PUBG Theme Music Now Available To Stream

As of yesterday, the theme tune to the highly popular game is now available to digitally stream. The intense theme, which is reminiscent of the Avengers theme, is recognizable to any player who has played the game. Tom Salta (or, Atlas Plug), wrote the theme song for the game, and has made notable tracks to games such as: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Halo: The Fall of Reach, and LawBreakers.

PUBG Theme Music Now Available To Stream
In a statement Salta said that it was an "exciting challenge" to write music that embodies the intense nature of PUBG the game. "I really hope the fans enjoy it as much as I did writing and producing it!," he said. Bluehole audio director Haejin Lee added, "We were looking for an orchestral electronic hybrid theme that would give players a huge build-up keeping them resolutely determined until the beginning of actual gameplay."

In addition, Lee added that she and PUBG creator Brendan Greene (PlayerUnknown himself) personally picked Salta to write the theme music for the fan-favorite game. "I've worked with many composers and Tom is one of the most energetic collaborators I've ever worked with. During his composition process, he came up with something even better than what we had envisioned," Lee added.

If you're interested in seeing more of Salta's work, you can visit his official website. The PUBG theme itself can be purchased on via iTunes or your Spotify App

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