PUBG Update: 20th September 2017

With PUBG now being the most played game on Steam, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was taken offline and servers down to make way for a new PUBG update. The game was made unplayable for around one hour while developers Bluehole Inc. worked on the popular Steam Early Access title.

PUBG's 26th patch has been released
PUBG, which is published by Bluehole Inc, has remained one of the highest selling games on the PC gaming platform Steam. The game is now reaching averages of one million concurrent players per day, and is continuing to quickly grow due to heavy promotion from YouTubers such as PewDiePie and the Yogscast. The details of the game's 26th patch are as followed:


– Added the following feature to the Map Help section on the World Map: Marking your character's current position (Default key set to Insert)


– You may no longer modify ini files to set a key bind for multiple actions on the same key

Bug Fixes

– Fixed a bug that enabled angled foregrip to attach to Tommy Gun
– Fixed a graphic bug regarding building location
– Fixed an animation bug that appeared when a character used healing or boosting items in the driver's sea
– Fixed a bug that did not cancel a player's reload if the character was knocked out during the reload
– Fixed a bug where an uncooked grenade could explode if a character was knocked out while holding it
– Fixed a graphic bug that would cause a black box texture to appear while scoped when Anti-Aliasing was set to Low or Very Low in the Settings

PUBG can be purchased off Steam and if you would be interested in seeing the new PUBG map check out our recent article about it!

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