Cyberpunk 2077: 5 Tips for Beginners

Are you new to 2077's Night City? If you'd like to avoid being overwhelmed when starting the game, consider these 5 Cyberpunk 2077 tips for beginners. This guide will ensure your introduction and subsequent playthrough allows you to get the most out of the game.

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With the latest next-gen upgrade for Cyberpunk 2077, the time is ripe for an influx of new players. While some may have simply waited for the update, others may be returning players who quit early after release. The game’s infamously buggy state left a lot to be desired, but the game is currently much improved. Even so, players should temper their expectations regarding what has been overhauled. In addition to graphical improvements and fixed bugs, the update brings about new apartments and customization after the character creator. PlayStation 5 players even get to enjoy some well-implemented haptic feedback for the triggers when driving and shooting. However, the game’s story and side content are mostly untouched. The game can still pose quite a challenge to new players, which this guide should help to ease. Here are 5 Cyberpunk 2077 tips for beginners.

For players struggling to decide on what ripperdoc upgrades to acquire, consider this guide to Cyberpunk 2077 cyberware implants you should get early.

Dedicate Your Build

During character creation, you will be presented with the choice of where to apply your first attribute points. This will be the first step in building your V and their skill set when confronting various Night City gigs. You can make your character more stealthy, reliant on sneaking and quick-hacks to resolve problems. Alternatively, you can improve your gunmanship or melee capabilities. There is also the option to invest in crafting, whether it be for weapons or for your cyberdeck. Since the game doesn’t provide any default classes to auto-sort your attributes, the choice can be overwhelming at first.

The first of my Cyberpunk 2077 tips is to not widely distribute your attribute points. The game simply does not allow you to become a jack of all trades. If you are allocating your points in too many attributes, you will soon find yourself locked out of most options. What I mean by this is the high attribute cost required to obtain the best perks. Unless you increase your attributes substantially, you will be unable to exploit some of the most unique skills in the game.

Additionally, the game often allows V to solve issues outside of combat using various attributes. Forcing open a door with a high Body, or using Technical Ability to unlock it, opens up various secret paths. The player can also use their attributes to access unique dialogue options to resolve matters. However, as stated above, the cost of these options can be quite high. As the story progresses those demands become even higher. As such, it’s better to only have a few reliable talents than ultimately find yourself unable to do anything.

Beware, you can reset perks, but your attribute points are permanent.

Beware, you can reset perks, but your attribute points are permanent.

Save Your Money For Upgrades

Once the open world is fully unlocked, most of your activities in Night City are going to lead to some profit. Before you know it, you will have racked up a small fortune, whether it be through gigs or simple looting. The game has no shortage of things to spend your hard-earned Eurodollars on, and many are extremely alluring. However, do not be tempted by those shiny new cars or fancy sets of clothes. There will be time enough for those luxuries later. First, you need to set aside some savings for some more practically useful expenses.


My personal Cyberpunk 2077 tips would include waiting to buy upgrades from a Ripperdoc. These cybernetic implants can introduce incredible new tools to V’s arsenal. More so than the skill perks, the upgrades can dramatically overhaul your gameplay experience. My personal favourites were the implants that unlock the double jump. Suddenly, the traversal system becomes significantly more useful. High up secrets become more accessible and gaps between buildings are less hazardous. It essentially allows the game to introduce effective parkour.

Then there are the combat upgrades, such as increasing your RAM for hacks and increasing your armour. In terms of weapons, you can turn V’s fists into the only weapons you’ll ever need. Gorilla Arms and Mantis Blades negate the need to carry a melee weapon while being extremely deadly. However, Cyberpunk 2077‘s cyberware upgrades can be very costly, with the double jump costing 45,000 Eurodollars. While it doesn’t take too long to save up, needless expenses are going to set you back. These should be your first priorities in order to make the majority of your playthrough as enjoyable as possible.

You will be regularly swapping gear anyway, so focus on permanent upgrades.

You will be regularly swapping gear anyway, so focus on permanent upgrades.

