PUBG – Advanced Guide

Need help with mastering the arts of PUBG? Well, I'm here to help. Following our 'Beginners Guide' for PUBG, it essential to understand the advanced techniques a PUBG pro uses. From combat techniques to gun sounds - this guide has it all to make you a top player.

PUBG - Advanced Guide

I see players everywhere

In PUBG, it is important to play by one fundamental principle – you are never alone! You should always be cautious, even if you cannot hear anyone else around. Always behave as if you knew someone was walking nearby, simply because you will not always hear your death coming. You will frequently come down suddenly, with an "O" on your lips as you ask yourself – Where did that enemy sneak past in a wolf-like fashion to surprise me like this? Trust me, I've been there. 

So, it is smart to think that the enemy hides behind every door, at the turn of each house, and at the window of each building. By doing this, you will avoid many disappointments and this will allow you to react more quickly and effectively when you will actually fall on an opponent. Additionally, do not hesitate to try to surprise your opponents. Take advantage of nearby, particularly noisy shelling to get around and approach an opponent (note that he can do the same). Keep in mind, however, that door openings and closures remain audible.

In this video below you can find another five useful PUBG tips and tricks:

Avoid easy trigger syndrome

I appreciate that once you see another player, it is difficult to resist the urge to shoot them. But, resist… take the time to assess your surroundings and pinpoint whether you can actually get the kill.  

To begin, ask yourself if you can eliminate the enemy before they can reach a cover. What is the point of firing and revealing your position if it is to take the risk of being eliminated by your target or another player who heard the shooting? In addition, I know how much player confrontations can last when each player is hidden behind a low wall, as PUBG players seem to have almost all the genes of a hunter.

So, there is no need to fire if you see a silhouette appear in a space of thirty centimeters between two buildings. Ideally, wait until your opponent finds himself in a well-opened place with no possibility of taking cover nearby: in the middle of a road, in a clearing, a field, etc.

PUBG Advanced Guide - It is key to assess the situation before attacking the enemy
So, on the other hand, to be successful in PUBG, you have to learn to be restrained. If you cannot have the kill, it is not by persisting like an ox that you will gain anything except an irregular hole in the middle of the skull. Therefore, avoid unnecessary risk taking! If an enemy is well hidden behind a wall, he has more possibilities to burst you than you to make him swallow his teeth. Additionally, is the opponent holding a building particularly difficult to storm, with many opportunities for him to surprise you? In any case, take the thing philosophically and bar yourself.

Also, learn how to use your environment: falls rarely inflict great damage and it can happen that you are stuck on a roof with an enemy waiting for you at the bottom of the stairs. It is not at all foolish to jump into the void to take the enemy back or run away. Be careful though, if the enemy can reach you quickly at the place where you jumped, take into account the time for your character to get up because in many cases it will take a moment to rest on his knees.

Rat of the cities, rat of the fields

Training (City Rat)

The rat of the cities of PUBG feeds mainly on the corpses of its congeners. For this type of game, the goal is simply to provoke clashes to practice shooting and to be reactive. In this case, parachute preferably in the cities of average size and importance. Get stocked-up, and then flush out the enemies to a frequent crossing point (the house with the garage in the northeast of Pochinky is a very good example) and pick the opponents passing by. Thanks to this, you will learn to master the weapons of the game, and by going to meet others, you will better control your reactions to unexpected encounters, with enemies waiting for you. Of course, and that's why this kind of game opposes the score. 

PUBG Advanced Guide - The two key strategies
The score

The field rat is lonely and petrified. In this case, visualize the trajectory of the plane and take care to get away from it once in the air. A huge part of the players will be content to land on this line by shifting very little. As you move away, you will significantly increase your chances of survival early in the game. Moreover, using this strategy, you are more likely to better equip yourself, ensuring your longevity in a game. In addition, for this strategy it is sometimes useful to obtain a vehicle of some kind, and drive to city which is far away from the planes trajectory.

Use all the tools, weapons and equipment at your disposal

Often, beginners and even confirmed players of PUBG forget an important element: the pomegranate. Whether explosive, flash or smoke, it is very practical in many situations and you must learn to use it. An enemy may for example be propelled from its cover if you aim well enough. You can also prevent a resurrection or unlock an opponent-held floor. Fumes allow them to get out of a thorny moment, especially when you have little coverage available or not at all.

PUBG Advanced Guide - Different guns make different sounds
PUBG is a tactical game in many ways, including sound. It may sound basic but I strongly recommend playing with headphones. The location of the sound is paramount. But that's not all. Indeed, it is important to anticipate what you will face. Learn to recognise the sounds of the different weapons of the game. For example, a Kar98 (bolt action sniper) delivers heavy damage and produces a very special sound – same thing for the AK-47. Knowing in advance the equipment of opponents who evolve around you allows you to choose your fights and know the risks you incur but also the benefits you may have.

Final Advice 

To conclude this guide, I think it is important to recall some of the key points that some tend to forget. For starters, as explained above, do not go crazy, do not overestimate your talent and your ability to defeat an opponent. This will mostly result in your immediate death. Also, never open the doors strictly by standing in front of them. Put yourself on the side in the event that an enemy hides behind, ready to pound lead into your opponent.

Furthermore, buildings are not always the best hideout to consider, especially at the end of the game. Do you know that if you see in the walls the comfort of protection, just about everyone thinks like you? So, you are strongly likely to find one or more inhabitants already present. In the ultimate stages of a game, it's even a guarantee! Hiding behind trees on the hillside, in bushes or lying in tall grass is often more viable and enemies will be less likely to look for it, especially if there is a building not far. Always at the end of the game, in the last zones, abandon the 8x viewfinder or the 4x, depending on the case. You will often need, at this point, to shoot repeatedly fairly quickly and these glasses do not lend themselves well because of the recoil.

PUBG Advanced Guide - Vehicles are good at the start of a game, but not so much in the end game
On the other hand, vehicles may seem like a bad idea because of the fuss they cause, but early in the game, they represent a significant advantage at a time when almost no one is properly equipped. You can quickly reach advantageous positions (as previously stated). It is rather late in the game that you should avoid touching motorized vehicles, because if you do, you will indeed have no discretion at all.

Finally, in regards to supply crates often, you will have to resist the temptation to throw yourself on because the risk is great: everyone for miles around observes a drop. Plan to have the crate in sight and kill all those who come to recover its contents. When everything has calmed down, go quietly loot what the box contains.

Please note, this article was translated with the permission of Warlegend, please see link in source.


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