Rainbow Six Siege DLC Red Crow images & video leaked

After revealing their final installment of DLC for Rainbow Six Siege earlier in the week, Ubisoft's hype train has been derailed early by the leak of images of the new Japanese operators, alongside a video showing off the new map. It appears those who have revealed the new content broke a NDA agreement to do so. What do you think of this controversial leak?

Rainbow Six Siege DLC Red Crow images & video leaked
After the teaser and subsequent reveal for the Red Crow DLC earlier in the week, fans of Rainbow Six Siege were getting hot under the collar for the final expansion to the much loved tactical shooter. It seems today that some of that anticipation has been further intensified by the leak of images of the new operators, and even a video of the new map coming with this DLC.

Rainbow Six Siege Leaked Image 2
The video of the new map first leaked on October 25th, through a twitter account under the name of Jon Kay. It seems to be a brand new account, having very little activity before the leaking of this video, perhaps used as a throwaway account to somewhat avoid the repercussions of breaking the NDA that is currently on the Red Crow DLC.

The leak of the images however, came just yesterday as a cryptic post was made to the Rainbow Six Siege Reddit. The post, by a user named Redsoo, was titled "Attack Tomorrow at Noon", and had the accompanying text of "She will arrive." Whilst this came with no actual images, somewhere along the line, images of the two new operators were indeed leaked, thus breaking the NDA on the DLC.

However, a few hours after the post was made, a user named cheesetoaster13, also a fresh account with no prior activity, posted the following comment in reply to the thread:

cheesetoaster13 232 points  

Or you could just not break the NDA which you signed, but you know what, I'll go steal the internet fame that you wanted.

Here, higher res https://imgur.com/a/1hNfK

Tbh, this whole leaking nonsense kinda ****** me off that this random guy is breaking an NDA to do this. Ubi worked pretty hard on this stuff (Yes I know double standards, I'm breaking it too)

This leak of better quality images received quite the response from the Rainbow Six Siege community, with some championing him for leaking the images out to the world, and others pointing out the clear double standard of leaking images to spite another leaker.

Aside from the complicated politics of leaking content, we now have solid images for the two new operators we will be seeing in the Red Crow DLC. Quite a few theories have been floating around as to exactly what the operator's abilities will be, but it seems to be the general consensus that Echo will have some form of sound or motion detection device, and Habina being able to discharge some form of liquid or chemical from her rifle, perhaps meaning she is able to remote fill rooms full of gas, or perhaps burn doorways through solid walls, reinforcements etc.

Regardless of the speculation, there is no doubt that the community are undoubtedly riding the hype train in anticipation for this final batch of DLC.

Find out more about Red Crow on the 12th and 13th of November by tuning into the official Rainbow 6 Twitch channel for a live demo and major announcements.

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