7 PUBG Mobile Team Deathmatch Beginners Tips

Have you played PUBG Mobile’s Team Deathmatch? This guide provides PUBG Mobile Team Deathmatch beginners tips for cleaning up in that specific mode. You should consider playing a few rounds of the game’s Team Deathmatch mode; it's a lot of fun!

7 PUBG Mobile Team Deathmatch Beginners Tips

PUBG Mobile is primarily a battle royale game, but it does include quite a few alternative game modes. Team Deathmatch is one of the alternative PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds modes in which two teams of four players battle it out on a smaller map, with infinite player respawn, to reach a 40-kill total. The TD mode is a fast and frantic alternative to battle royale matches in PUBG. Here are a few PUBG Mobile Team Deathmatch beginners tips for raising your game in that play mode.

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1. Stand by your teammates

You’re playing a squad game in Team Deathmatch. Try to move with at least one of your teammates so that you can provide support fire for them. Whenever you see nearby teammates shooting, move to their positions to open up a bit of extra support fire on their targets. Alternatively, try opening up crossfire on a hostile by firing on the same target another player is from another direction (otherwise flank fire). You’ll rack up more assists and kills by providing support like that.

You also need to stand by teammates to avoid getting outnumbered. If you move around the map on your own more, you can get swamped by two or more hostiles without anybody in support.

2. It’s the K/D ratio that counts!

Don’t run around like a headless chicken trying to kill as many players as you can in PUBG’s Team Deathmatch mode. What use is killing 10 players in a match if you get shot down 15 times? Your K/D (kill/death) ratio during the match is your most important statistic.

A comprehensive Team Deathmatch victory and K/D stats

A comprehensive Team Deathmatch victory and K/D stats

Therefore, it’s just as important not to get shot down yourself as it is to amass kills. You don’t have to play Team Deathmatch mode as cautiously as battle royale matches. However, you’ve got to be careful not to get killed too often to rack up a positive K/D ratio that will help your team win the match. If your K/D ratios are often less than one, you’re not cutting the mustard in Team Deathmatch mode.

3. Strafe out from cover

Strafing is when you move directly sideways out from behind a wall, or other large cover object, to open fire at a hostile. The strafing gameplay technique can be very effective in PUBG, and other first and third-person shooters. When you’re behind cover on one of PUBG’s Team Deathmatch maps, strafe to the left or right to open fire on a hostile. If you can’t kill off the hostile, and take a few hits, you can strafe back in behind the cover to replenish a bit of health and reload your gun before returning fire by strafing out.

When playing in third-person view, you can usually still see your opponents when behind the cover as the camera is positioned behind you. So, the third-person perspective can help you time your strafing even better to kill off opponents.

A player behind cover

A player behind cover

4. Remember to reload your gun after a kill

You need to fire a lot more in Team Deathmatch mode than battle royale matches. So, you’ll need to reload your gun with much greater regularity. Make sure you reload your gun every time you shoot down a hostile. If you fire a lot of bullets without eliminating anybody, you’ll also need to reload your gun.

When you down hostiles, they’ll leave behind their guns and ammo. You’ve got to be quick to collect their primary guns and ammunition to replace your second firearm as they don’t stay on the map for that long. Furthermore, you can’t afford to stand around for too long picking up another player’s gear as somebody might start firing at you pretty sharpish.

A gun and ammo on the ground

A gun and ammo on the ground

5. Retreat when low on health

If you’ve played PUBG’s Team Deathmatch at all, you’ve probably realized that your health automatically regenerates. So, you’ve got to rely on that energy regeneration to keep you going for longer. When you’ve taken a battering, retreat to a safer position on the map behind some cover. Then remain behind that cover until a good amount of your energy is restored. It doesn’t take that long for health to replenish, and then you can return to the action with a good amount of energy.

6. Take ’em down with headshots

Headshots amount to higher damage shots in PUBG and other shooting games. So, the higher you shoot (and hit), the quicker hostiles will fall. You’ll usually be engaging hostiles from closer distances in Team Deathmatch matches, which will make it easier to pull off headshots.

On the other hand, sniping doesn’t really come into play in Team Deathmatch. However, you can still utilize your gun’s scope to pull off headshots from midrange. TD matches are also faster moving affairs, which makes headshots a bit more tricky.

The AKM's 2x scope

The AKM’s 2x scope

7. Select an AKM, Tommy Gun, or UMP to start with

PUBG Mobile’s Team Deathmatch mode now has gun loadouts that you can set up before a match. You can select an AKM, Tommy Gun, or UMP for your loadout as soon as you start. Those are three of the best firearms to start with. When you level up a bit, the Groza and M249 are two of the more sought after guns in the game you can equip.

As Team Deathmatch restricts players more to close quarter engagements, select a gun with good, or at least reasonable, rate of fire. In that respect, assault rifles and submachine guns are the more preferable ones to go for. The Tommy Gun is great for close quarter dogfights, but I still prefer the UMP as you can attach a scope to it, which comes in handy for picking off hostiles from a bit further back.

The UMP's stats

The UMP’s stats

Don’t select sniper guns or firearms with low fire rates. Team Deathmatch maps are not designed for sniping. PUBG’s Team Warehouse map doesn’t include any mountains, high hills, or high-rise buildings for deathmatches, which is the sort of terrain required for sniping. Crates are the highest thing you can climb up in Team Warehouse, which provide absolutely no cover.

If you really want a gun with a bit more range and base damage, assault rifles like the AKM, are your best bet. They have much higher fire rates than sniper rifles. Equip Compensator muzzle attachments to assault rifles to enhance their stability and accuracy.

The AKM's stats

The AKM’s stats

The above PUBG Mobile Team Deathmatch beginners tips will help boost your kill rate and K/D ratio in TD matches. You’ll probably win more thanks to them, too.

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