Industry Insider Claims Upcoming PUBG Dev Project as Open-World, Not Battle Royale

The developer of the will be seminal Battle Royale game PUBG is rumored to be in an upcoming project, but one that will not involve a similar genre. Instead, the latest endeavor will take on a new approach by going open-world and sci-fi, according to the leak. Proofs are quite telling that it will still be connected to the PUBG franchise, however.

Industry Insider Claims Upcoming PUBG Dev Project as Open-World, Not Battle Royale

An industry insider suggests that a new project from PUBG Corp. could be in the works. But it will not be Battle Royale by nature. Word comes from the same person known for revealing information on PUBG: New State.

PlayerIGN tweeted that the game in question is “an open-word sci-fi shooter game”. He also unveils that the project runs under the codename “Vertical”. In addition, it will be in development using Unreal Engine 4. The post even going so far as to predict the unnamed project to release in two to three years.

Accompanying the tweet are, of course, some screenshot images corroborating the claim. One picture also shows a snippet in Hangul with corresponding English translations. Seemingly, depicting the company’s business highlights over the IP.

PlayerIGN got a scoop of the news after scouring through job listings, coming across a so-called Vertical project by PUBG Corp.

Said Korean company has been a pretty recent entry in the industry which called PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds as among its few commercial products. While the company isn’t a stranger to creating new IPs, it’s suspect that the studio’s rumored undertaking wouldn’t be far off. A notion that even the Twitter user seems to share, believing that it will still be tied up with the PUBG intellectual property.

(Video used created by PlayerIGN)

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