Rainbow Six Siege Beginner Guide

Getting tired of playing Rainbow Six Siege and losing? Well look no further than this guide! Here I'll teach you some tips to keep yourself alive and your team working steadily.

Rainbow Six Siege Beginner Guide


At first, it’s going to be a little daunting looking at all the operators you can choose. Should you choose an attacker or defender? What attachments should I buy? What about camos, headgear, and outfits? Well, the camos and cosmetics are kinda useless, so we’ll wait to buy any of those for now. First off, there are 8 different teams of Operators you can choose from, each of which contain 4 operators, 2 defenders and 2 attackers.With the exceptions of the 3 DLC teams which have 1 defender and attacker each, however, these operators cost 25k renown, the in game currency, so unless you have the season pass, you should wait until you buy them. So for now we’ll look at the vanilla teams, those being the FBI WAT, SAS, SPETSNAZ, GIGN, and GSG9.

Remember that each operator will start with a cost of 500 renown, but the more you purchase an operator from a single team, the price will go up by another 500. This means that once you have 3 operators from a team, you’ll need 2,000 renown to purchase the final one. Because of this, its best to start by purchasing one operator from each team at a time, unless of course you just stick with the recruit.

To Recruit or not to Recruit

Now you need to make a choice. Do you buy a new operator or stick with the recruit? This is a personal decision, as the recruit is, personally, a lot of fun to play as and is actually really useful. The recruit has access to almost all vanilla weapons from each of the countries they come from, however you can only choose one country to choose from at a time. For example, you can’t have the R4-C, an FBI weapon, and the PMM, a Spetsnaz sidearm. It should also be noted that different countries have different stats. The SAS has medium armor and speed, whereas the GSG 9 has low armor and high speed, and while the recruit remains static, in that the GIGN will always be heavy armor low speed, the named Operators will have different stats despite being from the same country and team. Twitch, a GIGN operator is medium armor and speed, whereas Montagne is heavy and slow.

So why would you pick a recruit over everybody else? More customization. Not on the weapons, but on the gadgets. An attacking recruit can choose from either a smoke grenade or breachcharge for the first slot, and a hand grenade or flashbang for the second. The defenders will always have the barbed wire for the first slot, but can choose between C4 or a deployable shield in the second. I won’t lie, I really like the recruits and often play as them even despite them lacking a unique ability and any kind of weapon customization. But, you’re probably more interested in the special operators.

Who to buy

So, who is the best to buy? Lets omit the spetsnaz from this list, as they’re just not good for new players, as they require a decent amount of map knowledge. Fuze is an attacker who can place a charge that breaks through un-barricaded walls and deploys multiple grenades, is easy to get wrong. You need to know where to place the charge to actually kill the enemy and not your team, and need to know to not pick him when playing hostage rescue, as you’ll likely end up killing the hostage. Kapkan is a defender who places tripwire bombs inside of entryway like doors and windows. You can understand how knowing the map and common avenues of approach would be necessary to effectively use him, so he’s out as well. Now, let’s move on to who to buy

A great starter for attackers is Sledge, as he can break through doors and walls opening up an entrance to wherever you need to go. He can’t open up barricaded wall, however, and that is where the second choice comes in; Thermite. Thermite has the ability to place a thermite charge on barricaded wall and blow open an entrance. Basically, Thermite gets through what Sledge can’t, making him invaluable to any team. Thermite is FBI and Sledge is SAS, so after buying those two, any operator from those teams will now cost 1,000 renown. I wouldn’t really recommend any other attacker to start with, as they all require additonal knowledge of the game’s map design and mechanics. Or as in the case of I.Q, they are basically useless.

Defenders are a bit harder to get right, but you can’t go wrong with choosing either Pulse or Rook. Pulse is an FBI operator that can detect enemy heartbeats using a monitor that he deploys. However, the range on it isn’t very far, despite this, it’s actually really useful. For example, if an enemy is behind a wall, you can just pull out the monitor and pinpoint their location, after that you can just take out your weapon and shoot them through said wall, giving them quite the scare, and you another kill. So what can Rook do? Rook is your tank, he places a box of armor on the ground for your team to put on, making them harder to kill. Rook is heavy, so it makes him that much harder to kill, Plus, if you combine the armor with Doc, you can get both improved armor and increased health.

The other defenders, like Mute and Bandit, require more experience to use. I often see new players pick these two and improperly use their gadgets due too inexperience and a general misunderstanding of the map they’re playing on. Obvioulsy who you buy is ultimately up to you, so you should choose you want most.


