Rainbow Six Siege Kapkan Guide

Our guide to Kapkan will offer you strategies and information to understand a veteran character better! Kapakn is a fantastic, cheap alternative to some fancier operators who can change a battle quickly. Take charge of the defense, and lead your team to victory as Kapkan!

Rainbow Six Siege Kapkan Guide

Rainbow Six Siege boasts tactical gameplay and logistical advantages. Kapkan serves as a powerful defender armed with an explosive violence propensity between wall traps and shotguns! Though he might not be one of the original operators, he is one of the most powerful options to play competitively or casually.

While most operators are limited to effective weaponry or efficient gadgetry, Kapkan sports both with pride! Holding the ability to place trip mines on walls, doors, and windows, he is able to alter the scope of a battlefield swiftly. Being a defensive operator, it’s imperative to know what strategies you’ll employ when using Kapkan. Luckily his load-outs and abilities allow him to become an effective operator in any mode you prefer!

General Information

Kapkan is capable of working independently and with teams. When using this operator, you are more effective at putting his traps around randomly. Picking a specific route will limit his abilities, or centralize the bomb’s general location! Instead, using your traps, and expansive weaponry allows you to hunt the enemy. Besides this hunting strategy, Kapkan provides adequate fire support for your teammates with their semi-automatic shotgun. 


On the battlefield, Kapkan is more suitable for aggressive trap-laying. While he is one of the most powerful roaming defenders in the game, his ability makes him especially potent at fortifying the objective. Kapkan’s weaponry and traps make him ideal for stealthy kills that force enemies into his chosen locations. Good Kapkan players will remember where they’ve left their traps and head enemies back to those spots; taking advantage of their battlefield knowledge! 


A submachine gun and a semi-automatic magazine-fed shotgun are Kapkan’s main weapons for up close and aggressive combat. With his remote explosive and impact grade explosive, he is ideal for aggressive interactions where you want to assault the attacker. Fortunately, this works well in defense games when you know the enemy is moving slowly and you want to break them quickly! It’s imperative to remember that Kapkan’s aggressive playstyle makes him a great repellent of enemies at the same time. Room clearing is another specialty given his build style!

Alternatively, Kapkan’s ability to carry devastating close-range weapons and gadgets. Decently powered side arms render him ideal for sneaking around in roaming-based conflict. Taking time to set your traps up around the battlefield as you traverse makes your enemies move slowly to avoid them. In this sense, you can use his aggressive firepower to surprise the enemy and overcome them! Kapkan has the wonderful ability to both be quiet and aggressive, making him ideal for most play styles; especially when you get a firm grip on map traversal!

Guide To KapKan In 2022

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Kapkan is an operator who favors close combat; as soon as you move outside of this he becomes less useful. When Kapkan is out in the open, or caught at a distance there is little he can do to defend himself other than to retreat. Unless he is properly set up, he becomes an easily tracked target. For this reason, Kapkan is especially weak in long-duration firefights at a distance; especially if he becomes pinned down from multiple directions.

The other major weakness of Kapkan is that he can quite easily mark where your objective’s location is. There is a strong inclination when playing Kapkan to place traps in every door and window at the objective. What occurs is that either most of them end up not being used or the rest are treated as markers for drones that detect them. You should always consider your traps as a scarce resource that can be used at any time to change the situation. 


Kapkan exists as a product of military influence throughout his life. He became an accomplished member of a hostage rescue force after enlisting in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, where both of his parents were involved. Spetnaz’s training has made him well-suited to be a member of Rainbow Six due to his skills as a stealth and aggressive combatant. His motivations are to train generations of soldiers to survive as he has; caring deeply about people despite his perceived stoic nature. 

Being a part of the Rainbow Six unit he has been instrumental in the defense and protection of several assets; and is well respected for his talents. On a team with diverse nationalities and backgrounds, he is a reliable asset in any operation as a realist. His genuine concern for his fellow operators’ safety leads him to perform above and beyond; a true testament to his cultural background!

