9 PUBG: New State Tips for Scooping the Chicken Dinner

This page includes numerous PUBG: New State tips from a seasoned PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds veteran. Have you yet to taste the glory of a chicken dinner in PUBG: New State? If so, check out the tips for scooping the chicken dinner in PUBG: New State in this guide.

9 PUBG: New State Tips for Scooping the Chicken DinnerPUBG: New State is the futuristic sequel to PUBG Mobile for Android and iOS devices. This battle royale extravaganza includes four maps (Troi, Lagna, Enrangel, and Akinta) in which 100 or 64 players battle it out until only one is left standing. The chicken dinner is the reward for winning a battle royale match in PUBG: New State. Here are some PUBG: New State tips for scooping the delicious chicken dinner more often.

Carry Shorter and Longer-Range Guns

Guns come in different shapes and sizes in PUBG: New State. SMGs and assault rifles with higher fire rates are generally preferable for close-range dogfights. However, guns with longer ranges, higher damage bullets, and lower fire rates, like sniper rifles, are better for picking off enemies at a distance.

It’s best to carry one gun for shorter-range gunfights and another for picking enemies off at longer distances. SMGs like the Uzi, Tommy Gun, and UMP are worth carrying for close-range encounters in and around buildings. Sniper rifles and DMRs such as the M24, SKS, or Mini14 are most suitable for longer-range shooting. Assault rifles like the AKM and Beryl are solid all-rounders you can utilize at shorter and longer ranges.

Don’t Carry Guns With the Same Type of Ammunition

Never carry two guns that have the same type of ammunition. Carrying two guns with different types of ammunition extends your ammo supply since you won’t be sharing the same bullets between them. Guns with the same ammunition are also often of the same variety, which isn’t ideal since you should carry two different types of firearms.

Purchase the Deca Vision (10x Scope)

The Drone Store is a new feature in PUBG: New State from which you can purchase supplies and handy gear. The best thing you can snap up in that store is Deca Vision. Deca Vision is the longest scope for zooming into targets in the game with 10x magnification. That’s the perfect addition to any DMR or sniper rifle, and you can also add it to assault rifles and even some SMGs. It’s not cheap at 1,000 drone credits, but make sure you snap up the Deca Vision whenever possible.

The Deca Vision scope

The Deca Vision scope

Try to Shoot from Positions of Cover

This is one of the most important PUBG: New State tips to remember. Try to stay close to cover as much as you can when fighting enemies. Walls, crates, rocks, trees, and any other larger form of debris are the kinds of cover positions that will make it harder for enemies to hit you. Even when they do, you can hide behind cover to replenish your health with first aid kits before re-emerging to return fire.

With that in mind, buildings with windows can be good places to hang around in during matches. Shooting from windows gives you an elevation advantage, and the surrounding walls offer cover for healing when you take damage from return fire. Some cynics call hanging out in buildings for prolonged periods camping, but I call it good tactics. At any rate, you can never stay in one building for the duration of a match because of the shrinking play zone.

A player behind a window

A player behind a window

Running out into open spaces without cover positions when engaging enemies will leave you exposed. You’re an easier target to hit when you’re running around in the open. So, try to avoid doing that as much as possible.

Force Enemies Out of Buildings and Behind Cover With Grenades

Grenades are the best weapons for countering enemies in smaller building rooms or behind other forms of cover, such as rocks. Chucking one or two grenades into a relatively small room will likely inflict some damage on an enemy and even kill them if they don’t move from it. Throwing a grenade at a player behind a rock or tree will likely also force him to move away from it, giving you a chance to open fire and go for the kill.

A player holding a Molotov Cocktail grenade.

A player holding a Molotov Cocktail grenade.

Play on the Circle’s Edge in the Late Game

When 10 or fewer players are left standing, you’re in the late game of a PUBG: New State match. Running into the middle of the shrinking play zone circle during the late game isn’t recommended unless there’s a building there. Doing so will leave you open to gunfire from all angles in a small playing area.

Instead, play along the edge of the circle where you can see and pick off players running into the center of the remaining safe zone. You can’t be attacked from all angles along the edge of the circle. It’s far less likely someone will shoot you down from the rear when there’s little more than the Blue Zone behind you.

The PUBG: New State play zone circle

The play zone circle in PUBG: New State

Enable Scope Quickshot

Scope Quickshot is a very useful gameplay setting that isn’t enabled by default in PUBG: New State. This setting enables you to quickly switch between different scopes for a gun by pressing a scoping button. That’s a lot better than rummaging through your bag and changing a gun’s scope for closer or longer-range shooting whenever you see a hostile.

To turn on the Scope Quickshot, tap the Settings button in PUBG: New State. Select the Gameplay tab and tap Enable for the Scope Quickshot setting. Now you’ll see a scoping button near the ADS target you can tap on to quickly select a scope for a gun.

The Scope Quickshot option

The Scope Quickshot option

Don’t Rush into Distant Gunfights you can Avoid

What do you do when you hear gunfire in the distance during a PUBG: New State match? If you usually rush toward the gunfire to get in on the action and rack up kills, you should rethink your strategy. Rushing toward gunshots you hear will reduce your chances of surviving since you’ll get shot at more.

My PUBG: New State philosophy is simple: let all the other players in a match take care of each other as much as possible. Don’t rush into any distant gunshots you hear when you can walk away from them without anybody noticing you. Doing so will save you a few lives in some matches. Remember that survival, not how many players you kill, is most important to winning battle royale matches.

Set a High FPS Setting

It’s always better to play multiplayer shoot ‘em ups at the highest frame rates possible for the smoothest and most responsive gameplay. So, make sure you’re playing PUBG: New State at the highest frame rate setting for your device. Tap Settings > Graphics from the game’s title screen. Then select the highest frame rate setting you can there and be prepared to cut the graphics quality down a notch for further gameplay optimization.

The Frame Rate setting

The Frame Rate setting

You can eat more chicken dinners by sticking to those PUBG: New State tips! Then you’ll climb that game’s rankings all the faster. Good luck, and enjoy the blasting action in PUBG: New State.

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