There are 3 gamemodes: Bomb, Secure Area, and Hostage. Each match will have anywhere from 3-6 round, but if you’re playing casual there’s only 3-5 rounds with each round lasting 3 minutes. Overtime is if the teams are tied 2-2, then it will only take one more round to finish off the match.

Ranked has more rounds, where one team needs to win 4 rounds unless they go to overtime, in that case, the first team to reach 5 wins will be the victor. So for example, if you’re playing and end up with a 3-3 score, then you’ll go into overtime and will need to win twice before completing the game, ending with either a 5-3 matchup, or 5-4. Each ranked round lasts 4 minutes.

You can win any gamemode by killing the entire enemy team, in the case of defenders, you can also wait until the time runs out, which is sometimes the best thing to do. Attackers can just complete the objective parameters, winning the match that way.


Bomb consists of either attacking or defending two bombs sites. If you’re attacking, you’ll be trying to infiltrate one of the bomb’s positions so you can place a defuser that deactivates both bombs. If you’re defending, you’re trying to stop that from happening. If the attackers manage to place the defuser, then the defenders will need to break it by initiating an animation where you’ll smash the defuser about 4 or 5 times. Be careful when doing this however, as you’re completely exposed and the defuser is on a timer. Once it reaches zero, the bombs are defused and the round is over. Even if you manage to kill all attackers, you’ll still need to break the defuser. That is unless you kill all attackers before they get the chance to place the defuser.

If you manage to kill the attacker carrying the defuser, you’ll get a “carrier denied” notification giving you 10 more points. Plus you’ll be able to see the device on the ground near the body. It’s best to keep watch over it, since attackers need it to get the objective. Considering this, it’s a great tool to use as bait, with more experienced players lying in wait for someone to try and take it back.

One last thing, if you’re defending then don’t barricade between the objectives. This cuts off your team and gives the attackers the chance to force you into offense, which is a trap you really don’t want to end up in.

Secure Area

Secure Area is a bit more simple, as all you have to do is either capture an area or defend it. This one is easier to attack and defend, as it’s only one objective. If the attackers manage to get into the objective room, then the bomb will be contested. If no defenders are in the room it will start to become captured, forcing you to go and defend it. Unfortunately for the defenders, if the objective is being contested, then you can’t just wait until the timer runs down, you’ll need to actually kill the attacker. This leaves a lot of rounds that will end up becoming a game of chicken, whoever comes out of their hidey-hole ends up dying.

If you do end up playing chicken, then moving quickly and with purpose is likely going to get you a win. Quite frankly, nobody expects you to just move out of your position and aggressively engage them. Taking them by surprise is your best bet. It’s even better if you can figure out where they are using either a camera or a drone. Then you’re not in the dark and know exactly where you need to aim.


Not as simple as Secure Area, but easier than Bomb. In this gamemode you’ll need to either defend the Hostage, or rescue the them. No matter what team you’re on, the hostage cannot die. Whichever team kills the hostage will lose the round, similarly, if a team downs the hostage, they’ll then need to revive them. Honestly, defenders are favored in this gamemode, as it’s a lot easier to accidentally kill the poor soul while attacking.

A solid strategy is to defend the rooms around the hostage, as the attackers need to actually grab the hostage and leave the area, outside the building they’re in. You can also use a small caliber pistol round and shoot the hostage once, making it easier for the attackers to accidentally kill or maim them. In either situation, you’re pretty much guaranteed a win.

If your’re attacking, try to separate the defenders from the hostage. A good way to do this is to use smoke to cover you entrance into the room and then grab the hostage. You can also just kill all the defenders of course, which is usually what you’ll end up doing.

Overall, you’re objective and the way you’ll play each of these modes are pretty much the same, with a focus on taking out the other team before they take you out.


No matter what operator you choose, you need to remember a few key points: 1) the walls can be destroyed, this can be either detrimental to your cause, or very beneficial. Basically, take advantage of the destruction in this game, like making kill holes and putting holes in walls and lower hatches for extra flanking routes, or in case you need to retreat and regroup. If you can do it, so can the other guys, so watch out for these tactics as well. 2) Headshots kill in one shot, so be careful when peaking. A single stray bullet can really mess up your day, and we wouldn’t want that. 3) Running gets you killed. Unless you’re playing as Caveira and making use of her ability, don’t do much running. This is because of how much sound it makes, and make no mistake, sound plays an essential role in this game. There is a way around this, however, and that’s when shooting starts. Take advantage of the sound of gunfire to run a few quick steps, the weapons will mask your footstep, letting you sneak up behind enemies. Now, lets go on to attacking and defending.


