Rainbow Six Siege Aruni Operator Guide

Aruni is coming to Rainbow Six Siege, and our guide will help you know everything about her. Her powerful gadget and option to carry a DMR is a game-changer for defenders. Think of her as a mix of Sledge, Jager, Kapkan, and Castle. Also, she has a Cyberpunk-like arm, so that's pretty dope.

Rainbow Six Siege Aruni Operator Guide

A new season is on the horizon for Ubisoft’s flagship shooter, Rainbow Six Siege, and to prepare you for its new operator, Aruni, we have set up a guide for you. We will go over her gadgets, weapons, along with the pros and cons of the character. You will learn how you can properly utilize her when on defense. When attacking, we will discuss your options on countering her powerful utility, the Surya gate.

Surya Gates

Surya gates are her main piece of equipment that brings a laser border around any wall, door, or window, whether it’s reinforced or not. If any gadget passes through like a grenade or drone, it is destroyed. If an enemy goes through, then, they lose 40 health. If you are at 40 or less then go through, then, you will be downed, but not killed.

Defenders, your new operator will not harm or hinder you in any way. If you get close enough, the gate will open for you. Watch out; if an attacker is watching from a tight angle, they will see a hint that you are near the opening presented.

The gate has opened

The gate has opened

You cannot destroy this gadget. If it is on a wall and you blow it up, then it will remain. When something passes through, it will deactivate for 30 seconds. After the timer, the device will open up, and once shot by any gun or Evil Eye; then the lasers will come back online. 

Then what can you do to counter? Well, not a whole lot as of right now. Her character is in the test servers, so when she goes live to the world, then she may have some nerfs. Until then, sacrifice a flashbang or drone to disable it. For Thatcher, you can use your EMP, but it is only for 15 seconds like any other piece of defender technology.

Her Cyberpunk-esque Arm

That’s right; she has a robotic arm that looks straight out of Cyberpunk 2077. There is a rumor that this ability will remain after the test servers, so read this portion without too much enthusiasm if it excites you. As of writing, you can punch open soft walls or hatches. Walls will have a small hole, but with enough, you can quickly create a rotation between other rooms.

Weapons and Gadgets

Yeah, I know; I am only a silver right now

Yeah, I know; I am only a silver right now

Her primary weapons are interesting. For high-rate of fire, she has Mozzie’s submachine gun, the P10 Roni. It has the old attachments, so no 1.5x scope. Aruni marks the first defender to carry a DMR, Dokkaebi’s MK 14 EBR. Sorry, but you don’t get the higher magnification scopes, but having a gun that does that much power on defense is a big advantage for anyone wanting to wield a semi-automatic as their main.

Her only side weapon is the PRB92.

For gadgets, you can choose between a proximity alarm or barbed wire.

Speed and Armor

Aruni is a two speed, two armor character. The game lists her as a level two difficulty, but that is hard to say as most players have not touched her yet, so we will see how accessible it is to play as her.

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Neon Dawn Reveal Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

When can you play her?

Okay, not to have a section that poses a question with no answer, but as she is already in the test servers and nearing the end of the year, we should be starting up Operation Neon Dawn any moment now; at the latest, it will launch in December. The new season will offer a Jager and Echo nerf along with a new enhancement to Hibana and more. 

We hope our guide for Aruni, the latest operator in Rainbow Six Siege, is helpful. Let us know what you think of her. Will you be playing as her when on defense? I know I will.

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