PUBG – Sanhok Guide

PUBG's third map Sanhok is now out. The new map is 4km x 4km which is half the size of Erangel and Miramar, thereby promoting swifter games and intense close-quarter combat. With that, here are top four tips on how to survive for longer in games in order to secure a higher chance of that all important chicken dinner.

PUBG - Sanhok Guide
Before you proceed into this guide, it may be worth taking the time to read our previous guides of how to survive longer in games and our advanced guide providing you with top tips that some of the leading players use.

1) Be Prepared

As with our previous guides, this is by far the most important thing to remember. When you’re in the plane it is always worth setting a waypoint of where you want to land and trying different places on each map.

Of course, towns and military compounds are likely to have the best loot, but more players will attempt to land there (which is worsened by Sanhok’s smaller size). With that, try landing at place that is not straight below the planes path, which will allow you to get good loot and a lesser amount of players. From my games, I have found places such as Khao and Kampong are good places to land, as they seem to strike an adequate balance between loot and the amount of players.

PUBG - Sanhok Guide: Set waypoints so you know where to land when jumping from the plane
Once you land, keep a close eye out on players as the maps smaller size will encourage close-quarter and more intense combat. Due to this, you must try and find a gun as soon as possible, with a scope/sight thereby giving you a vital advantage over opponents. In addition, items such as backpacks, medical supplies and body armor (including helmets) are vital as these will help ensure your longevity in games.

2) Vehicles

In Sanhok there are four types of land vehicle and two types of water vehicle. However, you should try and avoid vehicles where you can on this map as the smaller size will draw players towards your location. With this, you’re likely to become surrounded by enemies seeing a increased chance in your demise.

PUBG - Sanhok Guide: Vehicle spawn points
Despite this, it is well worth taking the time to study the map above which highlights the areas in which vehicles spawn. This is essential in any situations where you need an escape vehicle (particularly if you’re far away from the safe zone). In this circumstance, make sure you bail and then get to high ground, as this allows you to spot more players.


When playing on Erangel or Miramar there is nothing more enticing than attempting to secure loot from the supply drops. However, on Sanhok it is worth avoiding supply drops, as they will draw a higher amount of players due to the maps smaller size.

4) Choosing The Correct Weapons

As in our previous article, we announced that Sanhok would have a unique weapon that replaces the SCAR-L. The new weapon, known as the QBZ95, is an assault rifle that uses 5.56mm rounds that can hold up to 30 shots in a round (40 with an extended mag). Alongside the M416, this weapon is well worth picking up due to it’s high power, impressive accuracy and formidable range.

PUBG - Sanhok Guide: QBZ95
I have found it is best to prioritise rifles and shotguns, as you have a gun to pick people off from medium to long range and a shotgun to use in close quarters. Furthermore, if you can find a silencer this will give you a significant advantage as you can target players with a lesser chance of detection.

Before you go, if you have not check out our previous two guides as you will be able to survive for longer and obtain advanced tips.

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