The preparation phase is 45 seconds long for both attackers and defenders, but isn’t the same for both. Attackers get 45 seconds to use a drone and look for the objective and its defenders. You’re going to want to find the objective as quickly as possible and identify the defenders right after. However, you should try your best to keep your drone alive so that you can scout at the room you want to enter in from. Although you do have one more drone, it’s best to make use of both so that you can get the most intel as possible. This includes where the enemies are located, and if there are any roamers lurking about.

In general, you’ll want to pick attackers to compliment the gamemode. Fuze, for example, is a poor choice for hostage since his abiilty can easily lead to an accidental hostage death. losing you the round. On the other hand,  Montagne is a good choice since he has a shield that can be deployed to cover his whole body, and comes equipped with a smoke grenade. So you can basically pop smoke the safely walk in and grab the hostage, so long as your team covers you and take out any attackers lingering by.

When attacking, you need to not pussy-foot around. The last thing the defenders will be expecting is an attacking team rushing them at full force. Of course, you can’t just run in guns-a-blazing and expect to win. You need to move quickly and with purpose, but also be on the look out for roamers and traps.

Since you want to move quickly and take out roamers as you go, its best to start opposite the objective room. If the capture point is at the topmost floor, for example, you should work your way up from the bottom, clearing out all the rooms as you pass by. This way you can take out any roamers, and also make back up plans in case your original one fails. Also, remember to distract your enemies. Do something like blow a hole from one direction then move to attacker from another, don’t let the defenders predict where you’ll be coming from, as that is a recipe for disaster.

Personally, I like attacking more than defending. I’m biased of course, Since Ash is my favorite operator, and between you and me, a tad too powerful.


Preparing properly can be a hassle as a defender, from placing barricades and gadgets, to making a plan of action, 45 seconds just doesn’t seem long enough, and sometimes it isn’t.

The best advice I can give here is to prioritize. Depending on the situation, it may be best to place gadgets before barricades. Rook needs to put armor down early so your team can make the most of it, and Mute should immediately put his jammers into the entryways to keep drones from figuring out useful information. Generally, barricades should be put in highly used areas, and depending on the operator, gadgets should be put down after. Bandit, for example, places batteries that shock barricades, making Thermite useless. His gadget is best put down last, so that he can make the most of it.

Your tactics are gonna come down to two strategies: static defense or roaming. In static defense, you’re essentially staying in or near the objective room and keeping an eye on any attackers that may come directly to it. When roaming, you’ll be moving around the map to meet the attackers head on. Although it’s best to use guerilla tactics when roaming, harassing the enemy and slowing them, maybe getting a kill or two in between.

No matter which strategy you choose, you’ll need to have a backup plan. In the case of static defense, you should always make sure you have multiple areas in the room to move to. If you only have one area you can stay in, then you won’t last long. Even if you pick up a kill, that all goes down the drain if your team loses. I recommend plaicing a shield in one area, then using another area to fight from. The shield can be used to distract an enemy, giving you a chance to take them out, then move to that more well protected area to take out another enemy. That being said, you should try to maximize cover while keeping an open view of the area. This can be difficult, so I usually just make small killholes by punching a hole in a wall.

Roaming is the same in principle, in that you’ll need to make a backup plan. Breaking open a wall or hatch for a quick exit is a good idea, giving you the ability to move around quickly to flank an enemy. A word of advice, there should only be two roamers at any given time, and once your team starts dying, your roamers should start moving back to the objective. Too many attackers and too few defenders will almost guarantee a loss.


No matter what side your on, you’ll need to take advantage of the game’s machanics in order to win, either through an operator’s ability, or the destruction on a map, the best wy to win is to out plan the enemy.

Final thoughts

No matter what any guide says, the best thing to do is just play the game. Nothing will teach you more than taking some time to learn the maps and mechanics through some good ‘ol fashion gaming. This is a fun game, I and many more really enjoy it, and I would love to see more people play it and enjoy it as much as I do. I just hope this guide could teach you a thing or two.


  1. Whoa there. You can use cluster bomb boi on hostage maps easy. Locate the terrorists hiding in corners and bomb them out. By proxy bombing around the central room with the hostage, you can likely pick up easy kills or a tleast discover they aren’t there. Additionally the CBs also break barricade doors if they blow up near them so you can suddenly open attack routes. Add onto that breaking any razor wire or kapkan trip bombs, and you can clean out all the area in proximity to the hostage room really easy setting your team up for a clinched win with a nice crossfire action as all the terrorists are now cowering by the hostage and area easy picking.

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