Cyberpunk 2077: 5 Cyberware Implants To Get Early

Night City's ripperdocs got too many upgrades to choose from? Here's a guide suggesting the Cyberpunk 2077 cyberware implants players should get early. Factoring in cost, as well as long term benefits to various builds, here is a recommended upgrade path.

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Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world game that allows players to live out the fantasy of the genre. This, of course, includes the elaborate technological overhauls to human anatomy known as cyberware. These body modifications allow brains to act like computers, for eyes to become scopes, and the skeleton to become metal. As a mercenary in Night City, the player character, V, will need every advantage a ripperdoc can give. However, it’s not like these enhancements come cheap. The challenge of prioritizing your upgrade path can be rather overwhelming for new players. As such, here is a guide to help you pinpoint the Cyberpunk 2077 cyberware implants players should get early.

If you are a newcomer to Cyberpunk 2077, consider these 5 tips for beginners.

You’d be surprised how game changing some implants can be.

You’d be surprised how game-changing some implants can be.

Legs – Double and Power Jump

By no means an inexpensive acquisition, yet these upgrades substantially improve the moment-to-moment gameplay. While the game’s standard movement is perfectly passable, it can feel sluggish at times. However, investing in these cyberware leg implants will essentially introduce functioning parkour.

  • Fortified Ankles – Power Jump (45000 Eurodollars)
  • Reinforced Tendons – Double Jump (45000 Eurodollars)

The former will grant V the ability to perform a power jump for increased height and potentially less fall damage. By contrast, the tendons instead provide a double jump ability that extends your range.

I consider these to be one of the first Cyberpunk 2077 cyberware implants to get due to their utility. While many upgrades are dependant on the attributes you choose to level for your build, these are universal. Regardless of whether you choose to play as a stealthy netrunner or a guns blazing merc, these will benefit you. Which style of jump you prefer is entirely up to you. Unfortunately, neither one will cover every environmental obstacle you encounter. You will either go for height or extended distance. That being said, I found the double jump more useful as it still has decent enough height. Being able to reach higher ledges and jump wider gaps made it so almost no where felt off-limits.

As mentioned, these are fairly costly implants. Each one sells for 45000 Eurodollars, so you will need to perform a few gigs. I managed to save up enough just doing various side quests during Act 1, so it’s fairly easy. The upgrades can be bought from Viktor, but also Charles Bucks in Watson, north of Kabuki Plaza. As a little tip, the latter can be exploited for a significant discount by blackmailing him over his basement.

A cost that’s well worth the overhaul it makes to gameplay.

A cost that’s well worth the overhaul it makes to gameplay.


This section once again comes with a choice; however, your arms upgrade of choice will depend on your build. Essentially, you are going to want to consider what damage type your perks are enhancing. For example, players who increase their Body attribute will want blunt-damage, while Reflexes builds should go for blades. As far as up-close melee weapons go, your options are:

  • Gorilla Arms – Blunt damage (15250 Eurodollars)
  • Mantis Blades – Lethal Blade Damage (15350 Eurodollars)

The above-mentioned upgrades will see you getting up-close and personal with your enemies. However, for anyone looking to keep their distance, they have these options:

  • Monowire – Blunt Damage (15450 Eurodollars)
  • Projectile Launch System (15450 Eurodollars)

My reason for suggesting these as early Cyberpunk 2077 cyberware implants is due to how they characterise your build. First and foremost, freeing up a weapons slot by forgoing a melee weapon allows for more guns. The moments in which melee becomes a necessity will be quick and easy using your arms as a fourth weapon. Additionally, establishing early on which of the upgrades you prefer will provide a clear path for levelling up. As a suggestion for beginners, I recommend that every time you have an attribute point to spend, you should factor your arms implant into the equation.  My personal favourite is the Gorilla Arms due to my Street Brawler build. It’s also very convenient to have a non-lethal option when confronting a Cyberpsycho.

At least you never need to worry about ammo.

At least you never need to worry about ammo.

