PUBG’s New Map Revealed

With the game now selling over six million copies, PlayerUnknown himself, Brendan Greene, has announced at Gamescom that a new desert map will released - which will be the same size as the current and existing map. Exciting times lie ahead for PUBG players!

Brendan Greene announced PUBG's new map
Brendan Greene, who is the Creative Director for PUBG, has recently announced that a new desert map will be released soon for PUBG at Gamescom. The game, which is published by Bluehole Studios, currently has only one map – Erangel – which is 8x8km in size – the approximate size of the upcoming map.

Despite speculation of a smaller map (4x4km), the new map will definitely be 8x8km in size. Unlike Erangel, which is based off an Eastern European climax, the new map will have a middle eastern feel to it, and hopefully a great addition to the game. In addition, the new map will include a dense city area as well as open field areas – very similar to Erangel.

Although PUBG will update once again in September, no official date has been released about the new map 'going live'. PUBG is also currently available on KeenGamers ESHOP!

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