drone is a special sabotage unit!


When it comes to tactics, there are quite a few approaches you can take in Rainbow Six Siege. There’s never one definitive way to win a game; however, there are several strategies you should remember! Since Brava is a support operator on the offensive side, she’s granted a lot of versatility in how she interacts on the battlefield. Whether it be through deception, sabotage, marksmanship, or rapid action, Brava is there with resounding results!

Offensive Tactics

Brava excels in long-range combat, as well as close-range engagements. The gadgets she uses as well as her marksman rifle are ideal for interacting with others. Using rappels, and window coverage to your advantage after taking enemy surveillance cameras. If you’re moving in a way that suits this long-range damage, it’s advisable to move with your team, allow them to draw out the combatants, and provide support fire to defend them. 

If you’re going this route, the USP40 and smoke grenade will provide you with vital evasion, and mobility when your battle rifle is too hefty. As a note, the CAMRS has very effective recoil and fire control making it perfect for swift breach and clear operations under cover of smoke! 

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-source alyttleton

In close-range engagements, the Para-308 holds more weight than most other assault rifles in the game. The weapon fires so fast that it can easily be mistaken for a submachine gun. The difference lies in the weapon’s ability to be controlled in a burst of fire with fairly tight grouping. At chest-to-head level. You can drop someone with recoil moving upward without worrying about other rifles in the game! 

When nearby, the super shotty provides the user with limited breaching potential. Despite being deadly at close range, these weapons are very effective at destroying traps; soft walls; and suppressing the enemy. With limited ammo capacity, it takes accuracy and luck to use them effectively. However, in the right hands, with some practice, they are an invaluable tool. Paired well with this combination is the claymore, as those who chase you will be caught off guard by the explosive surprise!

Defensive Tactics

Brava excels in defending her allies during a breach and clear situation. While her para-308 is effective for attacking, it also suppresses the enemy’s shoots back. Her sheer mobility means she can follow behind an enemy, and chase them away from a wounded ally. Healing is something she’s capable of as her drone-based ability would make her inconsistent in firefight gadget-wise. This lack of combat-based gadgets means you can act more as a support unit in many quintessential ways!

The ability to provide overwatch for your allies can never be underplayed, as this can win fights where the enemy has a clear advantage. Her CAMRS is a powerful tool at a distance and has a quick fire rate allowing you to stay off the enemy. Whether it be up close and personal or at a distance, Brava can kill! Her side arms clear opening holes through soft walls and unarmored hatches. As well as her pistol can give consistent well-balanced fire when necessary. For this reason, she makes a great general-purpose support character for most defensive roles, suitable for any player who prefers to play slow and steady!

Brava is an attack operator from Brazil!

Brava is an attack operator from Brazil!

Support Tactics

The best supportive doctrine that Brava can follow is to be beside her team in the heat of battle. If she can’t do anything, find cover and utilize her equipment. At the beginning of the match, she must use her drone to take out as much equipment as possible. Without using it she leaves her team vulnerable. Brava can change the course of a battle by sabotaging the enemy team’s strategy. For this reason, you can disrupt them. This is so long as you are smart about it and balance out your time between being in a drone, and fighting. 

Brava’s weapons and equipment favor background usage; close-range clearing; or back-of-the-room marksmanship. The most critical thing to remember when using Brava is you are quick and accurate, and not very tanky. For that reason, your team will keep you protected so long as you are willing to provide fire support where necessary. Your most valuable skill besides sabotaging the enemy is to follow the combat flow. Brava is extremely well structured to handle combat flow.

Team Work

Brava’s place in a team is a support unit as previously stated. For this reason, you have to be willing to take the back seat in a situation and follow your team into battle. Her use of smoke grenades and marksman rifles makes Brava particularly adept at knocking out equipment and enemies. However, she lacks explosive ability. Being lightweight and mobile makes her an excellent scout. However, unless she has the Para-308 and shotgun combo she is left with a less aggressive loadout, with no way to disrupt the enemy or cause them to flee. 

Her place as an offensive operator allows her to use defense technology such as cameras, evil eyes, echo drones, and Elsa traps. Brava can make the enemy’s strongest assets their biggest nightmares all with a slow blocky drone! Like Glaz, Flores, Twitch, and IQ, Brava fits well into operators who can do a lot without being in the room. For this reason, it’s wise to use her if you feel you aren’t as stealthy as you should be. In addition, you aren’t as inclined to roam around the map all game!

An example of teamwork with Claymores and another operator's blowtorch ability!

An example of teamwork with Claymores and another operator’s blowtorch ability!

A Powerful Edition

Some operators are better suited for offensive or defensive roles, whilst others are more inclined to sit as support. Brava will take that role, and command the battlefield through it with the enemy’s ingenuity. She is a fun way to spice up any situation and should be considered for any major team building. For new players or veterans, Brava offers an even more articulate means of making the enemy squirm under your insight. Not only is she a powerful addition to the support roster, but her firepower and equipment offer a fun playstyle no matter what game mode you choose!

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