Kapkan's Biography

Kapkan’s Biography card


Kapkan’s equipment assists him in his role as a defender in a multitude of ways; making him versatile on the battlefield. His most potent tool in a conflict is his active denial system. The gadgets he brings act as explosive traps. His weaponry proves fast and deadly while supplemented by two different explosive devices! There’s a lot that can be accomplished through his equipment from uncanny map traversal to searching and destroying the enemy in an act of counter-raiding!


Kapkan’s weapons offer a different means of dominating the battlefield. From his versatile 9x19VSN sub-machine gun to his SASG-12 shotgun, he has more than enough firepower to survive a conflict! Kapkan is one of the most aggressive operators when it comes to his primary weapons; going from a stealthy build to something loud and aggressive. For this reason, he can be seen as one of the most effective operators for individualist combat styles. As a free roamer, these weapons suit you well for staying quiet until you are sure you can get the kill!

Complementing these aggressive weapons are fast-firing sidearms in the form of the PMM and the GSH-18. Both of these weapons are suitable for finishing off the enemy, as well as acting as reliable backups should you have to reload in combat. The PMM acts as a smaller and more powerful variant whereas the GSH-18 has a higher fire rate and ammunition capacity. Each of them is highly recommended for accuracy, and well-protected from chest-level shots while undercover!

Kapkan's Loadout

Kapkan’s loadout is perfect for close-range attacks


Kapkan’s use of explosive devices cannot be undermined. The first and most effective choice among Rainbow Six Siege players is the Nitro Cell. This remote-controlled explosive device is one of the most deadly items in the game. Nitro Cells can be used with other devices to start chain reactions which are deadly to get caught up in. With a large destructive radius and a quick reaction time, the nitro cell acts as the game’s official version of plastic explosives. It can suit you well in many uses. From clearing rooms as a traditional explosive to being an additional explosive fortification during battle, you have quite a few potential options with this piece of equipment!

Another piece of equipment granted to Kapkan is the impact grenade. These powerful devices act as an immediate solution to breachers, or attempts at dreaded Fuze traps. Impacts are also one of the most effective ways of disrupting a shield bearer if you cannot get close to them. This is in cases like Osa, or Blitz. For this reason, these prove to be an excellent choice for competitive gameplay. This is especially true when you are given two of them versus one nitro cell during a round! Besides their combative use, these impact grenades are very effective for making holes in hatches and soft walls; making traversal easier, and more surprising in roaming circumstances!

Kapkan's Equipment and Ability

Kapkan’s equipment and ability are great for explosive gameplay!

Unique Ability

The Active Denial System is one of the most potent defense abilities in the game. As a trip mine of sorts, it can be connected to doors and windows, which seeks to keep intruders out. These powerful gadgets can deal tremendous damage to incoming attackers. If you move from a crouching position into a standing position, you can place one of them on top of the other. When you load a match, you have five of these devices. Use them sparingly!

Active Denial Systems are incredibly potent if you use them to herd enemies back to a general location. Knowing the map can prove to be one of the most beneficial things you can do as Kapkan thrives on navigational awareness. In essence, you are playing a gambling game of deciding where the enemy will appear. Teaming up with someone like Pulse can prove beneficial as you can create preemptive traps where the enemy may be located. Moving to the most likely locations with these devices can be the most effective strategy. Kapkan can easily wipe out the enemy if you know how they play!

Kapkan and symbol

Kapkan is a powerful defensive operator


Kapkan is a defender who can roam, or stay on the goal. For this reason, you have the versatility of deciding what you need to play as; knowing you will do so loudly in the end! Kapkan is extremely effective at surprising the enemy, rerouting them, and forcing them into tight situations. You can slow a game down as this operator and should exploit it in every circumstance. Methodically hunting down the enemy will instill fear and horror in gameplay, making you a valuable member of your team!

