5 PUBG Mobile Tips for Livik

Livik is PUBG Mobile’s exclusive little map for players to battle it on. It includes diverse terrain, a few secrets, and exclusive guns for players to pick up. Check out the PUBG Mobile tips for Livik in this game guide for further details.

5 PUBG Mobile tips for Livik

Livik is the latest map in PUBG Mobile. It is a map that includes diverse landscapes, with snow in the northeast and arid terrain in the southwest. However, what sets this map apart from the others is its 2km x 2km scale, which makes it the smallest in the game. Consequently, there’s only room for 52 players. Here are a few PUBG Mobile tips for Livik that will boost your chances of scooping the chicken dinner on that map.

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1. Pick up loot at Livik’s secret waterfall stockpile

Livik’s Waterfall location is clearly marked on the map. However, that location also includes a secret loot stockpile stashed behind one of its waterfalls. The lowest of the two waterfalls includes a secret stockpile of guns and gear behind it. To find it, just swim up to and walk through the falling water of the lower one. There you’ll find some super crates to open.

The waterfall with the loot

The waterfall with the loot

You can pick up more gear around the waterfall. You’ll find more gear in the buildings on the right side of the waterfalls. There are also numerous tents at the top of the waterfall location where you can pick up more guns and gear.

The crates behind the waterfall

The crates behind the waterfall

2. Don’t get obsessed with crates

Smoking crates that fall from the sky often attract players to them. So, heading toward a crate to open it can often be risky on all PUBG maps as dogfights can often emerge at their positions. Some snipers also target crates as bait for players to walk into their firing lines.

However, opening crates on the latest map is even riskier as it is much smaller than the likes of Erangel and Miramer. Even though there is half the number of players on Livik, Erangel is four times bigger. Thus, it’s all the more likely you’ll run into some hostiles going for crates. So, it’s not worth getting too obsessed with crates here as you’ll often walk into dangerous situations around them, which might shorten some of your PUBG matches.

3. Heal yourself in the water pools at Hot Spring

Hot Spring is a location in Livik that includes quite a bit of loot to pick up. That location also includes small pools of hot water that you can stand in. Those pools of water will slowly replenish depleted health when you stand in them. So, this can be a good spot to restore some depleted energy when you can’t utilize First Aid Kits with more than 75 percent health left. However, do keep an eye out for hostiles when you’re standing around in the water pools there!


4. Check out Livik’s Mk12 gun

The Mk12 is one of two guns that you can only pick up on Livik. A lot of players have fallen in love with the Mk12. That’s a strong DMR gun with long-range and high base damage. The best thing about the Mk12, however, is that it’s an extremely steady firearm with minimal recoil. Thus, this is a very decent gun for long and mid-range shooting. The Mk12 is quite hard to find, but pick it up when you get the chance. I’ve found the Mk12 at Ystad a few times, so have a look for it there.

The MK12

The MK12

5. Go sniping at Reeds

Livik isn’t a great place for sniping as there isn’t much especially elevated terrain. However, Reeds includes one of the most elevated positions on the map. There you’ll find a high hill with a tower at the top of it. That tower provides good 360-degree views of the surrounding landscapes. So, that’s a good position for snipers to shoot down some hostiles from.

The tower at Reeds

The tower at Reeds

The above PUBG Mobile tips for Livik will help you find more loot, eliminate more hostiles, and maybe survive a bit longer also. Then you’ll probably get slightly better scores and rise up the rankings faster.

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