The Real Reason Why Cyberpunk 2077 May Have Been Delayed

Cyberpunk 2077's newest delay could point to a next-gen launch. Now releading on November 19th, fans online have speculated that the developers are releasing the game on next-gen consoles this Holiday. An enhanced version of the game has already been confirmed, but now it could be releasing alongside the current-gen game.

The Real Reason Why Cyberpunk 2077 May Have Been Delayed Cover

On June 18th, 2020, CD Projekt Red tweeted an update on the highly anticipated game, Cyberpunk 2077. Announcing its delay from September 17th to November 19th, fans online have been speculating the real reason for this delay. It seems like CDPR could be delaying it for next-gen console launches.


Wouldn’t it be believable to think that this delay could make it so the game is available from the get-go on next-gen consoles? Even Geoff Keighley, the creator of The Game Awards, thinks so. Both Sony and Microsoft’s consoles are releasing in Holiday 2020, pointing to December this year. This is just a couple of weeks after its delayed release.

It’s already known that Cyberpunk 2077 is slated to come to next-gen consoles, but earlier this year, CDPR stated themselves that the game would have to wait for its arrival. CD Projekt’s SVP of business development Michal Nowakowski said this himself in a Q&A:

In terms of Microsoft’s console, like I said, we have officially confirmed both the update and the cross-gen availability, meaning that you’ll be able to play the game from the get-go on the next-gen. However, when it comes to a proper, full-blown next-gen version, that’s going to come later, we haven’t announced when and I don’t have a new comment here on that.

Next-Gen Smart Delivery

With Xbox’s new Smart Delivery, they will ensure that players will be able to bring games from past generations to the Xbox Series X, without having to pay a second time. Cyberpunk 2077 was already confirmed to use Smart Delivery, so why would CDPR bother making it a next-gen launch title? Next-gen versions of this game are considered “enhanced versions”, so porting it with upgraded graphics may not be a difficult task.

Cyberpunk 2077 — Official Cinematic Trailer | E3 2019

There’s always the chance that CDPR wants to scramble to get it on the newest consoles. It would provide an incentive for Xbox and PS5 fans to get the newest consoles for the prettiest graphics. There’s no doubt that Cyberpunk 2077 coming at launch would boost next-gen console sales drastically.


No matter what happens, this futuristic FPS RPG by the developers of the critically acclaimed The Witcher 3 will arrive on November 19th to patiently awaiting fans’ doorsteps. For now, it’s all just speculation, but do you think Cyberpunk 2077 was delayed to become a next-gen console launch title? Let us know in the comments below!

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