Offensive Tactics

Kapkan is an operator that can be incredibly aggressive in his gameplay, making him favorable for offensive tactics. You can use your SASG-12 to break through soft walls like Oryx and get an advantage over the enemy. Nitro Cells and impact grenades allow you to damage enemies and disorient them quickly while rushing them with close-range firepower. When roaming the battlefield, you can break down the enemies one by one, rushing them with a semi-automatic shotgun with unrelenting force!

Alternatively, Kapkan’s submachine gun and fast-firing pistols make him suitable for stealthy operations. His natural mobility allows him to sneak around on a dime and grants him some mobile tolerance in-game. In this circumstance he is great for picking people off in bursts of tight-grouped fire from close ranges; surprising the enemy or leading them into his active denial systems! You should incorporate Kapkan’s weapons in such a way that you conserve their ammunition in this play style. Kapkan’s biggest downfall in these circumstances is the times when they are out of ammunition during a close-range firefight!

Kapkan Stat Card

Kapkan’s stat card in game!

Defensive Tactics

When fighting defensively Kapkan, use his mobility to move around the room’s objective. You might be persuaded to sit in one place, Kapkan shines in drawing the enemy into his traps which you should utilize as often as possible. By using his equipment, and the operator’s mobility, you can break through the weaknesses of an incoming breacher. In most circumstances, Kapkan’s weaponry will instill enough fear in your opponent to slow them down in battle!

Using your abilities as a roamer is also helpful in the defensive sense of gaining intelligence during a battle. Attacking above or below the objective area, and using your team’s pings to attack from different angles renders Kapkan adept at surprise warfare. Like Pulse, he can defend a room without actually being in it. Properties that make him suitable for any major defense operation. His active denial systems are also effective for deadly wild goose chases if you set them up in a different room than the bomb. This will make the enemy believe that they are following the bomb location! 

Kapkan, Rainbow Six Operative

Kapkan, rainbow six operative from Russia

Support Tactics

While Kapkan can be one of the more aggressive operators on the defensive side of Rainbow Six Siege. He is also one of the strongest operators for backing up teammates due to his ability to damage the enemy. While traversing the map, he can keep an eye on other operators to ensure they do not get shot down. As an added bonus, his active denial system lowers the opponent’s health. Making it easier for your team to get kills through the surprised and bewildered enemies. His abilities allow the entire team to gain points, and navigate the battlefield with a sense of safety. He knows where the trap lies, so the enemy will be prevented from entering!

Since Kapkan’s main function is to place traps, he makes a great operator for fortifying the objective location. With operators roaming other than Kapkan, he can either fortify the exact location or roam and get to hatches easily. He is ideal for ensuring a location is truly secure with deadly force behind it! Like Castle, he makes the defensive side significantly easier to work within a game that can be quite stressful!

Rainbow Six Siege: Operator Onboarding – Introducing Kapkan | Ubisoft [NA]

Team Tactics

Team Playing as Kapkan can be one of the hardest experiences in Rainbow Six Siege. His close-range weaponry forces you to watch your fire in order not to blast your teammates. If this is not the case the alternative is to surrender the kill to long-range weapons. For this reason, it’s important to provide support to your team through suppressive fire. You’re better off in every scenario to throw your bullet hail in that direction. However, understand your kills will come from the traps you have already set.

As a roamer, Kapkan can be useful to the team by constantly pinging updated information he collects. Using this information for destroying attacker equipment at every opportunity. If you learn to play the map you can alert your teammates to the potential entryway of your enemies. In addition, you can provide them with the most advantageous positions to utilize your traps in tandem with their abilities. In general, when defending against others, Kapkan works well by pairing up with other operators. Alternatively, you can work with roamers like Pulse to better your chances with your weapons!

Deadly Defender

Kapkan’s one of the most potent defenders in Rainbow Six Siege. Making him especially useful for those who want to play aggressively or stealthily. If you prefer fast and challenging gameplay, or slow and methodical, Kapkan offers versatility through potent weapons and creative traps! In terms of explosive force, he is the best choice for defensive warfare when it comes to active denial systems.

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