Cyberdeck Upgrades

This particular section will leave you spoiled for choice, and there are perhaps too many implants to list. Many of the more enhanced legendary upgrades won’t be available until later, but even in Act 1 there are options. Simply put, the cyberdeck upgrades allow you to increase your hacking capabilities. These enhancements range from increased RAM to enlarged Buffer Sizes. Some will also include additional slots that allow you to equip more daemons. If you are playing a stealthy netrunner, then this really should be a no-brainer.


However, I’ve listed this amongst some of the earliest Cyberpunk 2077 cyberware implants because it applies to all builds. While a low Intelligence character won’t be able to make the most of hacks, they are an inevitability. At the very least, players will want the expanded Buffer Size even for the simplest of hacks. The number of machines that can be infiltrated for some quick money is too tempting to overlook. Your default buffer won’t allow enough moves during the hacking minigame to maximise your profit. As such, players such at least aim to expand the buffer to a minimum of 6 in order to make some easy money.

As with all available implants, the rarity of the ones available will depend on your Street Cred. While it might be tempting to save up to buy a more substantial cyberdeck upgrade, I’d still grab a cheap upgrade early. It can’t be understated how beneficial that extra money from hacks is. However, for players looking to invest in a netrunner build, they shouldn’t settle for the cheapest. You need to factor in RAM, preinstalled hacks, as well as available slots to be a hacking master.

You can get a buffer of 6 from Dr. Chrome in Watson for just 15000 Eurodollars.

You can get a buffer of 6 from Dr. Chrome in Watson for just 15000 Eurodollars.


For a while I was considering recommending an implant known as the Blood Pump. It was an upgrade I seemingly aquired randomly through looting and exploration. It allows the player to instantly restore 60% of V’s health, followed by 180 second cooldown. However, when I contemplated this further, I failed to see how that was more beneficial than a random healing consumable. Then, almost as an answer to my query, I noticed the Biomonitor offered by a ripperdoc.

The Biomonitor is a healing implant that activates automatically when V is severely hurt. Specifically, it restores 30% of V’s health once they drop below 15%, followed by a 240 second cooldown. The common version of the item is easily acquired from Buck’s Clinic for 6000 Eurodollars. Rarer models can boost the amount of healing it provides, so keep an eye out for better versions.

I would recommend the Biomonitor as one of your first Cyberpunk 2077 cyberware implants, regardless of your playstyle. The game revolves around almost constantly taking damage from the gangs of Night City. Despite a moderate cover system, its simply not possible to leave fights unscathed. Enemies are very accurate and they are often damage sponges. As such, V’s health can be depleted rapidly, with some attacks hitting harder without warning. If you are a melee build in particular, you need to be ready for some punishment. As such, the Biomonitor provides that extra buffer zone of safety. While you will mostly be self-healing with consumables, it never hurts to have a safety net when things go south.

It can also come in handy if you run out of healing items.

It can also come in handy if you run out of healing items.

Synaptic Accelerator

This particular upgrade is yet another I conveniently looted without realizing just how useful it would be. An uncommon version of the Synaptic Accelerator can be looted for free via an assault in progress in western Watson. Once installed, the implant will cause time to slow down by 30% for 2 seconds when detected. This will then require a moderate 60 second cooldown before being usable again. For anyone considering a stealth build, this upgrade feels like an obvious necessity.

However, I personally found it to be extremely useful even without a dedicated stealth build. The fact of the matter is that the game encourages stealth on numerous occasions. While botched stealth won’t cause any automatic game overs, it will often make sense narratively. Having those precious extra seconds before detection will save you more times than you can count. It applies to both enemies and the various surveillance camera that are easy to overlook. The slowdown effect is also very noticeable, making enemy detection much easier to respond to. I’ve also found it doesn’t slow V, so sometimes it just allows you to get into melee range before combat.

Cyberpunk 2077 cyberware implants include a variety of time slowing mechanics, not just with the Synaptic Accelerator. While I personally found the stealth option to be the most useful, you have options for other playstyles. These include:

  • Reflex Tuner – Slows time by 50% for 2 seconds when health drops below 25%.
  • Kerenzikov – V can aim and shoot while dodging, slowing time 50% for 1.5 seconds. Activates when blocking, aiming or attacking during a dodge or slide.
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