Beware of Level Gating

One thing that will become immediately apparent is that Night City is filled with opportunities. Players won’t be able to drive very far before encountering a new side activity. With each gig offering rewards in the form of loot and money, it’s easy to be lured in. However, these icons littering the map are actually siren songs that risk luring players against the rocks. Unfortunately, the game suffers quite a bit from an immersion-breaking issue surrounding level gating.

Next to each gig icon on the map or in the quest journal, players can see a danger level. One of my Cyberpunk 2077 tips is to steer clear of “High Danger” activities in particular. These are quests that the game is blatantly trying to warn you against tackling too early. While it’s not entirely impossible that a gig could be completed early, the odds are against you. Perhaps sneaking in and completing the mission entirely undetected will work. However, if you are so much as seen, you can expect to flatline in about 2 hits. Essentially, the risk level restricts player choice.

This can be a frustrating realization and it requires a certain level of restraint from the players. These gigs will become available to you very early on. It’s particularly intrusive due to the entire map opening up after Act 1. As such, every few seconds you will pass by something that simply isn’t ready for you yet. My advice is to therefore not neglect to level up your character wherever you can. A lot of Night City will go unexplored if you aren’t willing to partake in the grind to become a legend.

You’ve got to be willing to work small time first.

You’ve got to be willing to work small-time first.

Loot Without Restraint

Night City is absolutely cluttered with items to be looted. While it’s not quite to the same extent as games like Fallout, there is a lot lying around. Whether it be weapons, junk, clothes, ammo, grenades, cyberdeck daemons or upgrades, it’s all in abundance. Like many RPGs, the number of items just there for the taking can be a tad overwhelming. Given that V has a limited inventory space, many items start to lose their appeal. Eventually, players are likely to become desensitised to the looting options in the game. Chances are they will start ignoring all the riches at their feet.

I fell into a similar trap at first, not quite realizing how much utility the random loot had. One of my more recent discoveries for Cyberpunk 2077 tips is the importance of looting everything. It’s not, however, a means of making money. Most items you pick up aren’t going to make you rich. But never fear, because you don’t need to lug around these unwanted items for long. Simply pick up everything you find during a gig, open up your inventory, and get to dismantling.

Crafting was a skill I overlooked during my initial playthroughs. The fact of the matter was it rarely allowed me to create better gear than what I randomly found. However, there is no harm in stocking up on crafting components from dismantled gear. It’s particularly useful for stocking up on ammo and grenades. Despite their usefulness, grenades are surprisingly scarce. However, crafting makes them a constant tool in your arsenal. Similarly, while ammo is common, weapons like Light Machine Guns burn through it quickly. Crafting your own makes it so you never have to worry about awkwardly running out during a shootout.

You can also enhance your favourite gear.

You can also enhance your favourite gear.

Do Not Rush The Story

Perhaps one of the most important Cyberpunk 2077 tips I can provide is to not rush through the story. While this is often a common suggestion for most open-world games, CD Projekt Red made it particularly difficult this time. The main issue with the game is how its narrative very quickly reveals there is a ticking timebomb. V will soon be confronted with an issue that simply can’t be brushed off or put on the backburner. The result is an extremely immersion-breaking experience in which every side activity feels antithetical to the main story.

However, despite what the narrative might imply, there is no countdown timer to actually contend with. While V is told they have a few weeks at most to resolve their issue, the game won’t track it. This isn’t like Persona 5, a game in which every moment you spend matters. If you want to waste a few in-game days doing gigs, nothing is stopping you. In fact, my personal suggestion is that you do just that.

All of the above-mentioned points will be made easier by engaging with the game as a whole. You will earn more money for upgrades. More unique gear can be found from side quests. You will earn more experience that will help you level up your build and avoid level-gating. In addition to that, you will also witness all of the details and effort the developers put into Night City. There are a lot of truly memorable side quests off the main path. Furthermore, the game’s ending is conclusive, and despite returning to the open-world, there is no post-story content. So, enjoy everything the game has to offer, there’s really no need to rush.

While it lacked polish on release, Night City does not lack depth.

While it lacked polish on release, Night City does not lack depth.

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