Author: Anyka Pettigrew

A Canadian student with a passion for writing and gaming. My hopes for the future are publishing novels and working within the gaming industry.

sony patent dynamic music

Sony Files A New Patent: “Dynamic Music Creation in Gaming”

A new patent has just been filed by Sony that could change sound creation for future generations of gaming consoles. Called "Dynamic Music Creation in Gaming", Sony seems to be planning a new evolution of 3D sound that helps players be imme...

Pac-Man’s 40th Anniversary: Four Decades of Success

Pac-Man's 40th anniversary is being celebrated by Namco and fans across the globe. This yellow character has influenced the gaming industry for decades. From the creator of Pac-Man himself to the famous bright ghosts, we dive into some of P...

ps5 launch title predictions

6 PS5 Launch Title Predictions

Here is a list of our PS5 launch title predictions after scouring online speculations and looking back at PS4 classics. Sony has been keeping quiet for some time now, even as we get even closer to the reveal of their lineup and the release ...

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